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Samantha Martin is an imp enjoying an extended vacation from Hel All she wants to do is drink beer by the pool play mischievous pranks on the humans and get her hot neighbor in the sack It’s a relaxing break from her infernal home as long as she manages to avoid the angels who won’t hesitate to execute her on sightBut when her naughty hellhound lands her in trouble with the local werewolf pack Sam is blackmailed into helping track and catch a killer The steps she must take to appease the werewolves will put her right in the crosshairs of the angels And with angels there is no second chance

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    This ended up being fantastic How fun and refreshing A female demon about a thousand years old most of whose true forms don't include lips takes the human form of a 40 year old likes men and women of all sizes is hilarious acts like a demon I could go onThe pacing in the beginning was a little slow but this I LIKEY A lot I'm seeing things here I haven't seen in urban fantasies A humorous irreverence that is appealing You don't see the typical stereotypes here Two HOT guys one is an angel but no love triangle The angels are actually interesting I think Gregory is book boyfriend material He's definitely an uber alpha but it worked for me I want There is some good world building I want to know I want book two Now Definite new girl crush alert First there was Kate Daniels then Shanti and now Samantha Martin Why did I wait so long to read this I might add to this later Maybe not I think I'd rather be reading the next oneThis was seriously good and gives me hope that this genre is not dead after all

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    “I could hardly tell him I was obsessed with him and that he better get used to me stalking him like a creeper in a white van” 45 StarA very funny uniue Urban Fantasy opening Samantha isn't an imp who pretends to be a good person She's slipped out of Hel over forty years ago and since then has become a successful slum lord She keeps her powers under the radar so as not to attract the attention of avenging angels and she mainly spends her day flirting with her next door neighbor who has slowly become her first and best friend Things turn complicated when the local werewolf diva blackmails her into exposing herself and helping their causeTo say this book is funny would be an understatement While Samantha isn't a good character she's not actually an evil one either especially compared to the other paranormal creatures walking around The humor lies in her not understanding what humans are talking about half the time trying to figure out relationships and warring with a particularly vengeful angel who is strangely drawn to her We do get to see some of her powers pop up but not in traditional ways All fun times While it's light and uirky there's the inevitable dark stuff that goes with this sort of world building and magicThe Hel and Angels in this book aren't from the legendary or Christian mythos They aren't ascending from Heaven or Hell so it's all based on the authors' imagination crafted for this series in particularSamantha loves annoying people and getting under the skin which makes some of the best parts of the series I absoluately heart Wyatt he may not have the angel power thing going on but he's awesomely loyal sounds yummy mowing the lawn even to me from book page description and totally stays in Samantha's corner the whole way I'm not as into the angel Gregory although scenes with him turned out fun sometimes too a love triangle seems in the picture possibly but hopefully the author uashes that Time will tell but I see some confusion in the next seuel at least I'm team Wyatt but have a feelingHard to put down fun and 'different' I recommend this to Urban Fantasy fans on the hunt for something new I'm delighted to see this series has tons of books under its name too so I'll be digging into the second right away

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    I read this last year when I was trying to find a replacement for my beloved Kate Daniels series and I forgot to review it I enjoyed it enough to want to read the 2nd volume It was light funny sexy and packed enough action Good to read when I needed a break from something serious or my sleep deprived brain was not working too well Samantha is a demon who is taking a 40 years vacation on earth She is somewhere in the middle of the pack rank wise in Hell but her power seems to be bigger than it shows on the surface The humor was almost as good as Kate’s she gets beaten just as much and has family issues in 2nd part from what I understand What I think is different from other similar genre is that Sam is not a good girl she does like to prank humans she does have multiple partners and her moral compass is somewhat deranged However she seems to care about humans after so much time spent with them and gets involved in their problems when she is not the one causing them There are also angels who are not too nice either

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    RTC➼ Demons are super yummy And this particular beer loving mischief bent out to jump her neighbour imp sounds pretty awesome➼ This book is free on So who gives a damn if these particular demons aren't super yummy this particular imp pretty awesome and this ends up being Glorious DNFing Material GDM™? I sure don't Well that might change when I read the book and find out it has Kill it with Fire Potential KiwFP™ but until then demons shall be potentially yummy and crustaceans shall be blissfully happy

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    This book I mean it had great reviews a high rating but I never expected it to be I have already purchased the next two books in the series which i am now going to book binge myself onBecause to the book

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    You know what i loved about this book? The main character was a demon for fuck's sake And not the reformed kind either She was vulgar mean nasty and a liar Guess what? It worked for her On top of it all the novel was funny This book is a breath of fresh air in the PNRUF scene Sure the heroine is kickass but then all of them are just so far removed from the solid moral codes the rest of them followBeing in a mind of a creature that has no moral standards whatsoever and watching sexual tension grow between her and Wyatt was hilariousThis was a good read

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    35 Well what do we have hereI see great potential in this oneI admit it takes a while to get used to the MC the demon chick she's a bit different than the usual ones But God I love her I need Now

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    ★★★★★★ STARS First of all gorgeous new cover I am sure it will attract new readersEven though this book didn't have that many ratings I was intrigued by the blurb and decided to try it I am so glad I did What a fun little story Fast paced witty and original For once the demon isn't entirely the bad gal and angels aren't always virtuous Can't wait to read about Gregory his bound demon Sam and her semi Owned human pet Wyatt; Gotta love the pecking order though From birth Sam has a possessive streak she steals energy from her sex partners marks Wyatt as hers owns property and Owns humans and animals in an entirely different way but can't stand the thought of being angel property herselfAnd the epilogue intriguing Espescially the secret concerning the binding spell I have a theory who this brother is and perhaps who Gregory's 'little cockroach' is descended from But I will just keep on reading and see if my suspicions are correct Oh and after having just finished the Black Dagger Brotherhood series it was fun to notice that the sentence she is mine figured prominently in this book as well I kinda loved that; Yes Gregory might initially have been drawn to Sam due to her un demonlike behaviour the first time they face off but the underlying attraction is fascinating I can't wait to see Sam chipping away at those old wounds from the pastAll in all this book is one of those books you will finish in one sitting The 'oh shit' moments the humour the charming protagonist Sam her angel adversary human boyfriend will suck you right in A great read for those looking to add a little chaos to their lives

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    This was so much fun Sam is an imp She’s been living on the down low as a forty something human woman enjoying what she hopes to be a permanent vacation away from HelBut when Sam accidentally on purpose kills a werewolf and an angel starts snooping around her neighbourhood her little human charade is under threat And she can’t have that She hasn’t managed to get her hot neighbor in the sack yet You don’t throw that kind of opportunity away A Demon Bound is a witty urban fantasy romp Sam is hilarious if sometimes a little too demon but that’s the point It’s well written and after you get past the slow opening the pace picks up and gallops along nicely Things really start to get interesting when Gregory the angel binds Sam to him oops in a moment of madness clearly he has issues The pair share some really great banter “Did we not just have this conversation? Let me see Yes Yes it was the same conversation There was some whining from you then I threatened to do physical harm to your toy then you grudgingly complied Perhaps we can just skip all the middle part and get to the part where you comply? Otherwise I’m liable to get angry and do all sorts of things I’ll really enjoy now and mildly regret later”I hated this angel' I’m really interested to see where this series goes I want of Gregory and his intriguing past hinted at in the epilogue And clearly Sam isn’t just an imp She’s already told us she lies I loved the difference between the angels and the demons and what’s hinted at in regards to their shared origins So in closing 5 reasons why you should read this 1 It’s a refreshing alternative to overdone UF tropes2 Witty on point banter3 Sam really does have her slightly skincrawlingly demon moments but she also dances with lightening and can melt glass into perfect horse sculptures so cool4 Subtle worldbuilding that doesn’t drag the pace down5 Angels and demons are always coolWhat's not to like?

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    If I remember to look it up I can get the date I got this book but and the point – I somewhat randomly spotted this book noticed it looked vaguely interesting and a plus it was free Then I took a month or two before I got around to trying it And I only did because I saw someone make a comment about the book and I suddenly realized that I owned it already so I should try it“Samantha Martin is an imp” – is the beginning of the book description ‘Samantha Martin’ is kind of an odd name for a demon which is what an imp is and an imp is kind of a low ish level demon eh? But it is her name Along with a bunch of others that occasionally come up Names have meaning see and Martin has been acting as a human for the past 40 years on that later as someone named ‘Samantha Martin’Why that name? What caused her to go with that in the human realm? Simple the human she encountered and ‘owned’ went by that name Angels bind demons own – as gets repeated in the series Here ‘own’ means that the demon literally ‘absorbs’ the person into themselves They the demons then in turn can ‘create’ bodies that match those they own – and not all that they ‘own’ are human there’s one ‘cute’ scene probably in a later book wherein Samantha goes ‘jogging’ with a friend – and Samantha is in the ‘body’ of a cute doggie – because at some point she ‘owned’ a dog‘More on that later’ – Samantha has been on Earth for about 40 years now But she’s not 40 herself nor is this her first ‘vacation’ here on earth No see demons like popping over every once in a while for ‘vacations’ wherein they do as much damage as they can and then flee back to Hel one l there For some reason though Sam decided to go ‘low level’ live as a human as much as possible using as little of her power as possible There’s a reason for that – the low use of power part For you see millions of years ago Demons and Angels fought a war to a draw Demons went to Hel Angels stayed in their realm They ‘patrol’ earth though and kill any demon they spot on Earth while also watching over humans over their ‘evolution’ and over werewolves there may or may not be ‘others’ that they ‘strictly’ control but it seems they only kill on sight demons and only strictly control werewolves – the ‘others’ is in how strict their control is and how killable others are There are also vampires Elves and others Oh and to leave this paragraph near where I started Sam herself is 1 a demon; 2 somewhere just short of a 1000 years oldOn earth Sam works as a something of a slumlord and lives near a hunky man named Wyatt They have an ‘interesting’ relationship but they have just flirted so far at the start of this book here And as noted Sam tries to play down her use of demon power not her being a demon just her use of power As in she’ll purposely swerve to run over a suirrel but try to avoid ‘owning’ it which reveals power and Angels can detect power usage or hitting it with lightning demons have differing powersSam’s ‘vacation’ is interrupted though when her rental agent person I’m not exactly sure of Michelle’s exact titlejob function attempts to introduce her to another person who has some property to unload Candy The party Michelle Sam and Candy along with some of Michelle’s friends meet at a club Roughly around the time Sam and Candy meet in walks danger – in the form of Gregory the angel Everyone immediately turns and gazes adoringly upon Gregory Angels asshole like as they may be have that effect on people Except for two – Sam literally crawls out of the place trying to avoid being seen by the Angel and by the time she gets outside she realizes that Candy had followed her Whereupon Candy ‘looks’ at Sam in a way that allows Sam to know Candy knows what Sam is For whatever reason Sam doesn’t know what Candy is despite having lived a life that would seem destined to learn all prey and predators out thereThis is a long about way to come to – learning what Sam is Candy takes advantage and basically blackmails Sam into helping her and her group it’s in the description but is it a spoiler? view spoilerCandy is a werewolf Werewolves are tightly controlled and regulated by the Angels and there are many things that would allow them to be killed by Angels But even so there are wolves being killed seemingly without breaking any ‘laws’ of the Angels but still being killed by an Angel Candy blackmails Sam to ‘take out’ the Angel hide spoiler