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Alyssa Gardner Has Been Down The Rabbit Hole And Faced The Bandersnatch She Saved The Life Of Jeb, The Guy She Loves, And Escaped The Machinations Of The Disturbingly Seductive Morpheus And The Vindictive Queen Red Now All She Has To Do Is Graduate High School And Make It Through Prom So She Can Attend The Prestigious Art School In London She S Always Dreamed Of That Would Be Easier Without Her Mother, Freshly Released From An Asylum, Acting Overly Protective And Suspicious And It Would Be Much Simpler If The Mysterious Morpheus Didn T Show Up For School One Day To Tempt Her With Another Dangerous Quest In The Dark, Challenging Wonderland Where She Partly Belongs As Prom And Graduation Creep Closer, Alyssa Juggles Morpheus S Unsettling Presence In Her Real World With Trying To Tell Jeb The Truth About A Past He S Forgotten Glimpses Of Wonderland Start To Bleed Through Her Art And Into Her World In Very Disturbing Ways, And Morpheus Warns That Queen Red Won T Be Far Behind If Alyssa Stays In The Human Realm, She Could Endanger Jeb, Her Parents, And Everyone She Loves But If She Steps Through The Rabbit Hole Again, She Ll Face A Deadly Battle That Could Cost Than Just Her Head

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    No rating from me since I gave birth to it But I LOVES it and am grateful for all of the Splintered fans and readers It s because of you that I got to continue the story That s all I can say for now Except that Alyssa kicks bootie And Chessie s there along with other Wonderlandians the good, the bad, and the creepy OH, and then there s Jeb and Morpheus drools That is all Stay tuned I ll have an ARC request form for ENSNARED on my website once they re available, and I ll post the link on the book page

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    Actual rating 3.5 In a blink, his wings fully manifest and slice the smoky haze, peeling it back to reveal him in his true state flawless, pale skin, masquerade style patches curved like ivy beneath his eyes The teardrop shaped jewels flash bright and blinding through a rainbow of colors, so many moods they can t be read.His wings spread out behind him at once intimidating and majestic.It s Morpheus in the flesh. Morpheus, you glorious motherfucker LET ME LOVE YOU Let me do unspeakable things to you SPOILERS FOR THE FIRST BOOK NO SPOILERS FOR THE SECOND This is a beautifully written book, full of wonder, magic, and fantastical creatures not to be outdone by Tim Burton s Alice However, it was woefully lacking in an actual plot, the majority of the plot being composed of Alyssa sticking her head in the sand going La la la, this is not happening I don t want anything to do with the other world because I want my normal life back I am going to pretend that I do not have any responsibilities to the world in which I am a queen I m so sorry that Wonderland is going to pieces Leave me alone, Morpheus There is a tragic absence of Wonderland, and this book contains way too much love triangle fuckery than I would have liked This book is one of the rare, rare instances when I think it is actually acceptable to have a love triangle, I understand the need for the love triangle, since it s not imposed superficially, we re dealing with one mystical being with whom Alyssa has grown up with in her dreams, and one real, living boy with whom Alyssa has grown up with in real life But really, is there such a need to draw out the love triangle to the extent that it eclipses the again, very nonexistent and not impending plot Summary It is a year after Alyssa s adventures in Wonderland Her mother is out of the mental asylum, she has been dating Jeb, her real life boy, her childhood friend They are contemplating a future together in England next year, when Alyssa has graduated from high school.Her adventures in Wonderland still haunts Alyssa s dreams The remnants of that life still stays with her, expressed through her artbut than that, Wonderland and its creatures are still reaching out to her Her mosaics are coming to life, waking up on its own.Insects still whisper in her ears Morpheus still haunts her Alyssa may be with Jeb by day, but her nights are filled with dreams of Morpheus But now he s taken up residence in my REM once He s here every time Jeb is gone, keeping me company even though I don t ask him to.Sharing that much of your subconscious with someone, you tend to learn things about him Sometimes you even develop feelings for him, no matter how you try to fight it. Alyssa thought she was done with Wonderland She is a queen in name only, she gave up her throne to a regent Queen Grenadine and Queen Ivory now rule Wonderland.There s just one problem, Red is back, she wants her throne, and she ll do anything to get it, including wreaking havoc in the real world Sister Two is also on the lam.Alyssa doesn t want anything to do with Wonderland, she s well aware that Wonderland is in danger, but she just wants to live a normal life, that of a human girl and her human boyfriend She doesn t want to be queen But like it or not, fragments of Wonderland is slowly encroaching into the real world, and threatening Alyssa as well as the ones she loves, like Jeb and her mother Like it or not, Alyssa has her duties to both worlds I can t just turn my back on that world I can t let it fade to decay and ruin under Queen Red s thumb Yet I can t abandon the people I love here, either I don t know how to follow one side of me without leaving the other one behind. There is to her mother than Alyssa knows There are family secrets to uncover, spies in their midst There is a betrayal that might be Alyssa s undoing the one closest to you will betray you in the worst possible way The Setting I have no complaints on A.G Howard s skills at bringing the creatures of Wonderland to life Her writing is excellent, and her descriptions are brilliantly evocative without being flowery in any way I have always loved the creatures of Wonderland, and they have returned to us, as fantastic and horrifying as they are We meet some old friends, although I wished there were of them Gossimer Chessie Rabid White Oh, poor, sad little Rabid White Never has a dilapidated antlered bald rabbit creature seem so endearing in its ugliness Morpheus sits Indian style in front of Rabid in an oddly endearing scene, like one friend comforting another He s tucked a pair of earbuds into Rabid s humanoid ears The creature s ancient face fills with wonder as he bobs in time with the music. There are insidious clown messengers, the completely fucked up and batshit crazy Sister two The imcomparable beauty of Ivory and Gossamer In one word glorious.The Characters I suppose I have to critique Alyssa s character, since she s main character and everything, but really, Morpheus is my main motive for reading this book Fine, I ll write a word or two about Alyssa She s ok, I liked her I wish that she wasbetter, you know I like my heroines to be stronger, to be willing to face danger, to be willing to make sacrifices in the name of heroism Alyssa s just not there yet.Alyssa s not exactly brave She is an ostrich, sticking her head in the sand, pretending that problems will resolve themselves if she just ignores them for long enough They don t They rarely do I like a character to change, I want a character to stand out, mature While there is nothing bad about Alyssa, there is nothing truly annoying about her, I can t say that I love her personality and her wishy washiness either, particularly when it comes to her role as a reluctant queen, particularly when it comes to her feelings towards Jeb and Morpheus Speaking of whomMorpheus My oh my oh my The only thing I love than a good beta male is a whimsical, slightly evil but never abusive, complex, duplicitous man with his own agenda There s just nothing I can say about Morpheus without turning into a puddle of incoherent fool, so I ll just leave it at that.The Romance SCREW YOU, JEB That s just my opinion, of course, since I am and have been solidly on Team Morpheus in the very beginning Really, the only thing that could turn me off Morpheus is if he turned out to be a serial killer who eats babies raw I think this book was too heavy on the romance, and I really hated how Alyssa has been cheating on Jeb I don t exactly like Jeb ha but nobody deserved to be cheated on While dating Jeb, Alyssa has been seeing Morpheus and chilling with him in her dreams Alyssa has told us that from the beginning, and it continues throughout the book It s just not fair to Jeb, and really, Alyssa should be bettter than that.And man, the love triangle I hate it when a love triangle threatens to overwhelm a very underwhelming plot Jeb snarls Why don t you keep your mouth shut while we help you Morpheus laughs weakly, his skin flashing with blue light What say Alyssa gives my mouth something else to do Jeb narrows his eyes What say I give you a fist to chew on I glare at them both Are you guys kidding me right now I loved Morpheus I love his dedication to Alyssa, I love his purposefulness, I love the fact that he doesn t give up on pushing Alyssa to be than she is It will never be enough, he insists, guiding my palm to his chest so I can feel his pounding heartbeat I will not stop until you re reigning over the Red court forever Until you re back with us where you belong Let me love you, Morpheus Overall a highly enjoyable book, I just wished there was less romance and danger and excitement in the plot.

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    Reread with For Love Of A Book I love Morpheus as always The rest can piss off, just sayin What a freaking beautiful cover He is absolutely gorgeous Just when Alyssa thinks everything is going to go as planned in her life, it doesn t She s been home from Wonderland for a year, she s with Jeb, she s doing great in school and will graduate soon, planning on moving to London with Jeb, her mom is back home and things are all just peachy Then The wonderful Morpheus arrives but his time he s not just in her dreams He s coming to the human world to try to talk Alyssa to come back to Wonderland Morpheus tells Alyssa that Red is on the loose and coming after her Alyssa needs to come back to Wonderland and defeat her or everything in Wonderland is in trouble and if she comes to the human world, all of Alyssa s family and friends are in trouble Well, Alyssa waits and waits and waits until it s too late Red has already arrived I wanted to scream at Alyssa because the whole time she is wanting to tell Jeb about all the stuff he doesn t remember from the first book It s like lets just get this show on the road But, it worked out this way in the long run because Alyssa finds out some secrets about her mom and dad that she might not have found out if she went on to Wonderland I thought this second book was pretty good Like I said, a few things got on my nerves Alyssa Jeb , but for the most part it was pretty good MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading ListMel

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    This book FANGIRL DREAM COME TRUE This is my fangirly

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    1.5 stars Will contain major spoilers from the previous book and maybe, some minor ones from this book Now, I liked the first book because maybe, unlike this fucking book, it actually had a like able story, some fucking action, and it wasn t a back and forth between, oh should I go back to wonderland and save it or, nah i don t feel like going back to save wonderland. LISTENTHE FUCK UP,I could not find a single fuck to give about Alyssa and her having to choose whether she should go fucking save wonderland or not Literally, this entire FUCKING BOOK, is her HAVING TO MAKE A FUCKING CHOICE and I was really bored AND COULD NOT FUCKING CARE what she wanted to do LITERALLY, THIS ENTIRE FUCKING BOOK, is a back and forth between her wanting to save it or not and I was just sitting there reading about her TRYING TO MAKE A FUCKING DECISION and boy, it was not fucking fun, it was not fucking entertaining and it was beyond fucking boring and hella fucking annoying Like, where the fuck is the action and fighting and war This book literally had nothing special and like I said above, IT WAS A STUPID FUCKING BOOK ABOUT A DUMB GIRL MAKING A FUCKING CHOICE Jeb was a boring piece of shit He is a petty piece of shit, who s only there for the excruciatingly annoying love triangle Hey author, KILL HIM OFF. He is useless, annoying, and simply garbage.The only reason I managed to give this shitty book 2.5 stars is because of Morpheus He is the best character in this book and should be the one with Alyssa, unlike Jeb But, I doubt the poor guy will get his happy ending You know what I feel like an angry, mean bitch and am bringing my rating down to 1.5 stars, because FUCK THIS RETARDED ATTEMPT AT A FUCKING STORY.But sunny will read the next book bc Morpheus.

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    Unhinged picks up a year after Splintered left off Alyssa is about ready to graduate high school, and from there she intends to move to London with Jeb, her supposedly artsy boyfriend who acts like a Neanderthal and has no memory of their adventure in Wonderland Her parents, understandably, are worried about her moving across the ocean with a man, and encourage her to at least marry him first although they really don t like Jeb at all I don t blame them and are trying to hold on to their daughter as long as possible.Alyssa has made grudging peace with her netherling identity a human looking creature with gauzy wings and sparkles below its eyes, whose abilities range from the cute communicating with bugs to the macabre painting with one s own blood But she really wants to forget her royal lineage and be normal, and she resents the visits of Morpheus, the dashing Wonderland leader who appears in her dreams to teach her magic.But Alyssa left a lot of trouble behind her in Wonderland, and since she s not there to fix it, it will follow her until she gives in What follows is a surprisingly thrilling tale with a great theme the foolishness of trying to thwart destiny Alyssa and her mom both learn this the hard way Content Advisory Violence There s fairly gruesome, Tim Burton esque imagery throughout People and things get swallowed by evil bookshelves it makes sense in context and spit out as grotesque caricatures of themselves Alyssa sees some scary things in her paintings and dreams, such as a woman getting swallowed whole by a flesh eating plant, or a dead man bound in cobwebs Our heroine is stalked through the school halls by what appears to be an evil clown toy come to life Sex Jeb and Alyssa kiss way too much especially since he s such a loathsome character and there s a few times where they consider consummating their relationship on the spot nothing of the kind actually happens But luckily Alyssa realizes that she has growing feelings for Morpheus, and she kisses him too One of Jeb s clients wants him to paint portraits of her in faerie themed lingerie, and Alyssa is understandably hurt When Morpheus gets gravely injured, Alyssa sets him up on her bed, and he jokes that he always knew he d end up there Language A few uses of bloody from Morph Substance Abuse Some characters eat magic Wonderland mushrooms to help them shrink Obviously not a literal drug reference, but given what the book is based on, a lot of people will be thinking of drugs already Anything Else Nope.Conclusion Unhinged is a fantastic second installment, capitalizing on the strengths of the first book while expanding the world and its lore, developing the characters, and upping the stakes Howard subtly outdoes many of her fellow YA authors by taking common tropes especially that old I kept this secret from you to protect you chestnut and examining how a real person with human emotions would react to that While many of these writers still look at things from a myopic, adolescent perspective, she actually seems able to separate herself from Alyssa, and look at the girl s angst and confusion with a knowing smile.That said, while Alyssa makes a number of questionable decisions, she has psychological depth than the average YA urban fantasy heroine, and her actions are usually believable She insists that she s in love with Jeb, but really she s infatuated with him because he represents safety and sameness to her Whereas Morpheus, who any reader can see is the superior catch, is repeatedly rejected because he s asking her to grow up, put aside childish things, and become what she was born to be.Alyssa, whose life has never been stable, understandably clings to those things that have gotten her through up until now her painting, her skateboarding, her Hot Topic wardrobe and makeup, her crush on Jeb, her friendship with Jenara, and her hatred of Taelor Then Morpheus appears, and he asks her to Close your eyes and surrender to your darkest dreamsLeave all thoughts of the world you knew beforelet your spirit start to soarAnd you ll live as you ve never lived before Open up your mind, let your fantasies unwind Let your mind start a journey through a strange, new worldLet your soul take you where you long to beOnly then can you belong to me But she s scared, understandably, and refuses Yet he won t give up on her He teaches her, and tests her, knowing she can handle any challenge he gives her And slowly, she begins to realize that she s not made for this world, but for that one, and she is even granted a vision to prove it Jeb is a regrettable character with no need to exist He is the long lost twin, or maybe distant ancestor, of Aspen from The Selection, albeit in fairness The Selection is a chick flick with dystopia sprinkles and a love triangle comes with the territory But there is enough going on in the Splintered series that the love triangle is needless Take away Jeb s status as Alyssa s boyfriend and all he does is get captured and force her to act That s nothing that a family member say, a younger sibling couldn t do see Labyrinth I have a feeling that this is going to end the same way as Garth Nix s Keys to the Kingdom series did, but I guess I ll find out when I get there All in all, this was a superlatively enjoyable YA novel that I happily recommend Just beware of Jeb.

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    I m going to be honest I would read every book with Morpheus ever written That is all.

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    Whoa That ending, though I really didn t expect you to take it there, Anita, but I am so glad you did That was wonderfully mad.What I also loved about this book was that we finally got to know about Alyssa s parents A lot , including how they met Al s mom was always a mystery to me, and I m so glad this book gave me a chance to get to know her better While most fans probably are all about Jeb and Morpheus in regards to this book, I much preferred the relationship between Alyssa and her mother in this one It was very sweet.But as far as the two guys go I m still not sold I warmed up to Jeb a little, but Morpheus is kind of frustrating, and not in a good way I can see why countless fans wet their undies over him and over Jeb, for that matter but I just am not buyin it If you asked me what team I was, I d say I m Team Alyssa view spoiler Especially now that she s decided to embrace the madness , so to speak I m beyond excited for that hide spoiler

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    So I read Splintered a long time ago and nearly had an aneurysm from the entitled, possessive, prick of douche wad that is Jeb Actually, it was from the fact that our supposed protagonist and actual unreliable narrator Alyssa glorified this abusive asshole and put him on a pedastle Today I thought, hey, maybe the sequel won t be so bad Maybe Alyssa will own up to the fact that she is in an incredibly unhealthy relationship and will actually do something to serve the plot WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG.I am DISGUSTED I have NO WORDS.I didn t finish the last chapter because I was truly grounded from the fact that the author is actually romanticizing someone who controls his girlfriend And not to mention romanticize a relationshio where the girl is so blinded that when she is strangled by her boyfriend, her only sorry is that he will be heartbroken thinking he is turning into his abusive father NEWS FUCKING FLASH HE ALREADY IS You know what FUCK this abuse s an excuse bullshit It excuses ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about Jeb s character.I actually wanted to vomit from the fact that Alyssa considered herself unworthy of him I WANTED TO FUCKING BURN EVERY SINGLE COPY OF THIS BOOK WHEN ALYSSA GAVE JEB HIS MEMORIES BACK AND MADR HIM OUT TO BE A HERO LIKE WHAT THE FUCK Don t read this if you want to keep your sanity Just don t.

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