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I am seriously getting addicted to Kerrigan Byrne books, and this one is no exception it all started with a free download of one of her books about Berserkers yes Berserkers this book though not of berserkers, but of a particular sexy, morose Druid and a banshee, who has been treated abysmally, is equally compelling and held my interest to the end Credit to the author is due to how she uses her imaginative writing skills to achieve the happy ever after, when all odds were stacked against them and I could not see how they were ever going to be together You do not have to read other books in this series to understand the plot, as it can be read as a stand alone, however, I am sure, that after reading this you will be investigating her other books, did I mention Berserkers.. With each new novella Kerrigan grows as a writer This novella is very well written I was taken on a magical journey This was such a romantic love story I always get a little worried before reading a novella because I have found in so many cases that the novellas I read feel rushed or feel like I am missing something but that is never a problem with Kerrigan s novella s.This story had so much depth It was so powerful We get action, mystery, betrayal, pain, passion, lust, romance and smoking hot sex scenes all rolled in one It was amazing how Kerrigan brought the druid and the banshee together in this story I was shocked to find out I would of never thought that was where the story would go She keeps expanding the wonderful magical world of berserkers, banshee s, druids, Fae s and so muchI just can t get enough The characters are always unique and intriguing Her hero s are to die for I was wondering how Kylah would over come what happened to her, if she would ever be able to but Kerrigan really pulled this one together to make an impact on me and my heart Kylah and Daroch were perfect for each other The ending was so special.I can picture the story play out like a movie in my head because of the amazing descriptions and details she writes This is a keeper Loved it with a passion To A Banshee, Revenge Is A Dish Best Served ScreamingKylah MacKay Was Brutalized And Burned Alive, But Denied Her Vengeance By A Cruel Twist Of Fate She S Drawn To The One Man Damaged Then Her, And Becomes A Pawn In An Ancient War That May Cost Her Very Soul Somehow This Man, Who Has No Use For Emotion Or Love, Awakens Dangerous Desires She D Thought Died With HerHe S A Man Out Of TimeDaroch McLeod Is A Ruthless And Brilliant Druid Driven By A Single Purpose Retribution Abused And Tormented, He S Promised Not To Stop Until He S Retaliated Against His Immortal Captors And He S Never Been Closer To His Goal Daroch Refuses To Let The Beautiful, Inquisitive Banshee, Who Haunts His Every Step, Uncover His Deadly SecretsCan Two Souls Searching For Vengeance Find Redemption Instead I love Kerrigan Byrne first book in her Banshees series and I didn t think she would be able to top it, but I m pleased to say that I was wrong I adored this book Redeemed by Kerrigan Byrne picks up here from Book 1, Released left off Once again, Kerrigan has written Redeemed so it can easily be read as a standalone Personally, I would highly recommend reading Released for the sheer pleasure.Kylah MacKay was brutally rape and burned to death a year before, along with her two sisters Seeking revenge, they became Banshees, mythical ghost like beings who can kill with their scream Ever hear of the term, screaming like a Banshee Except, now the men reasonable for their death are already dead by the hands of another, which means that Kylah s soul will belong to the Fae fairies since she can t complete her revenge in a year s time and her time was quickly running out.Being a Banshee, Kylah is drawn to negative emotions this is where she meets the dark and mysterious Druid, Daroch McLeod Daroch is a man on a mission He is out for revenge and he is so close He has lived a life of solitude for many years, revenge consuming his life and he doesn t have time to deal with the tiny snip of a lass that just floated into his cave He wants her Gone Kylah on the other hand, become intrigued with Daroch and stays, driving him crazy with her questions and with his over whelming desire for her From the moment Kylah and Daroch meet, there is non stop tension and fireworks I loved the dialog between these two wonderfully crafted characters It was clever and witty As they learnabout each other, Kylah and Daroch form a sort of bond, each understanding the others need for revenge When Daroch discovers the truth of how Kylah was killed and what he does next is so tender and heartwarming that it brought tears to this reader s eyes This is a turning point for the couple as Daroch starts stirring emotions within Kylah that she thought had died with her that fateful night The manner in which Kerrigan brought these two together was a touch of brilliance It was at this point in the book that I was hanging on by the edge of my seat with anticipation as to what was going to happen.Was Daroch finally going to have his revenge What would happen to Kylah since she couldn t complete hers Can the two lovers have their Happy Ever After True to Kerrigan Byrne style, just when you think there is no hope for these two wonderful characters, who by this point stole my heart, she pulls everything together in a nice little package, complete with a pretty bow on top I breathlessly wait for the third and final book in the magnificent series Death shouldn t be able to stop love from happening right After a brutal death by fire Kylah becomes a Banshee Drawn to a dark cavern following the sadness and anger she felt, leads her to her future Well actually a savagely beautiful Druid with a penchant for revenge Daroch is lead through life by logic and a scientific way of thinking He is dead set on being the master of his own fate After his hard lesson learned in life, he will have his vengeance on those who imprisoned him His sanctuary is definitely disrupted by the beautiful and brilliant Banshee Only together they can over come the past transgressions that would have consumed them I just LOVE Highland romances, and Kerrigan Byrne is an author easy to love Her stories include berserkers,shifters and now Banshees with her own personal flair thrown in the mix Things you can count on in her writing would be Action,Love, Sexy Highland men, Beautiful strong women, and some HOT one on one time with the two.I have never been disappointed with any of her books, and even better you don t have to read them in order, to know what is going on There really isn t muchI can say about this book that I didn t say in previous reviews of Kerrigan Byrne s books Redeemed has all of the qualities that make me a fan of hers Vivid descriptions of the Scottish landscape, detailed explanations of the history of that era, excellent characters that the reader will love and of course some steamy romance In this book, both Kylah and Daroch have revenge on their minds, although for different reasons Kylah s spirit lives on after being burned alive, while Daroch keeps his demons muchprivate But he has a spell on Kylah and he brings out so much of her They are drawn together in this one common bond, and the adventure they share is magical in many ways The best example of that magic is when Daroch is saved from drowning by seals And after they bring him to the surface they stick thier tongue out at Kylah I loved this lighthearted funny passage.Ms Byrne has written another winner and is well on the way to producing another excellent series I cannot wait for the next one I wish to thank Ms Byrne for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the bookNow, this was gooooood When I read the first book of this sub series, Released, I was disappointed because some of the things didn t work out for me But with Redeemed, Kerrigan proves again that she knows what she s about Redeemed was the story of second banshee MacKay sister, Kylah and the mysterious Druid, Daroch I mentioned in my review of Released that I could feel the intensity and attraction between the two and I m glad to report that that s how it stayed all through their own book.I d recommend to anyone wanting to read this book to start with book 1 of the Highland Historical series They re not intertwined in that sense, and Redeemed is not really connected to the 3 MacLauchlan installments but MacKays are introduced in those books Reading those will give you an idea of how things came to be Moreover, those books are awesome, so why not read them first Three sisters Katriona, Kylah and Kamdyn died in a fateful night, together Kylah, the middle and the most beautiful of them was the target of cruel laird of the MacKays, Angus His repeated attempts to make Kylah his own failed, or were spurned by Kylah and her mother, so he did what he always did best doing something horrible burning them alive If he can t have her, so no one ever will Kylah was raped before she, her sisters and their mother were set on fire Their mother somehow made it out but with severe burns, though the sisters never did.Angus meets his end quite horribly too, to know how you ll have to read the MacLauchlan Brothers series I still didn t know what he did to the girls, only that he was callous, cruel and plain disgusting After gaining lairdship, Angus did nothing but harming and killing people, only think of his own pleasure and luxury His younger twin, Rory was ashamed of his brother s activities, and helped in the quest of getting rid of him for his clan s betterment When Rory becomes laird in Released, he inherits a lot of things and none was good an appalling reputation thanks to Angus and their father, a clan with deep debts, empty larders and a bad army, among other things It s been a year since the grotesque deaths of the sisters We learn that Rory was in love with the eldest, Katriona but it never went anywhere when she was alive Katriona and her family became the washerwomen for the clan after their father, the blacksmith, died And after that incident, their mother s plea makes the Banshee queen Cliodnah break the treaty that says no interference with humans, transforming them into banshees A deal was struck so that they get their vengeance on the cruel MacKay laird and their family They were supposed to have claimed one soul each Katriona was supposed to have taken Rory s, but things don t go as planned Seems like except for Rory, none of their supposed victim is alive, a fact the sisters weren t aware of Even then, she can t kill Rory because he is An Dioladh returned from the dead On top of that, she then goes and falls in love with him all over again Yah it was a bit of a confusing mess for me, but the best part was that meeting of Kylah and Daroch.Daroch, the mysterious Druid was summoned by Rory to take care of the banshee business Daroch sees Kylah hovering in the keep, near Rory s seat and somehow he denies his help to Rory on this He couldn t bring himself to do anything to that banshee When this story begins, Katriona is already married to Rory but she has another name and a body that doesn t belong to her Her marriage to the brother of a man who so brutally violated her upsets Kylah She can t bring herself to come to terms with it She hovers around for a while, not knowing what to do Somehow, she s attracted to the grotto where the Druid lives a place near The Allt Dubh or The River Black Kylah remembers the man his savage and intense eyes on her, his mud splattered body and clothing He seemed wild, a creation of Mother Nature But who he really is Kylah is very curious and so, when she finds him in his grotto she starts her know yet Druid in her own way by questioning him to aggravation heehee That was the fun part, as Kylah would be there, poking Daroch with questions that would annoy him immensely He d even try to show his annoyance, ask her to leave but without any real emphasis on any of it Cause among all his logical thinking and truth seeking endeavors, Daroch could see Kylah s beauty, even through her pale, sickly green glow, while her sisters had bright blue ones Daroch would deny his attractions but his nether region would choose to ignore his commands After all, he s a millennia old Druid, who has knowledge of ancient things and knows language that has long been dead And he has been without a woman for around a hundred year since his return from the Fey world.Daroch was kidnapped by someone there Whom, we don t know until the story progresses quite a bit It was hinted, however subtly, that Daroch was indeed that Fey s kept, slave boy He was big, manly and good looking and was ensnared young His family and the ones he loved were torn from him He was with the Fey for a few months By then, millennia has passed in the Human world We learn of his history, as he later tells Kylah and how he became to be a MacLeod, though that s not his own clan His people do not exist any.I enjoyed their banters throughout the story thoroughly and was glad that Kylah was having some fun because she deserved it All her life, she d been wanted by everyone, even people whom she never wanted or needed She suffered much Now she wants to be with someone who apparently doesn t want her Daroch started out irritated by her whys , and yet, as time passed, he begins to get used to with their seemingly unwanted communication and her adorably curious ways He even begins craving her presence Daroch is alone and he craves for human touch, no matter how vehemently he likes to deny that.Once, when Kylah stops visiting him suddenly, Daroch is restless and goes to find her And on that journey he discovers the sad truth of Kylah s death, along with someheartbreaking revelations This shakes Daroch to the core It seems like his Banshee has suffered a lot He takes care of the business there, hoping that Kylah would follow him Which she does, thankfully Kylah can t feel but beattracted to Daroch She doesn t know what this means though her body indicates things that confuses her Sex is not pleasure for her, but pain and humiliation This time, Daroch seems to beopen and talksabout what he wants which is her of course But it can t be She can t touch him, neither can he her Daroch tries to teach Kylah about the pleasures of a woman s body to help her forgetting the memories of that dreadful night It was quite amazing, how he instructs her about self pleasure, something that would make her aware that she can have that pleasure That it s not all about forced invasion, pain and humiliation Kylah is intrigued and proves to be an apt pupil But when it s time for him to do something about his own pleasure, Daroch becomes cold and aloof onceKylah unintentionally mentions about watching him pleasure himself which triggers some of his own shameful memories, however long ago those were For Daroch that is a no go area.In between, it s reveal that Daroch has been working on mixtures and so on to destroy the Fey He hates them with a vengeance, and for a good cause And Daroch would die trying to fulfill his quest We also learn that it was Cliodnah who kidnapped and kept him I was quite disappointed because she proved to be helpful, albeit in a total give and take way, for Katriona Never thought she d turn out to be such a horrendous b tch She sends her best assassin Ly Erg to kill Daroch In the fighting that followed, Daroch wins somehow but not entirely unharmed He soon discovers a secret weapon that might prove to be very promising for his quest Kylah is a little hurt that he wants to destroy the Fey because she s almost one of them now but when she learns of Daroch s history, she is adamant to help him.They come closer, and start spendingtime together, of which Cliodnah is alerted One day, she visits Kylah and hints at dirty things about her and Daroch Kylah finally understands who was behind her Druid s misery, a fact that only emboldens Kylah s hatred for the Banshee queen Then Cliodnah blackmails her She knows what Daroch is planning, though not about the secret weapon he found that would kill the Fey like any human and Kylah is adamant to keep it that way Cliodnah gives Kylah her human body back, in return Kylah only has to kill Daroch and save the Fey But Kylah is a smart a and she spends that one night with her Druid by making love, and then informing him what Cliodnah has asked her to do Daroch was just wow, sooo HOT in bed He was simply crazy about Kylah and you can imagine what it did to him when, finally, he could touch her to his heart s content.That was just oh my Ooh la la gets distracted Back to the review pI must say, the final showdown had me totally glued to the pages It was very well done I loved how things turned out for Daroch and Kylah in the end It was just perfect, so much so that I wanted the story to go on The end of this book promisedgoodies There s a new Banshee queen, Tah Lia and Kamdyn has left with her, hired to act as her new hand maiden I was thinking Kamdyn might be paired with Lorne, Rory s right hand man but right now, I m not really sure Then again, it ll be like unwrapping a gift when the next installment is out I can barely wait Kerrigan please write fasterrrrr Hahaha 4.5 stars. Reviewed on Lets Get RomanticalWhere the Night Kind RoamI pick up a Kerrigan Byrne book and I know that I am going to get a well written entertaining story She has never, not once failed to impress me with her mad story telling skills This installment of the Banshee series is no exception to that This book picks up pretty close to where RELEASED left off Of the wronged MacKay women Kylah has the most reason for revenge chained, used and left to burn alive Kylah feels nothing in death She is left uncomfortably numb She knows that she should feel something at the very least a burn for revenge but with that option gone for good she has nothing left, not even her Banshee scream As a banshee she is drawn to strong dark emotions, one day she was out wandering and was drawn to a place of great anguish It is there in the presence of all that pain that she is finally able to find her own pain and anger and at long last her scream She is surprised to find that she is not alone in the cave and as it turns out it was the Druid and not the cave that she was drawn too Never has she felt such pain in one person, not even herself Daroch is a man of science, a Druid, possibly the last of his kind Born thousands of years earlier he should have died with his people, but fate was not so kind Now his one goal in life is to destroy all things Fae, and he is running out of time When a curious, beautiful banshee shows up in his cave the last thing he wants is her distracting him or finding out what he is up to If he finds a way to kill the Fae, that would include her Despite everything that was done to her Kylah has this quite innocence about her At the time of her death she was still young and had left a fairly sheltered life and even though her innocence was stolen from her she still maintains a piece of that after death She also has an insatiable curiosity about her, it kind of reminds you of a young child always asking the question why Only instead of being annoying she asks intelligent questions and has a quick mind Daroch is at first annoyed that his solitude has been invaded but he quickly comes to appreciate her intelligent, curious mind Kylah is had to not like, she is sweet and despite her beauty she is not spoiled With little else to do, Kylah decides to throw in her lot with Daroch whether he likes it or not, so she is a bit of a stubborn wench Daroch has met his match, finally someone that can out stubborn him She s not tangible so it s not like he can physically remove her from his presence Daroch is dark, brooding and tortured soul everything we have come to love in our Alpha male lead He is freak n sexy All muscle, brains, magic and bad attitude A killer combo if you ask me Kylah is not immune to this combo either Even though Kylah almost kills him twice in about an hour, Daroch finds himself thawing towards her Soon he is finding himself looking forward to her company instead of dreading it and then he is left wondering how in the hell that happened For over a century he hasn t so much as wanted to be near another person, but this slip of a lass is getting past all of his defenses Together, these two are better than they are a part In such a short period of time they become a team Each one is strong where the other is weak, each teaching other new things about life and about death Kylah gets Daroch to rethink some of this theories and start and living Daroch helps Kylah find herself as a woman and to help her discover she isthan a beautiful face and that she has a brain that she can use Little by little they help each other heal, but each has a soul deep need for revenge and it may just destroy them both Rating 5 Second book in the MacKay series and story centering around Kylah who is a Banshee The author has developedparanormal ideas in this story and building a new world I thoroughly enjoyed it I love the ideas she has with the interactions of the Banshees and the Druids The love story is also amazing Love the ideas and concepts that are not traditional at all due to circumstances that are not normal A very magical story.I loved both the hero and heroine, Daroch and Kylah Their story is amazing and their obstacles they have to overcome Their interaction with one another just made me fall in love with them Daroch is just one big teddy bear What do ye know of my heart he thundered Not a thing, she admitted gently But we are Banshees We re drawn to sadness, anger, and loss Thus is our nature Byrne, Kerrigan 2013 04 21 Redeemed Heroes of the Highlands The MacKays 2 Kindle Locations 812 813 Ardent Publishing Kindle Edition.I recommend this book to readers of the series and readers who enjoy paranormal romances. I can t get enough of Kerrigan s banshees This one is the 2nd in the banshees series and so completely different than the first one Kayla and Daroch were fireworks together Butthan the heat keep me hanging on every word The way Kerrigan writes is pure poetry Not to mention, what I learned about history and science and legends that she infused within this story I loved the history and the legends just as much as I loved the romance between Kayla and Daroch The way that she handled the brutal way in which Kayla dies was so compassionate and touching that it brought tears to my eyes There is beauty and danger and love within this story This story has it all and I can t wait to see what Kerrigan is going to do with the youngest sister story.