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A Father And Son Drive Into The Night As The Sky Turns Shades Of Deep Blue And Purple They Watch For Night Animals, Swap Baseball Stories, And Keep A Lookout For Eighteen Wheelers But They Have Miles To Go Before They Can Sleep, And It S A Real Challenge To Stay Awake For A Whole Night Of DrivingCelebrating The Relationship Between A Father And His Son, John Coy S Spare, Poetic Text And Peter McCarty S Striking Black And White Drawings Complete With Gas Pumps, Cafes, And Truck Stops Capture The Warmth And Nostalgia Of A Very Special Road Trip

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    A beautiful, quiet book about a boy and his dad and their overnight drive to camp in the mountains The boy gets to stay up as late as he wants, eat in an all night diner, and hear his dad s stories Soft pencil illustrations by Peter McCarty have a glow that makes nighttime seem friendly.

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    This is a beautifully written and illustrated story by John Coy and Peter McCarty The story is about a father and son driving through the night There is not a lot of color to the artwork the illustrations are done in pencil but this creates a wonderful mood that is quiet and peaceful The pictures supplement the text well, and could help younger students decode words and comprehend the text In the future, I will have this book available in the classroom for students to read, but I probably wouldn t include it in the reading curriculum If I did include it in a lesson, it would be a read aloud book.

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    Slow and quiet in the way a nighttime drive is A father and son book A book to learn about a roadtrip A soak up all the details of your surroundings book.

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    This book is about a boy and his father who are going on a road trip The father tells the boy that they are going to drive at night The father and the boy bond throughout the night They talk about baseball and about the moon, even the deer who are on the side of the road They got a flat tire and they still bonded over baseball when the boy told his dad to watch him throw a fast one This book showed me that you can bond over anything Communication is a huge factor in this because without communication the bonding moment they shared together wouldn t have happened I really loved this book because it reminded me of when I use to go on road trips with my family, and how much we would bond with one another over the funniest things It s an amazing book.

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    This was published in 1996, but the drawings illustrations make it look like 1946 very nostalgic, of a quite a long time ago era time Nice drawings done in black white accompany the story of a boy his dad on a car trip, driving at night.

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    A father and son embark on an all night road trip sometime in the 1950 s and, to keep each other awake, tell stories, play games and watch the world around them A perfect bed time book, Dude I read this together he read one page, I read the next and both of us really enjoyed it Thankfully, he I have a very close relationship and it was nice to draw parallels to ourselves with the unnamed father and son in the book, especially the easy way they talked and experienced things together More of a mood piece than anything else, this is really quite beautiful same moon, but out here, it s so much brighter and nicely observed stopping for breakfast is my favourite part of driving at night , perfectly enhanced by the pencil illustrations of Peter McCarty which resemble bleached out black white photographs I loved it, Dude loved it and both of us now want to go on a night drive Very highly recommended.

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    John Coy is a native Minnesotan with nostalgic memories of road trips in his youth This particular story is about a father and son driving through the night, heading west, for the mountains It is a truly all American story The father and son discussing baseball, showing his son how to change a flat tire, and looking up at the night stars searching for the big dipper All in a all the illustrations in this book really make it my favorite They not only extend what the story is telling but at times displays something new and different The blurriness of the drawings depicts mystery of darkness, driving at night, but also conveys the mystery of a different era It truly illuminates John Coy s trip back in time.

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    The illustrations for this book are of high quality McCarty used pencil drawings of a boy and his father taking an all night drive to the mountains The story is set in the 50 s and Peter does a wonderful job of capturing the 50 s lifestyle There are illustrations of 50 s dinners, and the boy and his father are driving in a huge 50 s sedan It is a great book for young readers to connect with a different era My only criticism is that the story is not as interesting as some of his other stories That is, the theme a boy with his father is charming, but not particularly memorable.

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    An understated story that illustrates the power and beauty of a parent spending time with a child without distractions The author is from Minnesota and the book recalls a fairly specific time and place.

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    I love this book perhaps because of all the memories I had driving to the mountains with my father, or the memories of the conversations in the car with my own children Car conversations are the best.