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Part Mystery, Part Parody, Hidden Booty Is The Second Emmie Reese Short Story Finding Themselves Short Of Money At A Fin De Si Cle French Resort Town, Harry And Emmie Take On The Job Of Finding A Missing Shipment Of Gold Emmie Bargains To Identify The Culprits Before Their Ship Reaches New York And That S Not All She Wagers On

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    Thanks to Emmie s gambling in a French resort, the couple finds itself with practically no money, so Emmie volunteers her husband Harry for a job of finding a missing shipment of gold The latter has never done this kind of investigation before, but this fact did not stop his wife The results of these efforts revealed right on the first page, so I will not give away any spoilers when I say that Emmie and Harry did independent investigations which resulted in Harry finding the gold and Emmie finding the culprits.The book was on the mystery side and less on humor which was surprising for me as Emmie is the most humorous character in the series Still the humor was there, especially regarding Harry s investigation from Emmie POV which did not make any sense at all until the very end of the story Emmie s highly unconventional efforts at gambling are also worth noticing.This short story is a good addition to Emmie and Harry Reese mysteries with 4 star rating This review is a copy paste of my BookLikes one

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    Another enjoyable and very funny Emmie story They have sailed to Europe as a reward for their success in Crossings , but turn around and come back again almost immediately when she comes across an irresistible new mystery the theft of a large quantity of gold from an ocean liner With hilarious tales of Harry s supposed exploits, she gets them on the case Sadly for Harry and the Reeses bank account , she manages to maneuver them right out of eligibility for the large reward, in what faithful readers now know to be typical Emmie like fashion No matter though, it s not long before she has another money making scheme in play.Even though this story can be read on its own, I do highly recommend reading the preceding Harry and Emmie Reese mysteries first.

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    It was fun to see a story through Emmie s eyes for a change The author found her voice and used it to perfection to bring out the humor and eccentricity of Emmie Reese I loved seeing how she viewed her husband, since in the full length stories we only see Harry through his own words Like all the work by this author, it is for quality readers who understand subtle humor, and who love stories set in the past, written as if they were born in the past A delicious treat.

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    Thank you very much to Robert Bruce Stewart for a copy of his book in exchange for an honest review.Short story written from Emmie Reese s point of view.Emmie has found her sea legs, gained a case, and lost money for Harry twice again.

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    This series by Stewart is loaded with subtle humor which makes his lady detective a delight Want a fun mystery series then get started I found this one even better than first and look forward to reading next Guarantee mystery fans a good time.

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    Not only are book covers a delight reading experience enjoyable from start to finish A humorous bit of fictional mystery.