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Three Worlds Collide Is A Story I Wrote To Illustrate Some Points On Naturalistic Metaethics And Diverse Other Issues Of Rational Conduct It Grew, As Such Things Do, Into A Small Novella On Publication, It Proved Widely Popular And Widely Criticized Be Warned That The Story, As It Wrote Itself, Ended Up Containing Some Profanity And PG Content The writing felt a bit cringey at times, but I m glad I got past that to the actual concept, which was really interesting view spoiler I didn t really empathize with the humans desire to continue experiencing pain, though The story kind of took it as a given that everyone would be appalled at the idea of never experiencing pain again The characters barely acknowledged that pain was a weird thing to want, let alone trying to explain what they disliked about getting rid of it I would have liked exploration of that, but maybe Yudkowsky just expected me to agree with them I couldn t really tell hide spoiler Yudkowsky is officially one of my favorite thinkers Too bad he doesn t write often I liked the way he shaped hpmor, although I didn t like the whole story But this time around, he presented a very disturbing version of prisoner s dilemma, in a sci fi about different kinds of sentient beings, and how their morals might be radically different from ours It is very thought provoking and I really enjoyed this piece of work.I hope He writes stories I m definitely gonna read his work. Maybe the best short story I ever read If you do not get HPMOR, you should anyway try this.This is like Star Trek but orders of magnitude better These 100 pages, contain the intellectual value of 2000 pages of traditional sci fi, and without the nonsense.If Yudkowsky is not canon in 2100, then canon is mostly random He is Borges and Bertrand Russel in one. I find the characters impossible to relate to You might say that s beside the point for this particular story, but I think it exactly is the point for a case of first contact with an alien in all senses culture Here, I felt that all the species were alien.The story describes certain alien behaviors that produce visceral emotional reactions in the characters and for good reason, probably And yet I had no emotional reaction myself, which I don t think was the reader s fault.The author can be somewhat heavy handed at the best of times, and this novella is certainly no exception.On the other hand, the novella is very short, and the thought experiment is worthwhile So you could make a friend read it then summarize it to you The subsequent discussion between the two of you would probably be interesting than the novella itself. Hilarious and frighteningly plausible Interesting dilemma set in a future where space travel is common and people have colonized multiple planets I m not sure I understand or agree with the assumption that all must create a homogenous society It s meant to illustrate the prisoner s dilemma but really gives a false choice that I would hope in future societies would not be considered a choice at all Why does one group of aliens feel the need to convince the others of their moral correctness This feels like a piece on religion than morals or the prisoner s dilemma Interesting premise, but a bit too preachy and one sided to me. Insanely thought provoking, but didn t quite get all the references to game theory other than talk about the prisoner s dilemma I wish I had a college level game theory course under my belt before reading this The play with ideas in metaethics was very well done, however Relevant, too, to all our political conflict over whether to intervene or not in foreign affairs.Not sure that it brought me any closer to answers An interesting science fiction long short story 100 pages It reminded me of I, Robot, except instead of quaint 1950s charm positronic brains it has awkward references to internet culture Any suggestions get reddited up from the rest of the crew I made an EPUB version for ereader users. Some good portions and does challenge your assumptions He s done better elsewhere I think.