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Ghost In The Machine Is A Mature Space Opera Romance With Strong Language, Some Violence, A Good Heaping Of Romance, Some Steamy Bits, A Few Crazy Aliens, One Very Confused Android, An Empathic Girl With Emotional Issues Who Tends To Trip Herself Up, And A Crew Of Space Agents Who Seem To Enjoy Making Their Central Director Yank Out Her Hair Love Is Like A Wormhole You Stumble On To It Blindly, It Sucks You In And Takes You Somewhere Completely Unexpected You Can T Fight It, Because That Would Tear Your Ship Apart You Can T Control It, Either All You Can Do Is Set Your Thrusters On Glide And Let It Take You Where It S Going To Take You Going Against The Rules Of Her Vesparian Sisterhood, Which Seeks To Keep Its Entire Existence A Secret, Orynn Is Thrown Into The Open By A Request For Help That She Could Not Refuse Seeking To Reconcile Past Mistakes And Gain A Forgiveness She Feels She Does Not Deserve, The Control Over Her Empathic Abilities Is Put To The Test When The Darkness That Lives Within Her Spirit Threatens To Once Again Destroy Any Piece Of Happiness That She Allows Herself To FindAs A Mechatronic Automaton, Ethan Defines His World Through A Set Of Logically Defined Values And Understandings Encountering Orynn Throws His System Out Of Balance As He Tries To Decide If He Should Trust The Feelings He Is Developing, Or If He Should Follow The Logic Telling Him That She Is Trying To Control Him For Some Unknown Purpose Should He Keep Her At A Distance Despite His Want To Bring Her Near, Or Should He Follow The Heart He Swears He Does Not Have As His Understanding Of Her Develops, He Begins To Question All Of His Preconceived Notions About Both Himself And The Universe Around Him ENGAGING CHARACTERS AND BRILLIANT WORLD BUILDINGI enjoyed the future worlds that Ms Kilgore brings to life in her novel, The Ghost In The Machine She structures multiple societies with depth and history revealed to the reader in layers of rich description woven into the storyline I cared about the carefully crafted characters in the story, perhaps too much, for therein lies one of my chief complaints competing points of view Many characters are given a point of view and the rapid changes, sometimes from sentence to sentence created confusion in this reader s mind Several times I had to stop to figure out whose head I was in Putting that aside, this is an enjoyable read right until the very end and the cliff hanger of an ending Urgggh I hate with a passion cliff hangers LOL Putting aside my particular foibles, I recommend this story for its engaging characters and brilliant world building. This novel was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Book reviewed for Adult drama into space When I requested this novel at Netgalley, I expected pure and simple science fiction, or a kind of written Firefly Farscape, space opera I got science fiction and romance, or exactly, romance and science fiction.I m sorry to rate this novel with a 2, it had the potential to be a lot better The worldbuilding was interesting, weird races with special particularities, of course, including a race whose existence people suspect yet have no proof of, a race who can manipulate minds and are potentially violent The crew was a little one dimensional, but you see worse in sci fi tv shows I would have loved to read interaction with them Brom is practically ignored while you know about Hank and Tara possibly because they re in love and are to be main characters in another novel in the series Poor Brom I loved Merik, a creature that is bordering on evil they re the best characters There s a blue android as hero, but he s nothing like Data, he s the brooding type when things go wrong.The scene when the crew meet the special bargain people was great, so unexpected and funny The Tir, on the other side, were introduced as a warm and friendly people whose planet Orynn could choose to live on I found them sexist Yes, they love children, but I didn t like at all that women have to wear shrouds because their beauty makes men forget about working or thinking eyes roll It s supposed to be because of a beautiful legend, I thought it definitely sexist, men don t hide themselves Women are not listened to, they are only valued because they can carry children See what I mean Sexist No paradise at all But my main problem with that book was the heroin, Orynn She s very old compared to Organics humans , she s a youngster among her race I had trouble believing that she could think and react the way she does after 200 years of existence She makes people forget about her, she s able enter their mind, manipulate them, she s been living for such a long time, yet she s practically unexperienced Even if she s not supposed to feel friendship or love, she must be feeling it in other people, she has done it, she s been an agent, went on missions and nothing remains No And she was soooooo whiny, carrying all the unhappiness of the world on her shoulders, blaming herself for everything, giggling and blushing the few times she was happy I can t remember the number of times I sighed loudly because of her.Ethan He s than a simple android, his father was disappointed in him his maker was a genius, yet he was unable to recognize Ethan s difference, yeah, right He was better as a character than Orynn, he had the right to suspect her motivations, but reacted like a sulking teenager And he learned her language but wasn t aware of it An android How could he Unbelievable The two of them What is one scar among hundreds She deserves better than you It is all my fault , I don t deserve such a bond with her Blah, blah, blah.As Tara points out You re both older than dirt, but a bit young when it comes to your emotions Oh yes, I agree And I don t want to read about that any, I find these reactions in too many novels, I don t want to read about emo characters who have no real reason to behave that way Oh, did I forget to mention it ends on a cliffhanger So yes, it could have been, not an exciting novel, but a very good one, with rather good secondary characters, good worldbuilding, if it hadn t been for the self pity fest Too bad, I won t keep reading this series I ll admit it I was originally going to give this a 4 rating at the beginning, but I d probably say 4.5 by the end Why not quite 5 Because of the head hopping, my personal bug bear With several key characters being introduced quite quickly at the start, I found it particularly jarring and confusing However, farther into the story I stopped noticing it so much I was so in love with the characters, the in depth and intriguing world building, the snarky humour, and the two storylines full of romantic tension, I could almost forgive it I think I adore Ethan most, despite his frequent moments of being an asshole I have a definite thing for human mecha In fact, both male MCs needed a good slapping Although Orynn s regular slips into self pity might irritate some, I found them understandable and acceptable Hank irritated me extremely, but I can blame that on his youth And Merick ah, Merick Such a bad boy and not what I d normally go for but I have a soft spot for the warped little masochist.The sex scenes are detailed but sweet and focus on the emotional and empathic connection as much as bodily descriptions Some might find the use of expletives offensive, but they fit the settings and characters The tension, both in the overall arc and the character relationships was good and generally the story zipped along there were a couple of areas where it dragged a bit, mostly where back story was involved Very, very few typos or grammatical errors that self published works are often notorious for.A recommended read for fans of Firefly Farscape, and those who ve enjoyed Jaine Fenn s Hidden Empire series, and Linnea Sinclair s Sass and Kel Paton stories And a full length novel for free Bargain BTW, gorgeous cover. Ghost in the Machine is the story of an empathic alien woman, Orynn, joining a new crew for an assignment and developing a bond with their mechatronic crew member, Ethan.This is primarily a romance, and it s a very well written one at that so I would highly recommend it to fans of the romantic genre, even if they wouldn t normally read something that could be considered sci fi, as it s very accessible, with the focus on the characters rather than anything technical Kilgore s world building is excellent and her characters believable and likeable I enjoyed their interactions throughout I would have liked for the android character to have some limitations, but to me he came across as a typical human male He is programmed to evolve which was cool, but there was still one physical thing he was able to do that I didn t totally understand when it happened.Overall this is a well built world containing an interesting romance and a cast of very likeable characters Highly recommended to fans of romance I really liked this book The world building and characters were great well thought out, complex enough to be interesting and in general were smartly done I was on the fence about a 4 or 5 star rating but ended up with 5 because of it s richness which leads me to believe this will be a series I ll want to continue for great reads and I became invested in the characters The first 3 chapters were a big information dump and I actually had to make notes about characters and places because I was having a hard time wrapping my head around it all I was thinking that maybe my brain wasn t working quite right or I was too tired when I started it but I see that other reviewers noticed the info dump as well At end of this review is basic character place definitions that will help any readers with the info dump at the beginning should they be interested The majority of the book lacked action until the end but was filled with interesting world building and development of characters and their relationships so I didn t mind For some reason, I expect the other books in this series to be action packed now that the author has laid out the groundwork in characters and relationships in this first novel I ll find out The Big Bad was unexpected in it s origins and motives and I can usually smell the Big Bad from a mile away And yes, clearly the Xen dari are thecommunist like bad guys but just wait till you read it to find out what I m talking about I won t spoil it for you as I rarely am surprised.Great novel and am getting ready to purchase the second one If the second one doesn t up the action a bit, I might drop it but if the relationships remain compelling, I ll probably continue on throughout First Three Chapters Guide to Characters and Places What s Going on Here Good guys are the planet Corwint which has a group of Central Agents that protect their part of the universe of free planets from the bad guys the Xen dari which are the other part of the universe whose mission is to overtake all planets into their utopian system communism reference This particular group of Agents are successful ones but they lack polish on delivery of their missions that are making them a liability and are ordered to take on another crew member to teach them the diplomacy and grace needed to run their missions successfully So, this is their first mission with a new crew member and their last chance at keeping their jobs.Characters Hankarron Hank Eros Captain Eros of this crew on his uncle s legacy ship, the Zera his family were also central agents Happy go lucky kind of guy very likable Brommrigor Brom Torregathos an orange, scaly Orellian Big buff guy filled with brothery love to his fellow crew members He s the Weapon s Specialist of the crew Ethan He s a Mechtronic Automation or Mecha for short human formed robot android who has developed the ability to have feelings which makes him unique from other Mecha s He s the Technician of the crew and handles the computer systems, intel and basically so much that he seems indispensable and the 2nd behind the Captain Tera Flint The crew s Mechanic Engineer that keeps the Zera ship running Young and talented in her field and taught by her uncle I believe who was the engineer of the Zera when it was under Hank s Uncles command Orynn She s the new crew member forced onto the crew as the Tactical Relations Officer which means she s there to teach the crew how to better achieve their missions without having to always blow their way out of situations and knows all about other cultures and the means to an end of anything She s a Vesparian from the planet Berian 2 and as such, has the magic powers of her long thought extinct race Jehdra She is the boss of this crew as the Central s Director Command Council and is the one who put s Orynn onto this crew to keep them from losing their jobs The Council is Corwint s governing body.Places Corwint main planet of the good guys that tries to keep the Xen dari from overtaking all the free planets and universes Xen dari Empire Bad guys who are actively trying to absorb all other planets into their utopia but are basically commies Kilari System 4 planets located between Corwint and the Xen dari controlled planets that are currently claimed by Xen dari but still accessible to Corwint This is the area of the universe where the two groups are head to head against each other Beria 2 planet where Orynn grew up and free from Xen dari Empire but not where her race the Vesparians come from As the Xen dari had taken control of the Vesparians to use their powers to help control other planets Vesparians are somewhat of a legend and thought to be extinct.I think I got it all right Been a few days since I finished this book so my notes aren t as clear to me now as they were then let me know if I need to corrections Hope this is helpful to someone First, the positive pretty good world building, several interesting, if one dimensional characters From the description, I had expected a space opera adventure book It s of an emo romance Unfortunately, any positive qualities was vastly overshadowed by the utterly pathetic female main character She cried and felt bad for most of the story, in fact, her doing this was most of the story Both in present time and in the large amount of flashback, she is nothing but a wet blanket It s completely unbelievable that such a suicidal wreck and please get on with that is a top notch under cover operative The book also need a good amount of editing. I picked up Ghost in the Machine because I was specifically looking for a sci fi romance novel, and the title and blurb caught my eye among the dozens of choices Plus, it was surprisingly free that week to download on The story started off with a lot of structure problems general grammar issues, tense shifts, and info dumps in dialogue that should ve been very well known to the recipient of said speech AKA As You Well Know conversations Despite this, I decided to soldier on and read past chapter 2.I regretted it, too Still not out of chapter 2, I cringed over weak, unbelievable dialogue Jehdra, for instance, didn t read like a person of authority, and she also spouted so much As You Well Know history at Hank and Ethan that I had to wonder why Ethan, as the narrator, wasn t rolling Mechatronic Automaton eyes at her for illogically telling him things he already knew As soon as Jehdra told Ethan that this one, Orynn, made Jehdra look like a damn amateur , I lowered the bar even further on my expectations.By the time I finally made it to the end of chapter 2, I was wondering why Hank was captain and not Ethan by the way Ethan kept having to issue orders both verbal and nonverbal Chapter 3 wasn t much better, since we learned that even though Hank s ship has all the bells and whistles for stealth missions, Hank prefers to be the hotshot out in the open, blowing things up Going back to what I said about wondering why Ethan wasn t the captain by how much control he has over Hank, I was ready to hang this book up as a DNF Alas, chapter 3 was too abrupt for me to make a DNF call, so I read into chapter 4, but not before cringing over As You Well Know dialogue look, I get that readers need to know things, but having characters who should be knowledgeable about their fictional world give the equivalent of a We need to return to our home on ABC Street in the north of John Doe Town speech is ridiculous Narrative sure Dialogue, not so much.Barely into chapter 4, the grammatical errors put the last nail in this for me, and I officially hung it up If the author runs this by an editor in the future and updates the ebook, I may give it another go, but until then there s no way I can continue to read this when I m not getting any enjoyment out of it. Deifinitely romance than sci fi and it was a bit heavy on the unnecessary angst All this secret keeping for your own good melodramatic nonsense I know this sounds like I didn t like the book I did, for the most part, except when I didn t which mostly comes down to the melodramatic overkill female protagonist RTC. 2.5ish stars.The world universe tha was created is exactly what I want with a sci fi story Everyone is an alien And when you throw multiple races of ETs on a ship, and they jump from world to world, experiencing new cultures and how to navigate trading intel goods I loved that Plus you can tell the writer is pretty smart Like, her verbiage on certain aspects including the technicalities of the robots, machinery, flight, etc swings to a smart individual Therefore, you feel smarter reading it LOLBut, the romance is lacking I wish that when the heroine was introduced that it wasn t obvious THAT VERY SECOND who the love match was She was meeting a large ship s crew and bam, instalove with the robot feeling his wiring react to her rolls eyes It was just too easy for them, and even their fights were kind of ridiculous.If this somehow became a non romantic sci fi adventure, I think I would have enjoyed it a lot.