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Fate Hasn T Always Been Friends With Isabelle West In Fact, Fate Has Been A Downright Bitch Isabelle Has Learned The Hard Way How Hard Life Can Be When Fate Isn T By Your Side It Can Hand You Dreams On Silver Platters, But It Can Snatch Them Right Back And Hand You Nightmares One Thing Isabelle Knew For Sure Fate Was Consistent With Was Taking Away Everything She Ever LovedFor The Last Two Years Isabelle Has Been Slowly Clearing The Clouds Of Her Past Happiness Is Finally On The Horizon She Has A Thriving Business, Great Friends, And Her Life Back All She Has To Do Is Jump Over The Last Hurdle Her Ex Husband When Problems Start Causing Her To Fear Her New Life, And Memories That Are Better Left Forgotten Start Rushing To The Surface The Last Thing She Needs Is A Ghost From Her Past To Come Knocking On Her Door Axel Never Thought He Would Look Into The Eyes Of Isabelle West Again, And He Wasn T Sure He Wanted To Now He S Carried His Anger For So Long He Isn T Sure He Can Just Turn It Off, But When He Is Faced With Protecting Her And An Unexpected Desire To Have Her Again, Life Gets A Little Complicated How Will Axel And Isabelle Deal When All Their Cards Are Put On The Table And Everything They Thought Was True Blows Up In Their Faces Note From The Author This Book Is Intended For A Mature Reading Audience And Isn T Suitable For Younger Readers

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    This review contains spoilers AXEL FANS, YOU MAY WANT TO AVERT YOUR EYES, BECAUSE Let me preface by saying that I didn t HATE this book There were some things I liked about it I ll get to those later Right now I just really have to get some things off my chest about this book So hear me out for just a few painful seconds ISABELLEIsabelle AKA the whiner himer heroine Look, I m just going say this to dear ol Izzy I understand your crying about your parents dying I understand your crying over a miscarriage I understand your crying about your husband beating you during your seven year marriage in which you stayed in But I get it But saying that fate dealt you a shitty hand by taking the love of your life away from you And then saying that fate dealt you a shitty hand by returning him to you Seriously And then she has a bunch of MEGA HOT ex marine HOTTIES protecting her and her feelings.And I m like Yes I was jealous of the whiner himer heroine, OKAY I admit it sniff THE REUNION SCENEYou know which one I m talking about The one where they re at the club, and we find out the whiner himer heroine is a closet alcoholic Yep That one.I just thought this scene was really kind of funny.Here s why Isabelle s having a mental breakdown, and Greg tells Axel, She s fighting every demon that owns her soul And I m like Sweetheart, she just drank twelve shots of Tequila, two cokes with crown, a Tight Snatch, two Golden Showers, one Pussy Panty Pulldown, and either a Slow Comfy Screw or a Screaming Orgasm.In Georgia, you may call that fighting every demon that owns your soul but over here in the west We call that alcohol poisoning That s what happens when you let your friend Charlie Sheen it at a bar.Trust me.THE BOOK, ITSELF.This is where it gets really painful.It s like the author took every dramatic situation she knew of tossed it in the book, added sex, and gave it a sexy alpha male.The heroine fell in love with the hero in highschool, he gets shipped off to join the marines, her parents die, she has a miscarriage, she gets a letter in the mail saying that the hero that got shipped off is dead, she then gets married to a guy who beats her up for 6.5 years, she has a strenuous divorce with the guy that beat her up, she then runs into the hero she fell in love with and finds out that he s not dead, and the guy she just got a divorce from is stalking her.Why not just make the heroine a paraplegic and give the hero cancer while you re at it You re right.That would have been too much.Intense storyline.Intense characters.Intense dialogue.The entire time.OVERKILL.Scale some of it back a little If you re trying to make all three of those things stand out at once none of them are going to stand out as a result and they re going to overwhelm each other WHAT I LIKED ABOUT THE BOOK Axel The sex scenes One thing.These are my personal opinions I can be brutal I can be severe I can come across like I m just trying to look like a badass who knows everything about writing That s fine.But I m honest.And if anyone has a problem with that

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    Swear to Christ this bitch needs to calm her tits. AXEL Those are my fucking tits and she is my fucking girl. AXEL Are you in love yet AXEL sure takes heroics to a new level of caveman, doesn t he Beware of the New Alpha, romance readers He s hot, ripped, and hung like a horse.His dick slices through granite and punches ten sharks He likes a girl with a vagina that can gush like a geyser and HATES any man who dares look sideways at her His sperm are like ninjas that make dragon babies He may speak like a child but fucks like 8 porn stars The New Alpha makes good girls fantasize about douchebags Who needs good characterization when blah, blah, blah 12 pack If you call me Holt one fucking time I m bending you over my knees, yeah AXEL Take me now, baby Hey, I get it Some girls like this kind of guy I don t, but then again, I dislike a lot of things that other people like butterflies and tacos and bubblegum and Nickleback People are horrendously awesome in their petty differences AXEL did not make me wet, as the heroine Izzy frequently asserts He s brutish, domineering, vapid, and rarely uses subjects in his sentences Thought I could get you here and enjoy some dinner without having to be inside your wet heat Dreamed of this for so fucking long, Izzy It will be over before it begins baby, just have to cool offwant you so fucking bad Feel so goodso wet, so hot AXEL I could do this all day Basically, if I dated AXEL , I would have to wear earmuffs to avoid hearing his stupid voice saying stupid things But whatever He s just one character Let s give the others a chance.Izzy, the heroine, is a hot fucking mess Her tragic backstory is so heavy handed that the entire book is about people, like, holding Izzy like an infant and defending her honor or whatever She s flanked by a group of burly ex Marines who call her baby girl and coddle her like a speshul snowflake Here s a spoilery list from Izzy s Tragedy Factory view spoiler Teenage boyfriend AXEL leaves for the military.Both of Izzy s parents die in a car accident.Finds out she s pregnant with AXEL s baby.Thinks AXEL is dead.Loses baby.Both grandparents die, leaving her with no family.Marries an abusive asshat.Abusive asshat nearly beats her to death.She ends up with fucking AXEL D hide spoiler

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    Axel stand alone , debut by Harper Sloan A beautiful, poignant, angsty at times violent story following Izzy in the aftermath of her parting later reconciliation with her once upon a time love of her life, Axel Corps Security is a new series courtesy debut author Harper Sloan It introduces us to a hot group of former US Marines and though each book will have its own hero heroine it is recommended you read series in order Axel book 1 Cage book 2 Untitled book 3 Untitled book 4 Untitled book 5 Axel book 1 is Axel s and Izzy story Follow them through the ups and downs of friendship, love, betrayal, tragedies and their attempts of finding their way back together through the healing power of love I haven t always been this weak person this broken woman I used to dream, and when I did, I dreamt big I had plans, plans of a future so bright it would blind you I can still remember the day those dreams, those grand plans, and that future as bright as the sun went poof No, Isabelle West, Izzy had once been this spunky and happy young lady who at age fourteen met the love of her life Axel Reid For three years her life was a fairytale with her family embracing Axel, who was raised in the foster care system But the ambitious Axel wanted to make a better life for himself and Izzy and so, upon his graduation from high school, he joins the US Marines Their fairytale ends there Shortly after his departure tragedy upon tragedy strike in Izzy s life and they are forever separated lost to each other.In the decade since her loss of Axel, Izzy s life has been a nightmare and story opens up to yet another She has had some happy moments, thanks to her friends Dee and Greg and later the Corps Security team , but for most part it is spinning out of control with way too much partying to numb the memories In the aftermath of the break up of her abusive marriage, she needs protection and so her path crosses with Axel After the shock settles Axel gets to work protecting Izzy There are many twists and turns and a mixture of emotions as the truth is revealed How will they be able to work through their painful pasts, the betrayal, the what ifs and find their way back to each other Their story is best experienced I recommend you read it Holt Axel Reid, Axel, raised in the foster care system, has risen against his odds to become a successful businessman And what a man he grew into A no nonsense, take charge and in control alpha Seven words to describe Axel Safe, charismatic, smart, protective, focused, resilient and noble.And though I feel that I know him intimately he is still an enigma to me Part of that is tied into his covert operations with the US Marines, but I wish I knew a little bit about his life during their time apart Let s see if will unfold during the sequels Process What the hell is there to process Where are you, Izzy Not asking you again, and I am not fucking doing this text message shit like a goddamn prepubescent little shit Isabelle West, Izzy s life went into a tailspin before she finished high school One tragedy after another, but through it all she is still here to tell her story For most part I loved everything about her, but there were parts in the middle where she was being very stubborn I attribute it to the trauma and pain she has been through Six words to describe Izzy Resilient, strong, meek, smart, survivor and stubborn He was the only reason I survived at the hands of Brandon I would just close myself off and think of him and the times we had together He was my salvation in the darkest of dark Axel book 1 took me on a roller coaster through many emotions It s poignant, heartfelt, angsty, painful, at times violent including domestic abuse, but there are also happy, tender, funny and sexxxy moments And most importantly, just like the author indicates in forewords, it s a story about love, The greatest love that you could find in a lifetime, the undying kind Amor Vincit Omnia Hero rating 5 stars Heroine rating 3.5 starsSex scenes rating 5 starsSex scenes frequency 4 starsStoryline concept rating 4.5 starsStorytelling skills rating 5 starsStory ending rating 5 starsBook editing rating 5 no edits spotted N A Overall rating 5 starsWould I recommend this series Yes.Would I re read this series Yes.Would I read future books by this author Yes Story GIF approved by GR 10 2013 ARC provided to me by author in exchange for a honest review.

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    SPOILER FREE REVIEW mature content reader discretion is advised.4 STARS out of 5Genre Contemporary Romance EroticaI LOVE THIS BOOK.I swear every time I read, said or hear the name Axel this happensHarper Sloan has wound up her bat and officially knocked her debut novel out of the park I for one cannot wait to get MORE MORE MORE Young love He is my dreams He is my future. Izzy12 years ago Isabelle West saId goodbye to her high school sweet heart, Axel,See told ya LOL Isabelle aka Izzy has to say goodbye to HE who brings on the orgasm after he graduates high school and is off to the marines Leaving seventeen year old Izzy behind to complete her last year in high school Nevertheless, they had already made plans to build their life together but oh so soon Izzy learns that life can easily change as the plush comfy rug is pulled right from under her feet Just when she thinks her circumstances couldn t get any worse it does Fighting to come out of the black hole that swallowed her is not easy while away at college Isabelle meets two people who change her life Dee and BrandonDee somehow manages to pull Isabelle out of that black hole and brings her back to the land of the living Brandon is handsome, rich, successful and a few years older than she Izzy starts falling for him and eventually she marries him only to discover that he is the devil in disguise She endures hell for six years..Hope TownDee is what best friends are made of if only we could bottle her up and pass her around for people to embody Once she get s the call she does not waste any time she pulls Izzy out of hell and they set up shop in a new town with the assistance of a friend readers will all come to love, Greg Unfortunately Brandon decides to not give up and let Izzy go easily and that is when the story starts to really get interesting.Enter AxelAnd he is not alone he comes with three other muscle bound men who are just as panty melting wiggles eyebrows They all consider themselves brothers after becoming close with one another in the marines.Wait TIME OUT Three wordsMarines Brothers Sexy.Ok, back to the reviewAxel has been carrying around the anger and pain for the loss of his first love for over a decade His brothers know all about it too because he has no qualms letting people know his feelings about Izzy.When his anger at seeing her after all these years collides with her shock Emotions reach an all time high of EPIC PROPORTIONS.But do not get it twisted once the smoke clears he claims his female in true alpha male form MINE. Fave Scene VERY MINOR SPOILERAxel In the shower A L O N E Grins Fave Panty melting lines This isn t the heavy fast sex we had earlier This is pure love making This is two souls that have been a drift for too long finally coming home to each other This is healing. Izzy My girl wants my dick doesn t she AxelMy ThoughtsThis book was right up my alley an uber alpha male and a woman in need of his protection Seriously what can a girl ask for. OH WAIT, I KNOW MORE UBER ALPHA MALE HOTTIES THAT S WHAT Grinning The testosterone oozed off the pages Literally.Harper Sloan kept me glued to my Kindle, I was totally sucked in from the first page I immensely enjoyed her writing style And I very much look forward to her work in the future Special Thank you to the author, Harper Sloan, for sending me a copy My RatingsCharacters Lovable, sexy and wittyWriting Style My cup of teaPlot Storyline Page turning burn your finger tips romanceSteam Factor High Very SteamyOverall Loved it READ IT Now go forth and read Then come tell us about it on Goodreads For reviews got to Copy kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review 4 4 13 Got my ARC Starting this one tonight, once my 4th of July festivities conclude

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    5 Fantastic Stars This was a debut novel Seriously Axel hooked me from the prologue and never let go Reader beware Once you start this one, there will be no putting it down I stayed up way past my bedtime just to finish There is nothing better than a well written story about a second chance at a first love add in super hot military guys yes I said GUYS as in than one throw in some scorching hot sex scenes, and an emotional back story, you get a wonderful 5 star read Fate had never been kind to Izzy West in fact, it had been down right cruel.From losing her family, the love of her life, to being in an abusive marriage for years, her life hasn t been easy She has a lot of demons in her past she s never dealt with or gotten over Thankfully she has her best friends, Dee and Greg Without them, who knows where she would be Unfortunately, Izzy is having difficulties with her ex Greg oh my sweet Greg you will LOVE this man decides precautions need to be taken to ensure Izzy s safety Including getting some his ex marine friends that work security to help He is getting his buddy, Reid on board Reid is the best, and thats what Izzy needs When we meet Holt A view spoiler AXEL hide spoiler

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    All my fellow Axel lovers, before you all strangle me to death, I love Axel too.And I agree with you all.Axel is hot.Axel is ecstatic.Axel is orgasmic. I know, I know, all of your hands are still itching to strangle me.But let me explain the reason behind the 3 stars.I ll start from the beginning The beginning was lovely I gave up pleading to the the heavens years ago.Ten years to be exact.The day he walked out of my life.The day the sun stopped shining and my world turned gray.The day that my dreams turned into nightmares.I miss my dreams, the sun, and I miss him. Isabelle West Izzy Call me a masochist if you wish, but I am a total sucker for stories like this.Poignant, beautiful and full of heartbreak.The book starts with a prologue with Izzy facing a living nightmare and somehow surviving the ordeal.And then the story begins two years after that.Izzy is facing the demons from her past and trying to build a new life from the pieces she has left.A victim of an abusive marriage for years and years, she s trying reinvent herself with her two best friends, Greg and Dee, by her side.The brother and sister of her heart.But even the years of her abusive marriage can t hold a candle to the amount of pain and sheer grief she had to go through when she lost the love of her life at a very young ageAxel.So as I was saying, a beautiful beginning as well as a beautiful premise A little polish, like better dialogues, a little less cursing, a little less inner monologues of Izzy, and it would have been perfect So here I was, eagerly waiting for Axel to enter.At last my wait was over.Axel entered and the story suddenly spiralled downways Minor spoilers ahead I put on my pants named PATIENCE.Misunderstandings.Miscommunications.Confusions Yup, still patient.Axel running after Izzy.Izzy running away from him.Everyone being cryptic Trying to be patient.Izzy running, avoiding Axel, not listening to anyone, fighting with Greg, doing stupid things Desperately trying to patient.Izzy treating Greg like crap I lost my patience.I was trying, so very hard, not to judge her.I mean who am I to judge her, when I do not even have an inkling about what she went through.So no, it wouldn t have been right on my part to judge her.But Greg, he was always there for her, without asking anything in return.He handled her at her very worst, never once judging her.Always dragging her from the brink of destruction.Picking up the pieces of her life and putting them together.And just once, when did something he had to, in order to stop her from self destructing, what did she do I m dead to you, you hear me.I do not exist to you I did judge her then.She lost my respect.She might have earned it back if she had apologised.But she didn t.But I did not give up.I was this close, but I managed to hold on.And I m glad I did.Because the best parts came after that She was mine She is mine She will always fucking be mine Hmmcan t speak, huh baby Just think how good it will feel when I bury my cock deep inside that warm pussy, when I fuck you so hard you will feel me for days Going to make you drown in pleasure, fuck you so good, so fucking good Never again, Izzy West I will never again let anyone take you from me, or anything from us And then came the moment, when I helplessly fell in love with this manAxel He s silent for a while.His body jerking slightly, giving away his silence.My big strong man is breaking Oh yes.How I love this man.Now, came the climax.Well, I was disappointed.Don t get me wrong, I m all for the damsel in distress saving herself part.After all I m a woman, and it depicts women power But what I mean is, not just my Axel, the other hot boys in this story too They are lethal.They are dangerous.They exude the so called don t mess with me vibe. So tell me, is there any red blooded female out there who does not want to watch them in action And not just in bed either.I wanted to see them using those big guns, knives, all that ruthless power In fact there was no action at all.The climax was just too tame for me specially because of all these wild men who fired me up.The ending though was very sweet So overall 3 stars One last thing As a debut by Harper Sloan, this was a very promising read.I am pretty sure that she ll only get better with time.And I am very eager to see what she presents next.That s all for now,Readers.Ta Ta P.S Not much is required in the next book for me to love Greg.Because I love him already.

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    FIVE SECOND CHANCE STARS Missed you So fucking much, princess Well, hello readers welcome to AXEL, a firm five star favourite If you have not already clicked this up you are in for a huge treat, and if you have already read this you will understand my over exuberant love for all things Harper Sloan and her particularly gorgeous talent of writing I thought I had my favourite authors all figured out, a nice tidy collection of writers that tick my boxes and deliver five star reads, then along comes AXEL and I find myself not only adding to my favourite list of authors, but also discovering some new book husbands so with all that love shared in my intro, here are my Axel thoughts, readers get yourself ready to fall head over heels with a debut novel What s it all about Isabelle izzy West has been running from her own life for years, a victim of a cruel and abusive relationship, izzy never thought she would find true happiness again Losing the love of her life at a young age, Axel Reid was her all, her soul mate, the one true love of her existence Crossed wires and missed love coupled with cruel fate, dealt these sweethearts a twisted life apart, but with a coincidental turn of luck after years of separation we are thrown into a world of pain, heartache and reconciliation and the hope for a second chance at true love.Meet the characters Axel is everything you would want from a five star hero, a man who is not defined by his hurtful past, but determined to make himself successful in all that he does We see different sides to this loveable alpha, overprotective and dominant but sweet and sensitive also There s nothing not to love about Axel he charmed his way into my book heart and nothing makes me happier than a man who takes charge and loves his woman Axel Reid is an out and out loveable rogue Izzy West, has had her fair share of heartache and pain, but as a reader I could empathise with her actions and insecurities, drama follows this beauty wherever she finds herself, but strength of character coupled with determined, faithful friends, and the hope of connecting with her soul mate we finally see izzy find her peace What I loved Nothing gets the Lisa book butterflies going than a second chance love story, especially one that is written as well as Axel Harper Sloan has an extraordinary talent for creating hot book totty, I don t think I ve ever read a book with so many potential men to fall in book love with This book delivers hot and heartbreaking, in one gorgeously wrapped up book, it has plenty of heart and soul and the author is than generous enough to provide a whole host of yummy characters for us all to share The storyline is sexy without it being over board and soul searching without the heaviness There s nothing not to love.Final thoughts Ok readers here it is, you can t possibly miss out on this book if you love the following fabulous characters, a second chance love story, hotter than hot bedroom action, a great story line, witty females, overprotective alpha Males, heart warming, toe curling one liners and much All in all Harper Sloan has given the book world a gorgeous story that deserves your time and pennies, I m a firm fan Finally I think it goes without saying that I m a desperate, British, overly addicted book reader, impatiently waiting for book two Bring it on I m ready for you Cage

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    4.5 stars Calling all badass Alpha male fans You need to check this book out It was a blend of all the elements I love in a book protective Alphas, great character dynamics and a beautiful second chance at a once in a lifetime love.Over ten years ago, Axel walked out of Izzy s life and she never saw him again But she d never forgotten him or let go of her love Heartbroken, she is now trapped in a love less marriage to a vulgar, abusive, controlling husband Her life is miserable and she craves freedom but most of all she craves the love that she lost so many years ago Cut off from those I loved and so terrified of his wrath I wasn t going anywhere Those were the years I prayed and prayed for Axel to find his way back to me but I eventually had to face the facts my hero was gone This book starts out with a prologue that, while gritty and horrifying, really sucks you right into the story That was the same day I decided fate hated me No, she didn t hate me she loathed me People say karma is a bitch but I have news for you, karma doesn t have anything on fate when she is after your blood Not a single thing The story is told from alternating POVs through a mixture of present day and flashback scenes The beginning is told from Izzy s perspective but once Axel returns to the scene, we get his POV as well.Through the flashbacks, we learn that Izzy and Axel were childhood sweethearts Inseparable and in love But he had joined the military and was heading off to basic training and for the first time, they were facing separation They planned to get through it and knew that they could but through a cruel twist of fate, their paths didn t cross when he returned and they spent the next decade apart Him angry, her broken hearted, neither of them knowing the whole story and the saddest part was how close they came to being able to stay together You promise to come back to me Just try and keep me away Her friends eventually got her away from her husband s hellhole but he was still refusing a divorce so one of her best friends called in a specialist an ex Marine, badass motherfucker he worked with on occasion that he knew would be willing to help Well guess who that was DOhhh my gosh The anticipation that build to them meeting again just gave me butterflies and kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for that moment you know the moment I m talking about sigh I just love second chance romances Seeing his face again is still a punch straight to the gut It physically hurts to breathe He looks so different than the boyish face I remember in my dreams, he is still Axel, but he looks harder But it wasn t all hearts and rainbows The real real reason they hadn t connected again after all these years was due to a huge misunderstanding One that was big enough to keep him away that whole time and it was painful to watch There was hurt and misunderstandings on both sides to work through but you just knew all the way through that they were just meant for each other.Let s just all take a minute now to swoon over Axel Just picture someone tall dark and lickable He was Alpha, badass, unapologetically protective, possessive, with a heart of gold and complete and total love for his girl dreamy sigh I loved his no bullshit, no games attitude He gave her space when she needed it but was not going to let her run He made them face their problems and work through them and even for that alone, I loved him You want fucking time, fine One week, that is all I m willing to give Next Saturday, I don t care if I have to knock on every goddamn door in Georgia I will find you and we will be having this talk Got that Well, shit That being said, there were a lot of miscommunications and a slight bit of stupid to work through in this and if I had to make one complaint, I d say that the heroine was a little weepy in the first half I mean, her life seriously sucked and she d been through a lot but still it was something I noticed but it still didn t take away from my enjoyment of the story And I loved that when they finally got everything sorted, the swoooooooon and hotness that ensued had me simultaneously fanning myself and clutching my heart It was HOT Sweet Explosive Scorching I loved that they talked through it though because by the end, you really felt like their issues had all been worked through I won t let you go until we figure it out Not happening Do you feel it Every single thing we ever felt for each other, it is still there Izzy and I won t let you push me away We walked back into each other s lives for a reason There isn t one goddamn thing that will tear us apart again Lost too much time already, Princess Too much time that I should have had you right here in my arms Not one day went by Izzy that my heart didn t belong to you This book kind of reminded me of a Kristen Ashley book especially the Rock Chick series It had a very similar Alpha male uber badass protector vibe to it so fans of that series should definitely check this one out.Plus, there was a whole group of hot guys here, all working for Axel s security team and ohhhhhh myyyyy were they ALL yummy I want to know about each and everyone I hope they each get books But at the top of my list are Greg omg LOVE him and his whole protector vibe and Maddox badass with a heart of gold and some serious demons not to mention Beck him and Dee have some serious issues to worth through ok, clearly this is proving that I can t choose Fingers crossed that they just all get books.Seriously, for the good of womankind, someone needs to find these guys and clone and distribute them I mean holyyyyyy fans self It wasn t all badass fun though Remember that Izzy s ex husband was still out to get her and was a real piece of work so the ending was action packed and intense.This series has me HOOKED Totally hooked I will be buying the next one the day it comes out.Book 2 will be about Greg Cage That man stole my heart in this book and seriously gave Axel a run for his money in the swoon department As Izzy s best friend, his self appointed role as her protector just turned my insides to mush He was able to recognize my fear and instead of lashing out, he took it in and turned into my lifeline my protector See what I mean Yeah I need his book Stat.Axel made me fall in love with all the characters, laugh, tear up, and fan myself from all the hotness Fans of badass Alpha males and second chance romances should definitely check this out This is the first book in the Corps Security series Each book will focus on a different character from the group though so this one has a happy ending and can be read as a standalone Amor Vincit Omnia Love Conquers all 4.5 starsMy casting Fate hasn t always been friends with Isabelle West In fact, fate has been a down right bitch.Isabelle has learned the hard way how hard life can be when fate isn t by your side It can hand you dreams on silver platters, but it can snatch them right back and hand you nightmares One thing Isabelle knew for sure fate was consistent with was taking away everything she ever loved.For the last two years Isabelle has been slowly clearing the clouds of her past Happiness is finally on the horizon She has a thriving business, great friends, and her life back All she has to do is jump over the last hurdle her ex husband.When problems start causing her to fear her new life, and memories that are better left forgotten start rushing to the surface the last thing she needs is a ghost from her past to come knocking on her door Axel never thought he would look into the eyes of Isabelle West again, and he wasn t sure he wanted to now He s carried his anger for so long he isn t sure he can just turn it off, but when he is faced with protecting her and an unexpected desire to have her again, life gets a little complicated.How will Axel and Isabelle deal when all their cards are put on the table and everything they thought was true blows up in their faces For of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book Blog Facebook Page

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    I wrote it so of course I love it

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    Well well well, Harper Sloan You ve got yourself a debut novel Nicely done The gist of this book is all about second chances with love Izzy and Holt Axel Reid had young love.the kind that stays with you even when time and circumstances pull you apart physically but never emotionally Axel, the kid with a rough life, going from foster home to foster home meets Iz in their teens and she s like a light in his darkness When he enlists in the Marines, he promises to return to her as soon as he can Tragedy strikes for Izzy whole he s gone and unreachable, forcing her to move out of state But she s left forwarding information with his foster mom.he s sure to get it Right My Axel My Izzy When Axel returns from basic training to find Iz gone, apparently moved to North Carolina, he has no idea how to get ahold of her He asks around, but nobody has her address Even his wicked foster parents have no answers for him He s got to find her He searches and eventually he finds her but by then she s moved on She never needs to know he searched her out She s obviously moved the fuck on without him..Over the years, life has not been overall good for Izzy Axel never comes to her rescue, so she moves on, starts a career, meets another man This man becomes her husband but he s not the man she fell in love with so many years ago In fact, he s a uber controlling abuser She needs to break free of him before he kills her.Little did she know, she would see Axel again and not under the best circumstances Axel is now the owner of Corps Security Her best friend s buddy Greg works with Axelex Marine buddy and all Izzy needs helpto protect her from that monster of an ex Ah, the story of first loves We ve all experienced it Even when life moves forward, you always have that special part of your heart for that person Most of us don t get a chance twice to have thatbut these two do I m not going to give away any of the story It has to be experienced The plot is well thought out and I honestly read the entire book until the wee hours of the night That s rare for me There s a fair amount of angst, mystery, suspense and heat When these two find each other again, the chemistry is palpable and sparks fly Axel has lost Izzy once, he will NOT lose the love of his life again He ll do anything to protect her He still loves hernever stopped One of the humorous quotes when they first reunite and only sleep together Bravo Harper Sloan You ve got yourself a series She sets us up for books with fellow holy hotness security agents Greg, Maddox, Locke, Coop, and Beck Arc provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.