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Murray s purpose in writing her book, Locas, is to show people how the gang life is, and the struggles that certain females go through and why they decide to join as well Another reason I believe is to let the readers know they should never let their surroundings influence them in a negative way Locas left me feeling on edge, I wanted to just keep knowingandabout it She s really descriptive in many situations I m really able to visualize a lot It will have a lasting value, because gangs will always be around In the future some people might be able to still relate to how it is to live in cities that are run by intimidating males in gangs Locas, is written in Spanglish , there s many Spanish words in the book, but it s still easy to read for me because I know both languages I love how every chapter alternates between the two female characters In many situations they get to, it s really worded well, I could visually see it The novel is so captivating it really catches my eye and keeps me hooked on it In their city when you want to join a gang, you have to prove yourself and they prove themselves by fighting all the members of the gang at once I found it crazy one of the main characters named Lucia states to another female, I ll beat the fuck out of you first and then Star Girl and her went after the girl, their hands reaching out like spiders, gripping her head and her hair and her throat Murray, 49 Not only was the fighting part interesting to me, but I could see it in my head In the book, Locas, I could relate to the character Cecilia because she s short, doesn t have the best confidence and is a little crazy She states I know I m not beauty They call me Muneca because I m short but that doesn t make me dainty Murray, 55 I can totally relate to her because since I m short people think I m dainty or weak, which is not the case at all The greatest strength of the book, Locas, is how it s told The book seems realistic, like it would happen in a city that s full of gang related violence I think if anyone that s actually been in a gang, could read the book and actually say Oh my, this has happened to me I would recommend this book to anyone that just needs a good book while on a long trip It shows me that you can really choose who you want to be, and shouldn t let the negativity around you effect you negatively, ever. I thought this was gonna be a book about girl gangbangers doing their own thing Not about just one girl gangbanger who was el jefe s girlfriend who spent the whole book trying to keep up with the menfolk Then this other bird brained chavala who was el jefe s sister who was just kind oftherewatching novelas cleaning houses So it only gets 3 stars because that s not what I signed up for It s a decent book otherwise though, if you have no expectations The contrast between Lucia and Cecilia was food for 1997 feminazi thought, I m sure. Locas Tells A Violent And Poignant Story Set In The Heart Of The Rough LA Neighborhood Echo Park Lucia And Cecilia Are The Girlfriend And Sister Of The Rising Young Loco Whose Gun Trade Is About To Explode Into The Big Business Of Drugs When Their World Starts To Split Apart Under The Vicious Pressure Of Gang Warfare, Lucia Seizes Her Chance She Builds Her Own Private Cadre Of Fire Girls And Rises To Become A Gangster In Her Own Right Cecilia, Devastated By A Miscarried Pregnancy And Bittersweet Love For Another Woman, Leaves The Gang For The Catholic Church Yxta Maya Murray Has Created A Richly Textured Story From The Tragedies Of Lucia And Cecilia S Loves, Rages, And Betrayals, Never Once Avoiding The Larger Tragedy Of Their Entrapment In A Feudal And Dangerous World This craptacular book is freaking horrible This is authored by someone that not only didn t live the life, but apparently doesn t know anyone that has It truly is cringe worthy.Another book, Maravilla by Laura del Fuego has similar subject matter and is infinately better This book gave me second hand embarrassment for the author. I enjoyed the raw spanglish and narrative between two contrasting personalities of two girls from a gang life But i found the ending abrupt Nothing about the girl cecilia falls in love and boring ending Many of my favorite reads I find on the bookshelf in a library This book is no different Every page holds a poetic gem I enjoyed getting into the nuisances of these characters The POV s are strong and detail the ambitious heritages of people who live in Echo Park. Gritty and real I think this isgeared to a YA audience. An excellent insight into the perspective of two female Latina American Street gangsters in East Los Angeles The novel is written excellently and the intimate depiction of the daily struggles of the female protagonists is quite compelling. I read this on a flight from DC to SF I had moved it twice, once across the country, and owned it for 5 years When I finally got to it I couldn t believe I d waited that long It was suggested byafter I d purchased books for a Women in Social Movements in Latin Am class and a gay LA class The story is told chapter by chapter from the perspective of the sister and girlfriend of a gangbanger in Echo Park in the 80s and 90s Sometimes the Spanglish was a bit awkward and rough, much like Spanglish but I found if I tried to say it in my head, instead of just reading it it got better The story is rough, heartbreaking, heavy with internalized sexism and racism, and hopelessness regardless that each woman saw herself in a completely different way empowered and in control vs disempowered and out of place It was gripping, I dreamt about it, it stuck with me It touched on issues of feminine and masculine gender identity in women in a male dominated, violent, highly aggressive impoverished immigrant community, romantic and platonic love between women in a heterosexist and sexist reality, strength and weakness of the human spirit, survival, family, pregnancy as a weakness loss of freedom and as a way of validating oneself, loss of innocence and a ton of other intense and pertinent topics Not the best written, and there are points when I wanted to know , or felt the story could have been layed out better, some of the descriptive writing could have captured the scene and storyand been less overt and grasping but all in all it was a good read and I m glad I did. Well what i liked about this book is that it showed me a lot about how man can be sometimes In the book Lucia one of the characters in the book strugles with her boyfriend Manny because he treats her really bad.For me this was a really mest up thing that he did to her or that he is doing to her.In my opinion Lucia should of done something about this since she got with him but she didnt because she was afraid of him At the end she decides to leave him and not depend on him.Lucia is one of the characters i look up to because she showed me how to not let boys treat you bad and that you should always stand up for yourself Even though Lucia was just a character in the book she showed me a lot.