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Secret Santa Is USA Today Best Selling Author Kathleen Brooks Novella To Thank Her Readers For Their Amazing Support And To Update Them On Their Favorite Characters From Her Bluegrass Books If You Re New To The Bluegrass Series, Please Pick Up Secret Santa As Her Gift To You This Holiday Season At The End Of The Book There Is An Excerpt From Bluegrass State Of Mind, The First Book In The Series, Also Currently FreeCRET SANTAIt Wouldn T Be Christmas In Keeneston Without A Party Everyone S Invited, Even Santa Kenna S Court Docket Is Full, Dani S Hiding From Her In Laws, Paige And Annie Are About To Burst From Pregnancy, And Marshall Is Breaking Up Fights At The PTA Christmas Concert The Sweet Potato Casserole Is Made, The Ham And Biscuits Are On The Table, And Men Are Losing Their Shirts And Not Because Of Bets Placed With The Rose Sisters All The While, The Entire Town Is Wondering One Thing Who Is The Secret Santa That Showed Up With Special Gifts For Everyone

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    So here is a question that I somehow never thought to askWhy is the most hectic and active holiday held during the last week of the last of the year The weather is freezing, the days are too short for all the shopping we have to do, and the roads are terrible for all the driving I vote we move the holiday to the summer So, every good romance starts with a meet cute This one starts with his dogs knocking her to the ground Meet cutes should try to avoid physical damage, so don t worry, no paramedics were called Its an adorable love story with Santas involved.

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    What a fun Novella Babies all around 3 Really not much to say than if you enjoyed all the books up to this one you re going to enjoy this family filled short Again the narration is FANTASTIC

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    Too many characters in this novella that I m not familiar with Everyone and their dog had a name It just added to the confusion I was so frustrated at figuring out who this person was in relation to that person ugh I just didn t like this small town, such a sad lot All I know is that two babies were born and there was two Santas and 3 fairy godmothers A king and queen who finally got pregnant

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    31 3 Not what I was expecting Like other reviewers I was unaware that it was part of series when I started reading it, so I felt little or no emotion at the revelation of the birth of a couple of babies or the announcement of a long awaited pregnancy I did notice there were a lot of c names, which doesn t help an uninitiated reader to untangle all the different people who are thrown at us throughout this story Plus, to make it even confusing, everyone seems to be related to almmost everyone else in the town After I finished reading I had a look at some of the reviews to see if my thoughts mirrored any of the other reviewers Of course, they also mentioned wishing they had known it was part of a series, some editing errors most significantly, grammar problems in my opinion and a mention of taunt abs , the bombardment of their senses with people s names most of whom, even fans of the series, they hadn t heard of , etc.I was expecting a story along the lines of A man in a Santa suit playing secret Santa He s giving away gifts to all the townspeople But he saves extra special, romantic gifts for a certain special girl who doesn t know who Santa is gifts might include secret, risque notes as well He gets her to meet him on Christmas Eve for a romantic dinner where he finally reveals himself as her secret crush love of some time and also reveals that he s had a crush on her for some time as well Now doesn t that sound romantic than what was actually written

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    This was a pointless novella Two thirds of the story is spent introducing us to various characters and their backgrounds and then in the last third two of the women who are pregnant go into labor and pop out babies Since this novella is part of a series, I imagine that regular readers who don t pick up this novella will be disappointed when they pick up the next book and find they missed the births There s a third character who keeps trying to get pregnant She s had a miscarriage already and when she gets pregnant again she wastes no time informing people Most women who have miscarriages tend to hold off on announcing it Before she realizes that she s pregnant again, she is uncomfortable being around her pregnant friends and that is realistic All in all, a harmless, somewhat disappointing, pretty much pointless story.

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    I think this book summed up or was the last book in a series There were a lot of characters The book had a shaky start, but the ending was nicely written This was not a good standalone book I felt like I should have known the characters already I did like the small town atmosphere Everyone is there to help each other, and gossip spreads faster than a wild fire The author s description of small town life was perfect I also loved the way she described the way southern town s shuts down when it snows I have lived in a few towns that closed up, when it snowed I have also lived in places where it snowed often, and was no big deal, life went on as normal when it snowed The babies was a perfect touch to this Christmas short story.

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    Secret Santa delivers Thank you Kathleen Brooks for this fabulous gift Secret Santa was a quick easy read full of holiday cheer,laughter, new beginnings and surprises that I know will find their way into the next book in this series Excited to see where all these developments are headed.lets get Ahmed something, uhmmm, someone super special Bets are on

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    Another delightful story by Kathleen Brooks I laughed so hard, I had tears rolling down my cheeks Eric Dove is a fantastic narrator and he does a great job with this one Great characters anf a great plot Happy reading

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    Loved the updates, hated the typos and errors Referring to Cole as Cade mistakenly was among the worst Please, please get an editor or proofreader Something I love these characters and their outlandish tales as a fun escape from reality I don t even mind how far fetched it all is, but when the author refers to the wrong character, or flip flops from referring to one character as fianc e, then husband, then fianc e again, which is it As always, a cute story but this felt even rushed than the full novels As stated before, I will read the next book due out because I enjoy them I just wish I could give them a better review, but they lack the polish and finished touch of a seasoned writer Would I recommend the series Sure, but be prepared for lots of typos and errors to overlook if you want to enjoy If you get totally hung up on that stuff, then pass, as the errors are in every novel pretty regularly.

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    I was looking for a quick Christmas read so Secret Santa looked liked what I was hoping for Not It sure was about Christmas in a small town but there were so many characters that I just couldn t keep track of who everyone was I haven t read anything else in this series so maybe that was my problem.The secret Santa part was great I liked the mystery of who he was and why he was giving out the unique gifts I also loved a bit during the delivery of one of the babies It went like this It hurts she screamed Of course it does, that s why it s a woman s job Marcy joked quietly.I loved that