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It s interesting that what I m most drawn to are the stories not about the Escapist, but those around him, Big Al, Luna Moth, that adorable robot cat Also the little insights into the history of the Escapist post prose is fascinating, as are the little advertisements and asides Though I don t think IRL the Escapist would have the longevity it has had in the mind of Chabon And that Escape Not or whatever the heck he was was stupid. The second volume of The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist is just as metafictiony as the first, but not nearly as interesting Since the character exists only in the descriptions of the pages of Michael Chabon s The Adventures of Cavalier and Clay, and does not manage to quite escape from the page, to build a faux history around the character does not quite manage to engage the reader The tales that stand out are Heil and Fear and To Reign in Hell, because both tell a story that plays with the identity of the Escapist, whereas the rest of the book simply plays with the identity of the Escapist without presenting a satisfying plot Even with a real, known character, a satisfying tale is still necessary Consider Frank Miller s Batman yes, he manipulated how the public thinks of Batman, but he also had story Without story, comics are nothing Rule number one before you go experimenting with what is accepted and acceptable, before you decide to manipulate with our perceptions of reality, make sure you have a story to go with it Or you ll end up with nothing but a handful of glitter, and no reason to throw it. Good art and fun for Michael Chabon completists. Amazing Adventures of the Escapist collects a second set of whimsical tales featuring the metatextual hero Created as the star of a fictional comic book in a prose novel, Michael Chabon helped bring the character to actual comic pages with his collaborations The opening offering hearkens back to classic EC Comic tales, featuring a Nazi plot to resurrect Hitler that the Escapist must foil The future version of the hero appears in the 2966 tale, battling a violent robot mastermind amid a never ending cycle of capture and escape A supposed pulp comic find features marginal edits to a simple Escapist story, while a young boy s discovery of a gold key helps him rise above the abuse he faces at home and school The power and history of the Luna Moth are given a feature, as an alien warrior challenges the goddess Lo s appointment of a mousy human female as her avatar The volume concludes with a look at Big Al, the Escapist s partner, who receives an offer to escape the Escapist Utilizing classic storytelling tropes and styles, this volume provides a fantastic look at how the past can influence the future One could easily see how the collector s market inspired the lost story tale, while the space based Silver Age leaves its mark on the 2966 addition Fans of old and new comics should get a kick out of Chabon s creation do no let is slip past you The second installment of The Amazing Adventures of the Escapist is less impressive than the first, having a limited range of artwork and lacking the humor and wit of the first volume The two page long story of the Escape Not and The Trial of Judy Dark were my favorites, I didn t care too much about the rest. This is a meta fiction collection of stories, inspired by the Michael Chabon Author novel The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier Clay I m sure there s references and meaning I missed, having read neither the novel, nor the first volume of this series I will most likely correct that gap in my experience Even without the background, I found the stories meaningful as well as entertaining The writers and artists bring remarkable depth to the characters and their stories Several of the stories ended with wordless final panels that exploded into my consciousness I am very, very likely to read this again On a total squealing fan girl note I seem to be developing a crush on Big Al, and I would not cry if I had a poster of the final page of his story. These books definitely got better as they went on Heil and Farewell in particular was both an entertainingly story and a convincing pastiche to my none too knowledgeable eye of the EC style it was meant to imitate Likewise To Reign in Hell seemed like a story of the kind of caliber that the Escapist in the novel was supposed to represent. This second volume is benefited by longer stories Many in the first volume were a mere ten pages It is also nice that the writers in this volume did not tie themselves to purposefully create a dated comic Instead we have stories with deeper emotions and the occasional post modern touch. Following In The Footsteps Of The Massively Successful Volume One, The Second Volume Of Michael Chabon PresentsThe Amazing Adventures Of The Escapist Collects Issues Three And Four Of The Likewise Popular Quarterly Series Among The Stories In This Volume Critically Acclaimed Writer Brian Vaughan Y The Last Man Pens To Reign In Hell In A Classic S Spirit, Richly Illustrated By Former Swamp Thing Artist Roger Petersen Marv Wolfman Writes Heil And Fear Well, A Shocking And Chilling Tale Of Nefarious Post War Nazis In The Infamous S EC Comics Horror Style, Brought To Life By Veteran Cartoonist Joe Staton And Indie Stalwart Bob Sikoryak Also, The Mysterious Powers Of Luna Moth May Be Up For Grabs Is Our Favorite Mild Mannered Librarian Worthy Of Them Kevin McCarthy And Dean Haspiel Serve Up A Tribute To Jack Kirby S S Marvel Work In The Trial Of Judy Dark This volume was much compelling than the first collection of Kavalier and Clay companion comics The writing goes off into much creative, weird, and at times downright disturbing directions A lot of fun.