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This Guide To The World Of Stand Up Comedy, Written In Easy To Use QA Format, Provides Current And Potential Comedians With The No Nonsense Advice They Need For Every Stage Of Their Careers Schwensen S Lively Book Features Interviews With Many Of The Top Names In Stand Up Ray Romano, George Carlin, Christopher Titus, Weird Al Yankovic, Margaret Cho All Sharing Lessons Learned Along The Way Additional Interviews With Club Owners, Talent Executives, Publicists, And Others Provide Behind The Scenes Expertise

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    I do stand up comedy as a hobby for the most part, have done so for close to two years now and have read a lot of books about humor and comedy and really like this one I m finding that the best books about how to do comedy don t come from those who just perform comedy, but those who also teach comedy workshops and have a teaching or mentoring spirit to them Stand up comedy is deeply infested with a heavy dose of ego and is brutally competitive, but those who teach seem to have a different and lighter and positive approach to comedy This guy has done comedy, has taught comedy and conducts a comedy workshop as well as having a page on facebook Most stand up comics treat comedy as a zero sum game and seem threatened by other learning the craft of comedy and don t want to share secrets and even actively sabotage the development of others Then there are those who want to spread the joy and healing aspects of humor, these are never club owners or managers, but are those who teach, guys such as this author, Greg Dean and Steve Kaplan Just my two cents folks.