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Super cute novella I enjoyed the story funny moments, romance, and likable characters I really like Jennifer Shirk s style of writing I just wish it had been longer But that s the problem with good novellas What would happen to the world if love is vanished Phoebe needs to save the world of love that s what cupid s son told her when she met him on her ex fianc s wedding But how could that happen She was never even in love or less believes in love at first sight For her to save the world of love she must fall in love with Adam herdestiny guybut things starts to rattle when she also met CalAdam s housemateand sparks ignite between them Could she deny her attractions with Cal or would she continue her so called destiny with Adam Maybe with a little bit of cupid s help Phoebe will find the answers.This really a Cutie patootie read From the first page up to the last I like it The really good thing about novellas is that it s straight to the point Things happened as it is There are no extreme complications or other hard to manipulate situations The characters are also not fighting or doing drastic things because they re all just looking for love in this story Though I wish this story could be much longer the shortness was enough to capture the whole picture of the story plus on these short pages that author made the characters connect to us readers even though there are no direct descriptions of them just based on their personalities we could easily see and differentiate the characters is that is really a good point here.The cupid thing sounded a little bit corny for me at first plus the fact that the heroine needs to save the world of love was kind of melodramatic but as I go along in my reading I find out that it was fun to read and in fact I devoured and enjoyed every part Reading something this light makes me feel really happy So, if you re looking for a very easy and sweet and fun Valentine s read pick this one up Advanced copy kindly provided for review Blog Tour deets posted at Reads and Thoughts. Cupid comes to tell Phoebe that she must kiss her true love before midnight on Valentine s Day or all love will be wiped from the earth So they set out to find her soul mate and actually know who it is But once they ve found Mr Right, she keeps getting sidetracked by Mr Wrong his friend This made me chuckle Fast paced and Fun with a capital F. Thirty one year old wedding photographer Phoebe Ward has never been in love In fact she highly doubts that she will ever find true love, and has given up looking for love She thinks that it may be in the cards for some, but Cupid seems to have missed his mark with her.While photographing her ex fiance Kyle s wedding, a funny little man looking like Fred Flinstone and chain smoking cigars approaches her after overhearing a conversation she had with the bride s mother, and hands her his business card, Cosmo E Cupid III, Love Expert Cosmo said he is the son of Cupid, and he has been sent to help her find her soul mate and fall in love She thinks he is ridiculous and she is skeptical, but he tells her that she can t run away from her destiny.Cosmo tells Phoebe that if she doesn t let him help her, all love will cease to exist on earth He says that there is a celestial war going on in the heavens between love and hate, and that his father, Cupid, has been trying to negotiate a peace treaty, and that she has been chosen to save love and humanity Discordia, the goddess of discord and her cronies want to wipe love off the planet completely Both sides have agreed that if Phoebe can find true love by Valentine s Day, which is a week away, she will save love, but if she doesn t, then love and humanity will cease to exist, and Earth will become a pretty dismal place with so much hate and strife There is just two caveats to the plan Phoebe doesn t get to pick who her soul mate will be, rather it is Cupid who has found the perfect soul mate for her and she needs to have a full on, toe curling kiss by her soul mate before midnight on Valentine s Day Love s fate for the whole world rests upon her shoulders.Can Phoebe help save love and humanity Can Phoebe fall in love with the man Cupid chose for her, even if she is attracted to his roommate Come along with Phoebe and Cosmo as they strive to make his plan to find true love for her a success before the Valentine s Day deadline Will it take a little bit of Cupid and a little bit of her heart to find Phoebe s soul mate and also save love A Little Bit Cupid is a fun little romance novella that is a perfect read for the upcoming Valentine s Day holiday In this modern day fairy tale romance, author Jennifer Shirk weaves a lighthearted tale of believing in and finding true love Written in the third person narrative and set in Boston, the reader is treated to a fun romance story with quirky characters, sassy dialogue, and an entertaining storyline that has a lot of laugh out loud moments.The reader will be entertained as Phoebe s antics keeps getting her sidetracked from finding true love with Mr Right because of her attraction to Mr Wrong Even with Cosmo Cupid in her corner providing the perfect soul mate, Phoebe s heart is telling her something else, but time is quickly running out With a lot humor, snark, romance and hilarious misadventures, this fast paced romance story gets two thumbs up, a bunch of chocolate kisses, red hearts, and one big smile on my face.A Little Bit Cupid is the perfect story for everyone who enjoys modern day fairy tale romances and believes in true love Disclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by author Jennifer Shirk and Entangled Publishing.http jerseygirlbookreviews.blogspot Jennifer Shirk gives us this tasty little treat Who knew Cupid, or rather his son, could really save the universe In a modern day romance, you throw in Cupid and what you think is going to happen, is so not what happens.Phoebe has all but given up on love She believes it exists, for other people Pictures don t lie and she is a photographer after all Cupid has told her exactly who Mr Right is and she has until Valentine s Day to make it happen but then she meets his roomie and though she has been told that love at first sight doesn t exist, she is given the chance to prove it does, but will it be too late This short little heart shaped box full of chocolates is a perfect little snack and Jennifer Shirk captures the moment perfectly Where true love is, so is this little treat of a book My only complaint with this book is that it wasn t enough and I wanted so much of Cal I wanted a lot of him I loved the story and would highly recommend it to all A Little Bit Cupid is a short but sweet love story that requires immediate reality suspension in order to enjoy this adventure to its fullest It s perfect for Valentine s Day, or anytime you re in the mood for a fun romance In this story, we meet Phoebe who has lived her life dodging love and simply believing it s just not in her cards Then one day she collides with Cosmo who was sent by the gods to deliver the message that they are at war with Discordia, who plans to wipe love off the planet if Phoebe doesn t find true love by midnight on Valentine s Day Cosmo has picked the perfect man for her, and all she needs to do is get a toe curling kiss from Adam But what happens when fate has plans of its own in the name of Cal, a hot and handsome roommate Will Phoebe be able to put an end to the war by midnight I really liked this story and had no issues putting logic aside, which was definitely needed in order to enjoy this abbreviated novel I liked how the author incorporated the concept of the gods, which I always find fascinating Jennifer Shirk added her creative take on their never ending battles, and made it work for her story Overall, there s awkwardness and convenient coincidences served in perfect doses to make A Little Bit Cupid enjoyable yet light hearted Fun book A Little Bit Cupid a sweet short holiday story that should be on everyone s must read list for Valentine s Day.It s part fantasy, part romance and part fun.Pheobe is a photographer who has a problem with hot coffee and that s to the son of cupid, she has a mission to find true love before Valentine s Day or else The or else is a biggie, love would be gone from the world.Now who could imagine living in a world without love Yikes apologies for the pun The story basically reminds us that sometimes Mr Right can be Mr Wrong and in this case, you can t help but be glad that the guy you think is going to be Mr Wrong ends out being just the opposite Cal is everything you could possibly ask for in a Mr Right Oh and our heroine Pheobe is totally sweet, a good photographer that just happens to have really bad luck with men.This was a short satisfying read that will leave you with a case of the warm fuzzies. A Little Bit Cupid is a fun and light hearted novella Phoebe hasn t had much luck in love and then she meets Cupid at a wedding Really, Cupid Yes, apparently he does exist He knows who her soul mate is and the problem is that she can t stop thinking about his best friend How can she work out these feelings she has for his best friend when the fate of love as the world knows it, rests in her hands and her ability to love her soul mate Who knew that love could be so complicated You would think that falling in love with your soul mate would be easy Find out for yourself when you read it A quick and fun read, A Little Bit Cupid is unexpected in all the right ways A cute Valentine s Day novella, five stars Because it was super cute and I devoured it in one sitting I received a copy of this book for free. 3.5 rounded to 4 stars.This is a cute short story about finding love Seriously, that s what it s all about There is Cosmo who is Cupid s son, and he is in charge of making sure that Phoebe finds true love by Valentine s Day or love will forever be gone No one will ever love again Tragic right That also means he won t exist and the evil Gods win Sounds a little melodramatic and cheesy, I know But really, it s not It was a fun and quick story to read and I enjoyed it It s a great way to get into the spirit of Valentine s Day with a bit of humor, snark, miscommunications, and of course romance.Phoebe is a photographer and loves what she does She knows that true love exists, she captures it on film all the time, she just doesn t think it exists for her When she meets Cosmo she thinks he is crazy at first, but decides to humor him, what can go wrong, right Well, she falls for her supposed soulmates roomate She tries as hard as she can to fight it knowing that the fate of love everywhere rests in her hands and she needs to make Mr soulmate fall in love with her, not chase the wrong guy I admired her for wanting to do what she thought was right, but wanted to smack her for not seeing that love was there staring her in the face and to not brush it off Being that this was a short story I didn t really feel a connection of any sort to her, but I liked her enough and really wanted her to have her happy ending.Cal was really fun He is against commitment and has always kept people at arms length He is smart, successful, and sexy, but he is always afraid to let anyone get too close and take advantage of him I loved seeing him finally let the walls down and really just try to go for it with Phoebe I felt so bad for him when she continued to shoot him down and then wanted to be friends He was great I liked reading from his POV better than Phoebe s He was a bit interesting.Overall this was a super fun and quick read with a fast and entertaining romance There isn t really a whole lot of depth to it, but it was a great read to get lost in If you are looking for a romance with some fun characters then this is a good one to pick up I really like Jennifer Shirk s writing and will be reading from her for sure Finding Love Should Be Easy, But Wedding Photographer Phoebe Ward Knows Better When Cupid Shows Up On A Crazy Mission To Help Her And Save The World In The Process Phoebe Realizes Love Might Be Even Complicated Than She Thought Even With Cupid Showing Her Mr Right , She Can T Stop Thinking About His Best Friend, Mr WrongCal Crawford Has Never Had Time For Love, But Now He S Falling For Phoebe Which Means It S Got To Be Just Plain Wrong To Set Her Up With His Best Friend, Right But Even Though Seeing Phoebe With Someone Else Will Break His Heart, He Can T Walk Away From HerPhoebe Can T Afford To Choose The Wrong Guy With The Fate Of The World At Stake But Maybe Cupid Has It Wrong Maybe She Has To Rely Just A Little Bit On Cupid, And A Whole Lot On Her Heart