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Freed From Persecution By Their Creators, The Emerging Cyborg Race Establish Their Own World Amaryllis Is Among The Hunters Rescued And, Per Cyborg Law, Expected To Take No Less Than Two, Nor Than Four, Male Companions She Has One Serious Problem She S Not A Cyborg Rating Graphic Violence, Graphic Sex, Explicit Language, Profanity, Menage A Trois, Bondage, Self Sex, And Exhibitionism

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    Dammitt Where can I find a Cyborg 3.5 Cyberlicious Stars ReeseReese is Amy s new partner in The Company on the hunt to find rogue Cyborgs He is also the blonde eye candy that Amy can t keep her eyes off of The Company doesn t allow dating, but none of that matters because he doesn t even know she exits At least, that s what Amy thinks AmySo Amy and her fellow Hunters have just been captured by the Cyborgs they hunt They have also just been enlightened that they are not just Cyborg Hunters, but Cyborgs themselves There is just one problem Amy REALLY was born human What will happen when the Cyborgs realize they have a human in their midsts DanteDante is the Cyborg medic checking out the new Cyborgs Only the beautiful woman standing in front of his scanner isn t a Cyborg She is all human And his instincts to protect her have just kicked into overdrive CainCain was always suspicious of his fellow Hunters Why did none of them have families or a place to call home So he isn t too surprised to find out that The Company had Cyborgs hunting Cyborgs He s now a free man no longer bound by the rules of The Company And he intends to make Amy his This was a wonderful edition to the Cyberevolution series Kaitlyn O Connor s characters have such depth The range of emotions that they each experience feel so real The panic that Amy experiences as she feels alone in a world full of Cyborgs was palpable Her men are not happy to share Amy, but I love how each man has his own quality time and their own special relationship with her There are no menages in this book There are no cookie cuter cyborg relationships either Every Cyborg personality is varied, but they all have one thing in common They are totally dedicated to the women they love and they would give their lives to protect her This is Sci Fi erotica done right There is storyline and romance then just meaningless sex These are full of action and fast paced Sometimes the internal dialogues get to me, but I also love the insight into how each character feels.This series has been a total joy, and I look forward to of the Cyberevolution My Cyberevolution reviews The AwakeningTotal RecalAbiogenesisCyborgIlluminationCyborg Nation

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    Amaryllis is NOT a cyborg When she is mistaken for a cyborg and she is taken to the ship when all the hunters are saved, firstly she feels scared in case she is found and secondly she feels inferior in comparison to the absolutely perfect cyborgs.Reese knows what she is and he wants the way she is From the first moment I first saw you I knew that only nature could produce something so wonderfully, uniquely beautiful I knew I shouldn t tear you from your own people, but I could not resist doing so than I could self terminate I want you for my life mate It s why I brought you. Dante finds out what she is and he doesn t care He wants her even if his brother saw her first I could not stay awayI can think of no logical reason for the things I have done since I met you or the way that I feel. Cain will be her only friend He knows that he is a cyborg, but he doesn t like it much Amaryllis can understand him somehow and he can protect as much as she allows him It doesn t make it any easier to bear knowing that most of it was manufactured and never real to begin with When there will also an unexpected pregnancy, Amaryllis will be also scared for the baby Will he she be perfect The book is closely connected with Abiogenesis The hunters are captured and are guided at the home of cyborgs.Amaryllis was a bit annoying with all her insecurities and fears, but overall it was a very pleasant book I am honestly totally hooked on this series.

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    I loved this book Kaitlyn O Connor has become a Must Read author of mine This book has everything I like in it Strong Heroine, Sexy Heroes and a well thought out plot that was interesting as well as easy to follow I won t get to much into the plot because Julie did a great job of describing the book, but I will say I am looking forward to the next book in this series If you are offended by strong language or EXPLICT sexual relations this book is NOT for you Otherwise, if you want an interesting escape into the future, this book will be right up your alley.

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    Again I was struck by how entertaining I found this one Though it s erotica or perhaps romantica is a better description the author gives us than just graphic sex This series is some fun reading and I liked book 2 bit than the first, although the heroine in this one sorta got on my nerves internalizing and worrying about her deformities so much It was her twin cyborg lovers that saved this one P

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    Just OKThe premise was good, but it lacked in execution I kept finding myself losing concentration with some of the long dragging parts Amy was kind of cold and I didn t really feel any connections between her, Reese, Dante or Cain view spoiler The whole pregnancy thing was a real let down hide spoiler

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    In addition to gazing longingly at the hunks depicted on the cover, this is a prequel to O Connor s cyborg nation series Although I didn t enjoy this one as much as the other two I have read, it was still interesting to get some of the back story on how the whole Hunter Cyborg competition came about Ditto on the contract requirements.Now for those who haven t read this series IN the future, scientists of The Company perfected the meld of human and machine and created Cyborgs What they neglected to tell the rest of the world is that they really just wanted an indestructible army at their command Unfortunately for them, nature hates a vaccuum and the Cyborgs continued to evolve They eventually turned on their cruel creators and now just want to live and evolve in peace Unfortunately, The Company is trying to eliminate any evidence of their personal army.In any event, this is a good series The issues of courtship and love between multiple partners were handled realistically it seems to me and the sex is HOT

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    Reread 2nd read Love this book I really like how each heroine is a little different The cyborgs start to meld in my head but the women are all different Amy comes to love the guys pretty easily for me, well except for Reese Him I can understand because of her crush Still, I really enjoyed this book I m planning to do a re read of the cyborg series Original review 06 26 11 Amaryllis is one of the cyborg hunters sent to the supposed cyborg stronghold It s a trap and she barely survives When they re told they are cyborgs too, she knows it might be true for everyone else but she knows she wasn t She has living parents unlikely everyone else and her memories are real She was a severely disabled child no arms and no legs until her parents were able to save enough for her to have them surgically attached, but not until she was in puberty She grew up being feared and ridiculed Now she has to try to survive when they find out she s really human Very good book.

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    A real good one by Kaitlynn O Connor The story here was quite strong As usual with KO s books the sex while hot is only part of the story The feelings between the 3 heroes and the heroine are the main part of the story Strong world building Plot makes sense Writing is well done The romance is strong I loved the whole thing The only minor quibble I had was that the epilogue was tell than show but like I said pretty minor this is the second or third of this cyborg series I ve read The other two were lighter, comedic This one was darker and angsty Very good Not a short story but so good I d have been happy to have it even longer.

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    The second book in the series, Cyberevolution by Kaitlin O Connor It was a pretty good story Not my fave story by this author but still held my interest for the entire book Ms O Connor has a way of making me like subject matter that is not in my normal comfort zone.