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For An American Teenage Boy, Hitting The Four Food Groups Often Means A Burger, Fries, Soda, And A Candy Bar In The Age Of Fast Food, How Can Parents Help Their Hungry Sons Eat Right Without Spending Untold Hours In The Grocery Store And Kitchen HOW TO FEED A TEENAGE BOY Comes Through With Solid Dietary Information, Shopping Tips, And Scores Of Easy To Prepare Recipes For Tasty, Nutritious Fare The Whole Family Will Eat With This Cookbook And Nutrition Guide In One, Parents Will Help Their Sons Grow Up Strong And Develop Healthy Eating Habits For LifeReviews Her Ingredient Lists Are Short, Her Food Is Appealing This Is The Place To Go If You Need Help Feeding Someone Who Seems To Grow An Inch In His Sleep Every Night Now You Have To Hope That Orcutt Will Tackle The Dirty Sock Problem Next The Boston Globe

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    This book opened my eyes to a rather serious and time consuming subject in my life I consider this career realted material I m fond of reading recipes for whatever weird reason anyway, and some of these look very tasty Plus the book is reasonsible for my philosophy for dealing with boys and their food habits eat if you have to, but make it something worthwhile, not junk.

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    I took this book out of the library Some of the recipes were good but not enough to go out and buy it.

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    This is a great book to have on your shelf, love all the recipes and straight forward facts and information about how boys need to eat and eat well and healthy Good book for the whole family