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Lily is FuriousShe can't believe she has to move again after her mom's break up with the latest boyfriend Now they're broke and they'll have to spend the winter in Uncle Wes's creepy summerhouse in Cape May New JerseyAnd the place is crawling with ghosts From the spiteful teenager who mistakes Lily for her high school nemesis to the restless spirit of her eccentric Uncle Max Lily is haunted by a host of unhappy phantoms But why are they here? And what do they want? With the help of some mysterious clues Lily and her new friend local boy Vaz uncover a sinister plot If they don't foil the villainous plan in time they may end up doing some eternal haunting of their own

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    I love a good ghost story and this one is uite entertaining Throw in family dysfunction and protagonist confusion and stir up the ingredients for this paranormal middle grade novel There is some logic lacking as to how the ghosts are able to move solid objets and why wouldn't the uncle just look for the treasure himself but those are minor issues in an otherwise engaging offering

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    I think this was a great book People might wish that the plots in the story is much scarier but I think it is just right Anyways you learn stuff by reading books In this book I learned that helping people such as ghosts can really bring them at peace I like how Lily really wanted to learn about her family history and how she helped those ghosts that lived at the beach and the family mansion

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    I LOVED THIS BOOK In fact I read it at least three times Oh shush That's how I read things I don't do that whole reread it fifteen times any I find it ridiculous looking back that Lily is only thirteen Goodness I'd thought she was fifteen or sixteen Whoops Shows what I remember

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    A lonely teen and her flaky mother move to her wealthy great uncle’s mansion in a small coastal village Encounters with ghosts and an old mystery help the main character develop some confidence Casual description of inappropriate relationships makes this particular piece of juvenile fiction unsuitable for younger readers

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    This is Laura Ruby at her uirkiest Sometimes the ghosts are crazy sometimes the alive people are All have uniue hilarious voices I don't even like ghost stories but I love this one

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    Lily and her mother have just moved into an old Victorian house filled with antiues and old paintings Her mother had broken up with her latest boyfriend and they had to move out Uncle Wesley the last of her mother’s family is letting them stay in the hold house in Cape May New JerseyLily’s mother prefers the Bohemian life style which means Lily has moved around a lot This place doesn’t look any better than the rest The difference is that Lily and her mother aren’t the only residents; there seems to be some ghosts that live under the same roofLily meets Vas a local boy and both stumble upon an old mystery involving the ghosts and Lily’s family Lily and Vas wonder why the ghosts are still around and how they are linked to the mysteryOne ghost has targeted Lily and gives her grief The ghost thinks Lily is an old school rival There is the ghost of Lily’s Uncle Max What is it he is trying to tell her?Along with dealing with the spirits Lily also has some of her own problems to resolve Where is her missing father and why did he leave; having an unconventional mother Lily discovering that she might really like Vas as than a friend Thirteen is a tough ageThe format of the book weaves between the ghosts and Lily’s life You see things from both sides The pace is steady and doesn’t drag so you keep reading Not a long book but a good chapter book for tween agers and a fast read for adults

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    Lily's ghost is about a girl and her mom who move into their uncles houselily kept hearing weird noises while her mom was out Lily ends up meeting a boy and they start to collect evidence of the haunting so to share to Lily's mom Lily is very carefree a go with the flow type of girl Lily's mom is the type of person who needs evidence to believe somethingsyou can't just tell her I saw a ghost and she believes it Personally the book is really good It's very interesting and there's a lot of suspicious things happening

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    I don't really have a favorite part in this book but my least favorite part was when Wesley and Bailey Burton were being very mean to Lily and her mother in their attempts to try and find the treasure and when it turned out that Wesley had killed Max and it wasn't Max who set the fire that killed himself The book was a little bit slow in the beginning but near the end it became very much interesting

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    Meh It was alright at first but it began to drag in to the point I would forget the plot and have to rewind Not a fan of the language “bitchin” and Jesus Christ in a book for 11 year olds Boring and forgettable Story line isn't great Confusing chapters in between chapters of ghosts point of view The ending didn't tie things up Donated this one

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    This book takes a while to get into but once you get into it it’s great The ending does come out of nowhere but things do get patched together so by the end it does mostly make sense Really fun and fascinating