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MEET THE BLUE EYED DEVIL His name is Hardy Cates He's a self made millionaire who comes from the wrong side of the tracks He's made enemies in the rough and tumble ride to the top of Houston's oil industry He's got hot blood in his veins And vengeance on his mindMEET THE HEIRESS She's Haven Travis Despite her family's money she refuses to set out on the path they've chosen for her But when Haven marries a man her family disapproves of her life is set on a new and dangerous course Two years later Haven comes home determined to guard her heart And Hardy Cates a family enemy is the last person she needs darkening her door or setting her soul on fireWATCH THE SPARKS FLYFilled with Lisa Kleypas's trademark sensuality filled with characters you love to hate and men you love to love Blue Eyed Devil will hold you captive in its storytelling power as the destiny of two people unfolds with every magical word

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    Okay How to write this review without the whole thing turning into a Hardy Cates droolfest It's going to be very hard because I love the manOne Upon a Time There was a Guy Named Hardy CatesI met Hardy Cates in Sugar Daddy and I have to say that I sure did fall hard for him Big time Hard as a young Liberty Jones did I could see that beneath that mind numbingly sexy bad boy veneer was a sensitive loving good hearted person My feelings never changed for him view spoiler As much as I loved Sugar Daddy I truly did take exception with the fact that my beloved author Lisa Kleypas was taking a shortcut to her happy ending by making Hardy seem like a bad guy so Liberty would have a reason to choose Gage I don't think Hardy deserved that Am I putting him on a pedestal? Nope But Hardy could have been the guy who didn't win Liberty simply because the older Liberty knew that Gage was the man she wanted Not because of the dirty trick he pulled I was so disappointed with that Naturally I was exceedingly thrilled to see Hardy get his day in the sun in this book And boy does he shine hide spoiler