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n November 1916 just a few years after federation and while Australia was at war in Europe Hazel Hood the beautiful 18 year old daughter of a Riverina grazier went to a local dance and never came home Her mysterious disappearance caused a sensation in the district around the pioneer settlement of Wakool Crossing near the Victorian–New South Wales border The mystery further intensified when a week later Hazel's body — still clothed in her white party dress — was recovered from the Wakool river with a mark of violence upon her head and her silk scarf tied tightly around her neck Her disappearance was reported in major daily newspapers as far afield as Sydney Melbourne and Adelaide but the mystery of what happened to her was never fully explained As a child in the Mallee in the 1950s Mike Richards was told the story of Hazel Hood's tragic disappearance by his grandmother Hazel's elder sister who firmly believed she had been murdered Now almost 100 years after her death the author takes us with him as he seeks to unravel the mystery and reveal the truth about what happened to Hazel Hood — an unassuming fun loving and caring girl and a favourite in the district

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    Richards looks for answers to a mystery that has haunted his family for decades He rakes over evidence for new clues What he comes up with is interesting The mystery is perhaps not conclusively solved but what Richards suggest fits the available evidence and raises uestions of whether social s at the time prevented a solution being found Well worth a read

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    This story began as a sad family tragedy told to a young boy by his Nan Almost a century later it become a mystery that the author has tried to solve in order to discover what really happened to his Great Aunt This is a very readable little book

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    I loved this book It's not going to win any big literary awards but it was a fabulous read The crime of those early days the mystery around it was brought to life It was so good learning what life might have been like at Wakool Crossing all those years ago

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    Highly recommend it so well written uite touching in the last few pages as he visits the Balranald cemetery remarkable similarities in the various family members lives