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If We GavePeople , Today, What Results Would We See One Year From Now We Would Probably See That % Would HaveLeft% Would Have ,% Would Have Between , And ,,Why Because % Of Us Have Never Been Taught To Practice The Five Secrets That Result In Natural, Supernatural, And Generational Wealth MultiplicationDiscover Five Simple Biblical Principles That Anyone Could Implement, But Most People Don T Implementing These Five Secrets In Your Life Could Radically Change Not Only Your Current Financial Situation, But The Financial Future Of Your Children And Grandchildren

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    A succinct, relevant, practical, wholesome holistic, wise advice to manage wealth wellMy pastor used to say money is a good servant but a bad master It s so true A lot of us thought that we own money, but how we structure our lives, think about money, hoard money, spend money, is like the money owns us Craig Hill dig the Truth from the Bible that is highly relevant both for those who believe in the Bible as well as those who don t You will learn a comprehensive, systematic, logical, and yet practical approach in managing wealth and your life through a very easy short read and narrative Given Craigh s background in both business and family ministry, I find his explanation and articulation is very enjoyable and sensitive to our minds and hearts Read it

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    Excelente libro la respuesta que buscaba justo en esa rea Porque me ha dado una gran perspectiva financiera No tengo deudas, y soy misionera por lo que me estaba preguntando colo hacer para poder vivir e invertir para el Reino del Se or Mi iglesia me ha apoyado siempre financieramente, pero entiendo que puede llegar un momento en donde no lo puedan hacer m s y por eso le preguntaba al Se or que podr a hacer Ahora se como debo orar y esperar iniciar un negocio o invertir en algo.

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    Good book worthy to spend time readingI am particularly interested in the Jar System I haven t known this before nor did I know it is the practice of Jewish people When I began to adopt this strategy, I observed a surprising result Thanks Craig Hill for passing such an important strategy Paul

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    Five wealth secretIt is a rather long story telling book to educate the readers on how to achieve their wealth and outperform the mediocre population, it has practical methods inside the books on how to build up wealth It will be better if the story can be concise and cut short.

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    Wisdom is the basis for wealth is the synopsis of this book the application of Biblical OT principles by the Jews, indeed as a way of life than a set of rules, is what a Jewish accountant attributes when asked to the astronomically better financial position of Jews over their Christian counterparts in general This is not prosperity theology, but rather a stewardship book that embraces both the natural and the supernatural, practical advice as well as listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying.Hill also introduces some countercultural thought, including the idea that debt is a demonic system used to enslave both individuals and the nation He offers the idea of generational blessings that leave an inheritance for two generations and the principle of investing in multipliers.Another paradigm shift is the focus on vision, rather than provision On the concept of ministry, Hill uses the same principles However, I am a little hesitant whenever business principles are applied to ministry, even if they are found in the Bible I understand what he is saying in using the Mina s as a qualifier for sowing into particular ministries, but I think there should be emphasis, especially as it pertains to individuals, in the day to day reliance on the voice of the Holy Spirit.Overall, a great read and one I wish for sure I had had in my early twenties.

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    I ve taught adult classes on the principles of money management including the envelope method and can recognize a simple and workable system when I see one This book is it The Five Jar or envelope method is simple enough I adapted it for my grandchildren and taught them the basic principles I give them an allowance with the proper change they need for their envelopes and occasionally ask them how they re using certain funds, just to make sure they understand and are being faithful to the plan They re learning to live within their means, honor God with their tithe, be generous to those in need, save for the future, look for investment or business opportunities and still have spending money Virtually every time I explain what I m doing to another adult, that person says, I wish I d learned that when I was a kid Use this book to train your grandchildren, train your children, train yourself It presents valuable lessons in real life scenarios.

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    I read this book with my husband, and we had many fabulous conversations through the course of this book.The author creates a fictional father son and writes most of the book as their conversation a passing on of wisdom to the next generation of sorts My husband s biggest objection to the book was how perfect ideal some of the situations were, but that is part of the teaching aspect, in my opinion.We now look at our finances differently Sure, we were already on board with secret 1 and we kinda got secret 2, but the other 3 have completely changed our conversation and perspective regarding money How cool it would be to leave a sizable inheritance to our grandchildren God s ways are eternal, and He really does know best Modern wisdom in the area of finances falls short on many accounts This is very much worth your time to read it s a mere 139 pages

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    This was an excellent book on understanding finances from a Christian perspective In this book, the author uses a father to discuss with his teenage son and into adulthood about finances The teenager learns from his father what the Bible says and how to explore the 4% of the wealth secrets.As an adult, the son realizes the values he learned about finances in his younger years and how everyone around him is of the 96% group.Understanding historical trends in the economy is essential to understand what is currently happening in society and how to best prepare our lives.Anyone who is going thru financial turmoil or want to learn about finances, this is a very excellent book to gain greater insight.

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    In the business you are contemplating starting, if you find a way to serve the most people, you will make money Whoever serves the most people prospers most Craig Hill, Five Wealth Secrets 96% of Us Don t Know Page 75, Paragraph 1 I particularly liked chapter 2 in this book, which says, The 4% believe that provision naturally follows vision Thus they choose to focus on establishing clear vision with an exception that provision will naturally follow Craig Hill uses a father son story format that is very effective to crystallize his message to his audience.