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this is a book about a girl called sophie it covers all the important aspects of her life love,mates,etc But it is mostly about her love life Her 1st love is the dribbling Lou Sophie is really depressed when he dumped her for Alison Creely but her besties Rachel and Grace helped her get through it Her next love seems to be her soulmate Dylan, who is Rachel s big sisters friends younger brother He also goes to their school He is gorgeous and everyone thinks so Everything seems perfect but then there is a fight it s only about dylans hair cut but it s still a fight Fortunately they make it up again but a little while later, in the shopping mall they meet Dylans ex gf Ivy She is the type of girl dylan should definetly be with He is normal sized, blond and fun Ivy is blond, petite and bubbly Sophie on the other hand is huge, as in tall , mousy brown and sluggy But when Ivy leaves dylan tells her that he wouldn t get back with her for anything But Sophie is still worrying Her escape is having an cybersoul thing with Chaz, a bloke she met in a chatroom He sounds perfect When Sophie isn t chatting to Chaz, she is trying to getawayfrom Dylan because he is just bugging her into insanity Then one evening Sophie looks in a shop window while she is walking home from the cinema with Dylan she is actuallytallerthan Dylan This is the last straw and a few days later, Dylan is dumped and Sophie is single Then there is the schools Halloween dance and Sophie finds herself longing for Dylan, finding out that Chaz is a completly disgusting perv But at the dance she finds this mysterious masked man She goes crazy finding him, and then finds out he is none other than the class reject Robin Murphy What will she do I loved this book For me, it was one of those books that somewhere along the line turns into music in your head and you don t even realize that you re reading any It s about a girl a high school freshman figuring out who she is and what s really important to her Thinking about how she sees others, and how they see her Learning about being and staying true to herself, which is probably one of the most important things you can do in high school.I picked it up today and didn t put it down until I was finished, and now I m going to start reading the sequel What My Girlfriend Doesn t Know And then I m going to get my hands on everything else that Sonya Sones has written. My Name Is SophieThis Book Is About MeIt Tells The Heart Stoppingly Riveting Story Of My First LoveAnd Also Of My SecondAnd, Okay, My Third Love, Too It S Not That I M Boy CrazyIt S Just That Even ThoughI M Almost Fifteenit S Likemy Mindand My Bodyand My Heartjust Don T Seem To Be Able To Agree On Anything First off, I didn t get to finish this book But I severley doubt that I would have changed the rating even if somewhere in the last fifty pages the story got any better or even mildly interesting.And dont even get me started on the creepy sluttiness of the main character, because I may not stop talking.Honsetly, I m kind of insulted that this is what people think a typical teenager is like We are not all stupid and vapid and obsessed by boys Well mostly I m sorry if this seems a little harsh But this book did not appeal to me at all I dislike poetry novella s and Sonya Sones has done absolutley nothing to change this for me Future Note The ending did improve I was forced into finishing it , but still it wasn t really good at all Maybe I ll be nice and say 1.5 stars instead of just one, as the ending did make up for alittlebit of the book Though I think that the extra 0.5 of a star comes from the fact that it couldnt get any worse. After reluctantly giving my first novel in verse a try Impulse by Ellen Hopkins and falling in love with it, I decided to continue exploring the genre What My Mother Doesn t Know is a novel composed of a series of poems about a life of Sophie, a 15 year old boy crazed popular girl Sophie has great friends and a cute boyfriend, she is attractive, artistic and funny, but her relationship with her parents and especially mother is complicated and strained The novel takes us through Sophie s dating history, which includes among other boys, an online pervert Together with Sophie we gradually learn that there is a huge difference between love and lust, that the cutest boy can be completely shallow, and that real love can hide itself behind the most unappealing facade While this book is nowhere near Hopkins tragic and heartbreaking novels, the appeal of it is undeniable Sones poems about first real love are so tender, sensual, and touching, they simply can t leave you unmoved.I can t wait to read a sequel to this book What My Girlfriend Doesn t Know and other works by Sonya Sones Sadly, there are not many of them.Reading challenge 26, 1 of 2 Audio How do I feel about this story Hmmmm let me find the right word I got it BBBBLLLLEEEEHHH Okay, was it meant to be annoying Mind you I did the audio, so maybe the narrator k lled it for me, but luckily I give most audios about 2 CDs before I decide to continue or toss it Since this story WAS only 2 CDs I almost changed my approach and tossed it within the first 15 minutes The main character Sophie was probably too young for my taste, both age wise and maturity wise She s a fifteen year old, boy crazy, kissy kissy, cry baby that spends most of her time saaaa wooooning over her boyfriend and a few other boys including one she meets in cyber space that ends up being a perv It wasn t long enough for any character development to occur in order for me to come to appreciate her, but then again, I probably wouldn t have stuck around long enough to try and come to like her However, in all fairness to Sophie, she does remind me of someone in my life that just grates on my nerves, but her dialog didn t try to win me over, so really, she never stood a chance When I read about how her boyfriend Dillon wrote her a note and she kept it in her pocket, which almost singed a hole in her clothes, I thought okay exaggerate much Then, she reads the note and it says something to the fact of, ohhhmaaaagaaawwwdd like you are the coolest girl eeeevvvaaaa, like in the whole wide world and maybe even in Mars I thought, HELL to the nooooo Again BBBBLLLEEEEHHH She d consider marrying the font of her cyber boy turned perv Really Yes, I know, there s to the story, but when it s over shadowed by cringe worthy, head desk content, it s hard to glean anything worth contemplating.Publisher s Weekly says it s honest.destined to captivate and Booklist says it s, Fast, funny, touching Note to self, don t believe them moving forward. Original post at One More PageI heard about What My Mother Doesn t Know by Sonya Sones from Angie, but since she wrote about it for Retro Friday, I didn t think it would be easily available here Imagine my surprise when I spotted this during one of my book hunts I shouldn t have bought much then, but I m easily swayed.What does Sophie s mother doesn t know A lot, actually, especially the ones about her love life Sophie is in high school and while she says she s not boy crazy, she can t stop thinking about kissable lips or obsessing about her boyfriend Dylan She also can t stop thinking about her online guy friend Chaz And while we re at it, she also can t stop wondering about awkward, unpopular boy Murphy There s a lot that Sophie s mother doesn t know, and Sonya Sones regales these things to us in this wonderful, easy to read novel in verse.I m really starting to like reading novels in verse This is my third verse novel for the year, and they make for excellent in between book I read this in less than two hours, and it gave my mind an easy break after all the serious books I ve been reading Sophie is a good narrator, and I immediately warmed up to her She s popular but she s nice, and not completely selfish I liked her relationships with her friends and her family, especially her relationship with her mom, which I could kind of relate with It wouldn t be entitled this without the mother aspect, right While it s not as strong and dramatic as the mother aspect in A Girl Named Mister, I think it still packs a punch I especially like this passage ELEVEN P.M.There s thisreal corny thingthat Channel 5 does every nightafter the late movie,just before the news comes on.They flash this sign on the screenthat says It s eleven p.m.Do you know whereyour children are And just now,when it came on,I heard this little tap tap tap on the wallcoming from my mother s bedroomand I tapped right back What My Mother Doesn t Know is sweet and charming Despite the less words, it was still very eloquent Don t be fooled by how the blurb makes the books so simple or shallow Sonya Sones hit the nail on the head in portraying a teenage girl s preoccupations and experiences in first second and third loves This is one of comfort reads that s quick, easy and just right If Sonya Sones work are all as comforting as this, then I m definitely getting her other books. I love, love, love this book I read it for the fifth or sixth or seventh time over the weekend, and I fell in love with it all over again It captures the feelings of first love or rather the process of discovering love perfectly It also perfectly captures those tense moments of a mother daughter relationship.And let the record show that this book has never let me down I have recommended it to dozens of girls who are non readers and all of them have read it and loved it It s just so good. This book wasn t horrid, I just think it was too immature for me This narrator is so immature and I didn t really enjoy reading from her POV The story was easy to follow since it was written in verse, but it just stood kinda meh with me It wasn t bad, just not anything special Only took me about an hour to read. This book is such a good book It is about this girl named Sophie whose Mom and Dad are totally missing out on her life She talks about her first love, and second, and third Sophie is kind of going through an emotional metamorphosis in her life, and she has quite a ride during it I learned in this book that you dont have to think that someone is who they are by the way that they look, or how they talk or walk or anything like this, and when you really think about it you have than one flaw, and this book kind of makes you realize that you shouldnt treat people the way that someone else does because other people are doing it, or the way they look, because you dont really know that person until you spend time with them, and also not to watch life go by, because it is short, and you will miss out on a lot.