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Modern Swiss literature often seems to revolve around business flights, five star hotels, misdemeanours among C suite executives and what to summarise crudely you might dismiss as first world problems In the best cases something like Max Frisch s Homo Faber , we see how fragile this lifestyle really is, but in other cases one is uncomfortably aware of a sort of haze of affluence that somehow keeps Swiss lit out of the first rank although there s no intrinsic reason why it should.There is nothing wrong with this book, but it did have me thinking about these things Taking place within the space of a single weekend, on the terrace of a luxury hotel in the Ticino, it takes the form of an intense interpersonal thriller, in which everyone has their secrets and the drama emerges from conversational manoeuvres and unspoken assumptions Two men who appear to meet by chance a discussion that appears to flow at random suspicions and wild surmises that build to a crescendo It has a nice mood and a good line in cynical philosophising, although the big twist at the end was something I guessed halfway through, and I am usually pretty dense about such things. Review Am HangI remember vividly when my German teacher I live in Switzerland and we have German literature classes the same as others have English or their respective languages gave us homework for over summer holidays.We had to read Am Hang Our edition was the cheapest because the book was tiny The itty bitty hardcover book was intriguing to me because of its size and the slight shimmer of the front cover But the most interesting part was when our teacher, Mrs H., said we should only read 1 3 of the book, aka the first chapter.She didn t explain why That peaked my interest I knew her well enough to know that there was a reason for NOT to finish the novel during summer holidays so she probably meant it as an experiment based on the content of the novel.I was not prepared for what came.One sunny day I decided to start reading the novel.I put on shorts and a bikini top, prepared my iced tea, some fruits, and water for my reading arrangement on the balcony, lay on the sunlounger and began the most exciting ride of my life But it wasn t exciting.Dare I say, it was boring Yes, I do dare.So there he was, the womanizing Clarin, sitting on the terrace of the Bellavista Hotel drinking and reminiscing about his life and success with women His ego was enormous, the story apparently nonexistent, and my confusion big.What is this novel about Loos, an older man, soon engaged him in a conversation and the two men talked about everything and nothing Honestly, since I read the book years ago 2006 7ish a little sooner , I don t exactly remember what they were talking about Lots of trivial things, some personal things, accounts on women, life, and other mundane peculiarities.Loos tells the story of a woman who got struck by lightning while she was in the park because of the metal underwire in her bra.Was this a joke A big ruse from the author Or was he trying to evoke depth and fail miserably like Martin Suter does Oh, look at how the leaves sway in the wind it s so calming and soothing I love how the sunrays pierce through the crown of the tree and brake into tiny, shimmering sparkles that melt into each other.What time is it Already How many pages did I read Only ten Ugh, this is never going to end Well, I deserved a break The fruits were delicious and the water tasty fresh.Ah, well, continue reading, or you ll never finish this Damn, a wasp Okay, so I got totally distracted here and there and took lots of breaks.But I knew their needed to be something or else Mrs H wouldn t have told us to ONLY read one chapter of three Wait, what was that As soon as I glimpsed the oddity, subtle but screaming in my head, I couldn t shake the feeling off that something was going on Something weird I noticed it but Clarin didn t How could he not SOMETHING was obviously amiss The conversation went on.The slight pinches of irritation and paranoia get stronger Multiply They stab me in the back In the chest My head is screaming in alarm The footsteps I noticed earlier snuck closer and closer The killer is about to get me IT S A PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER Or is it What is this weird but oh so captivating novel Without noticing or rather with notice but willful ignorance and lots of patience I got sucked into the story and couldn t step away any What started as a fight against my drowsy laziness and the mix of boredom, irritation, and minute placed hints unfolded into a novel I was not able to put down I finished the first chapter and hungered for I needed to know what was going on Clarin, Loos, Loos wife, Clarin s ex lovers, women struck by lightning because of bras What the heck was going on No, I KNEW what was going on I knew Way before Clarin did That s why I HAD to know what would happen When will that arrogant prick notice it When will shit hit the fan Is he going to die Suffice to say I finished the novel immediately and did not wait for the beginning of the semester and the permission of my teacher My attention was caught, the mystery gnawing at my brain This hat to be read right now or I would lose my sanity.We started the new semester and I think three others had finished the book as well It was fun to see the experience of reading the last two chapters in my classmates Most of them were totally oblivious to the twists and turns They had not payed attention They were not smart enough Not attentive or interested And like Clarin, they suffered from hubris and fell deep down the rabbit whole, confused and disoriented.I was always wondering how Clarin couldn t see the obvious hints but if over 20 people had failed as well, it made clear it wasn t impossible.I don t remember much of the discussions in class but one memory stuck vivid with me until today A girl in my class hated the book because she hated Clarin She despised him and therefore the book I facepalmed so hard it hurt.That, my dear classmate, was the whole idea of the book.Clarin is not meant to be likeable We aren t supposed to like his womanizing attitude and misogyny He was an interesting character, yes, and like every person he had good qualities But in the end, his bad side was stronger and he payed for it Probably To this day I don t understand how my classmate didn t grasp this concept The unlikable character was, contrary to almost ALL YA NA novels, meant to be disliked and was portrayed as such.Nabokov had done that, too.How should I end this review that has nothing and everything to do with this book With a recommendation to read it.This was one of the most interesting experiences with a novel I ve ever had and the stark difference between the beginning and the end, the feelings I had, was so strong I remember it until today.I don t know if the book is really that good.I don t know if I d like it now.What I DO know is that I liked it then and it has remained one of the most fascinating reading experiences I ve ever had and I d love to see other people go through the same turmoil and tell me their stories of reading Am Hang. Mind gamesWhat a joy, when the visitors have all left, to be able to ensconce yourself on the sofa with a good book and no interruptions and read straight through in one take Thanks for making the dinner luv.Markus Werner s PhD dissertation was on Max Frisch No surprise then, that this tale wheels around the vexatious question of who to trust, who to believe, who is leading us a merry dance and, vexatious still, to what purpose Clarin, a young lawyer, has retreated to his shared holiday home in Tessin over Whitsun to write up a piece for a legal publication on the history of divorce law in the different Cantons of Switzerland On his first evening he goes down to Montagnola for dinner at the Belle Vue and meets there on the terrace an older gentleman, a curmudgeonly type who is still working through the tragic loss of his wife Clarin likes to see himself as a bit of a rake, cynical about the chances of any marriage lasting longer than it takes for the bridal bouquet to wilt They lock horns over the state of the world and modern life, over communications and capitalism, over loyalty, harmony, forgiveness and Windows 2000 They meet again the next evening Now their conversations turn to the anecdotal To women And sex And death.Two men, talking Sounds dire, especially as they never even get on to football But the text is as intoxicating as the Merlot bianco the men consume in no small quantity There is an ease and breadth in their talk, as wide and open as the vista of the Collina D Oro and Lake Lugano that surrounds them Velvety and rich like wine, clean and bracing like the landscape They are good company Ironically combative, courteous and expansive Until the next night, when Clarin s hangover has made for a lost day of work and accompanying dissatisfaction and resentment at the older man s invasion of his time But unable to resist all the same There is something uncanny about the man He can read Clarin like an open book And knows precisely how to tease out what he wants to know.Maybe because Dr Faustus haunts my dreams at the moment, I see devilish characters wherever I turn However this is a reversal of the Faustian myth, even if the conversations remind me of the meeting between Leverk hn and Lucifer, the deal is quite a different one Here the devil has not conferred anything On the contrary, he has been robbed He is not offering knowledge or talent in exchange for Clarin s soul He is taking revenge This is not Faust, this is the second circle of hell, where those who lust will be tossed back and forth by winds forever A true circle, the end takes us to the beginning again Clarin will not escape from this torture It will go on, and on And on. Nur wenige B cher bereiten mir solch regelrecht k rperliches Unbehange wie dieses Ich habe jeden einzelnen Satz dieser Dummschw tzerei gehasst.Wenn es nicht an mir und meinen Problemen mit einer bestimmten Sorte von Humor Ironie liegt, sollte man den Schweizern Stift und Feder dauerhaft entziehen Warum ich meine Schelte auf eine ganze Nation ausdehne Ganz einfach, sonst w rde ich ble Gewaltphantasien gegen den armen Kerl von Autor entwickeln. . 3,5 Da ich jetzt mit dem Buch durch bin und begriffen habe, um was es geht, m chte ich es nochmal von vorne lesen. Am Hang Zu Leben, Kann Riskant Sein Wie Leicht K Nnen Dinge Ins Rutschen Geraten Diese Erfahrung Muss Der Scheidungsanwalt Clarin Machen, Dessen Arbeitswochenende In Seinem Tessiner Ferienhaus Einen Etwas Anderen Verlauf Nimmt Ein Abendlicher Trunk, Ein Harmloses Gespr Ch, Mehr Hatte Dem Leutseligen Clarin Nicht Vorgeschwebt, Als Er Sich Dem Fremden Auf Der Terrasse Des Bellavista Hotels Vorstellte Doch Sollte Sich Bald Herausstellen, Dass Loos Nicht Der Partner F R Den Erwartet Netten Plausch War Clarin D Mmerte Diesen Innerlich Zerrissenen W Rde Er So Schnell Nicht Mehr Loswerden Die Schlinge Zieht Sich Zu Zusehends Redet Sich Der Kultivierte, Schwerbl Tige Loos In Rage, Philosophiert Hemmungslos Und Trunken Ber Den Erbarmungsw Rdigen Zustand Einer L Rmenden Und Oberfl Chlichen Welt, Die Ihm Verhasst Geworden Ist Vor Einem Jahr War Im Kurhotel In Cademario Dr Ben Am Hang Seine Ber Alles Geliebte Frau Von Ihm Gegangen War Es Selbstmord Ein Restleben Als Endlosschleife Der Verzweiflung Clarin Beginnt, Aufzuhorchen Cademario War Auch Ihm Kein Fremder Ort Schicksalsspuren Berschneiden Sich Clarin Beginnt Zu Fr Steln Mehr Und Mehr Zieht Es Clarin In Den Pers Nlichen Albtraum Eines Besch Digten R Tsel Ber R Tsel Ber Den Verlust Einer Frau Werden Aufget Rmt Die Kammerspielhafte Enge Des Schweizer Talkessels, Die Immer Fiebriger Werdenden Zwiegespr Che Auf Der Hotelterrasse, Ziehen Auch Den Leser Allm Hlich In Ihren Sog Vergessen Wir Das Bisweilen Uns Gliche Dauerlamento Des M Rrischen Loos, Dessen K Chenpsychologische Alltagsbetrachtungen Sich Ber Die Verrohung Des Menschen Bis Hin Zu Hasstiraden Auf Handyt Ne Erstrecken Markus Werner Gelingt Es Dennoch Meisterlich, Den Unheimlichen Spannungsbogen Seines Psychodramas Aufrecht Zu Erhalten Am Ende Des Vexierspiels Um Eine Gro E Verlorene Liebe Wird Auch Die Welt Des Erotischen Leichtfu Es Clarin Schwer Geworden Sein In Best Rzender Weise Muss Er Erfahren, Wie Alles Mit Allem Zusammenh Ngt Wie Klein Die Welt Doch War Eine Zufallsbekanntschaft Brachte Den Hang Endg Ltig Ins RutschenRavi Unger Kitab n temposunu sevemedim ne yaz k ki Ke ke ba lardaki ivmesini koruyabilseydi. The story only spans one weekend and two strangers meeting and discussing very personal topics and there is a major twist in the end I really enjoyed the story and the writing is beautiful Freiheit trifft auf Sicherheit, die ultimative Konfrontation Die Gr nde seien filigran und schwer zug nglich, sagte sie Ob sie sie also kenne, fragte ich Sie sagte, sie k nne sie f hlen Ich liess sie f hlen und bestellte ein Wasser.