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This is the second book in Pamela Belle s Heron series, set in the 17th century and following the adventures of Thomazine Heron and her family in an England torn apart by civil war I loved this one almost as much as The Moon in the Water, which I read last month, and would highly recommend these books to anyone who enjoys family saga style historical fiction The only problem is that they are now out of print, but I definitely think it s worth trying to find copies Spoiler warning As this is a sequel and as the previous book ended on such a big cliffhanger, it would be almost impossible for me to discuss this novel without making references to the first one If you re interested in this series, you might want to read The Moon in the Water before continuing to read this review The Chains of Fate begins where The Moon in the Water ended, with Thomazine embarking on a journey north to Scotland in search of her cousin and lover, Francis Heron Believing Francis to have drowned, Thomazine had married Dominic Drakelon before discovering that she had been misled and he was not dead after all Leaving her husband and baby son behind, she sets off to find Francis with only her friend Grainne, servant Holly and Grainne s two young children for company The road north through a country at war is not without its dangers but Thomazine eventually arrives at the Borders home of her Graham cousins only to discover that convincing Francis of her innocence will not be as easy as she d hoped.Will Francis and Thomazine find happiness together in the end or will they be separated forever by war or by the evil scheming of cousin Meraud I m not going to say any because the story that unfolds throughout The Chains of Fate is a wonderful, epic tale of love, war and betrayal and I wouldn t want to spoil a single page of it for you.Much as I enjoyed reading this book, however, it s not without a few flaws that prevented me from loving it quite as much as the first book While I love Thomazine as a narrator, the fact that she is telling her story in the first person means that she is usually far removed from the centre of the Civil War action The outcomes of various battles and the movements of the armies are described to Thomazine through letters or gossip picked up in taverns and I thought this became a bit tedious at times Having said that, I am not a big fan of battle scenes, so I did appreciate the focus on ordinary families and the people who were forced to stay behind, worrying about their loved ones in the thick of the fighting.I was also slightly disappointed that Thomazine and Francis are kept apart for such long stretches of the book The other storylines the author brings into the novel the relationship between Thomazine and her little boy, Kit the love affairs of Grainne, Lucy and Jamie and the question of who will inherit Goldhayes were compelling too and did interest me, but I still found myself getting impatient wondering when Francis was going to make another appearance Anyway, this was another great book and I m now looking forward to reading the third one, Alethea but apprehensive too because I m aware that it s about the next generation of Herons and in my experience sometimes a series is not as good once we leave the original characters behind I m hoping this won t be the case with Alethea and it shouldn t be too long before I have the chance to find out. The Blood Red Tide Of Civil War Ran Deep Over The Land, And Thomazine Became The Wife Of A Man She Would Learn To Hate For His PerfidyShe Married Dominic Whom She Could Never Love, Believing Her Francis To Be Dead When She Learned The Truth That Francis Lived, Thomazine Rode North On A Mission Hung With The Chains Of FateThose Chains Weight Down Her Journey, Moving Through Land Occupied By Enemy Soldiers, Finding The Man She Loved At The Price Of Deserting Her Own Child, And Losing Francis Again To The Urgent Demands Of Montrose S Cause In ScotlandTime And Again, The Chains Of Fate Would Tear Thomazine And Francis Apart, Through Siege And Battle, Through The Evil Designs Of Men, Yet One Day, Some Day, The Chains Of Love Must Prove Stronger The Moon in the Waterand The Chains of Fatetell a single story of romance and adventure a story that has lived in Pamela Belle s heart since she was twelve, when she was taken to see a great ruined Elizabethan house in England s West Suffolk I can remember standing in the middle of the overgrown ruin that had once been a very beautiful house, and thinking I would like to write about the family that had lived in it I did not want to write a serious book, of the sort loved by the reviewers but unread by the general public, including me rather I wanted to share my own love of history and romance and the utterly different, yet strangely similar world tuned upside down of the Seventeenth Century. One of the best books of all time It s the middle of a trilogy and has everything Civil War, Forbidden Love, Endless Death, Evil Cousins, Lousy Travel, Bad Children, Terrible Choices.This is why one of my favorite names is Francis A good endingI really enjoy Pamela Belle s books and adore the Herons However at times in this book I had to sigh, because the reasons and logic for keeping the main couple apart felt tedious towards the end However I was happy with it s ending I m a sucker for a happy ending and this did deliver just what I wanted I highly recommend it to follow up on the first book This is the second book in a brilliant trilogy set around the English Civil War It could easily be read as a stand alone story though. Thomazin was sent to live with Sir Simon Heron, she fell in love with his son, Francis Then the Civil War broke out after learning of Francis s death, Thomazin married her cousin Sir Dominic Drakelon, a man she d been betrothd to as a small child Thomazin knows she could never love her husband, but what other choice did she have now that Francis has been killed, then she learns that Francis is alive Leaving her newborn baby, Kit and her husband to find the man she loves, Thomazin sets out to find Francis with her best friend, Grainne Sewell, in tow, along with Grainne s children, Thomazin sets off on her journey to Catholm A journey that should take weeks but with injuries sustained along the way, their arrival in Catholm, Scotland is severely delayed.However she finds herself losing Francis again to the urgent demands of Montrose s cause in Scotland This is a well written emotional roller coaster anyone who likes the Stuart period then it ticks all the boxes, whilst it could stand alone I d certainly read the first novel in the series before this oneI received an ARC copy Second in the series about Francis Heron and his ladylove Thomazine They are apart for much of the book, but the reunion scene with the quoting of John Donne is one of the sweetest I ve ever read So satisfying The Chains of Fate and The Moon in the Water sparked my initial interest in the English Civil War Does anyone remember the Masterpiece Theatre mini series set during the same time period This is the sequel to Moon in the Water I literally looked for this book for years before I finally got my hands on it The history and the plot were just as captivating for me as the first book, and, of course, there s the same cast of wonderful characters plus a few new ones At times I missed the appearance of Frances Heron, but the book kept my attention anyway I stayed up all night reading this one, and that s not something I do with any book. Historical with bit of romanceVery historical with beautiful love story running throughLoved the main characters and the history but in places just wanted the story to get on with it