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Streetwise Teddy Usually Stays Outo F Sight Of The Bully Nicknamed Arnie Zilla However, When His Little Brother, Bobby, Insults Arnie, Teddy Must Come To The Rescue And Become The Target Of Arnie S Wrath Instead Soon Teddy Realizes, However, That Only Bobby, His Pet Cockroach, Hercules, And The Creepy Bug Lady Can Keep Arnie Zilla At Arm S Length Filled With Humor And Warmth, This Creepy Crawly Tale Is A Tribute To Resourcefulness And The Unique Relationship That Only Brothers Share

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    Very funny with a high EWWW factor Definitely a boy book the theme of brotherhood and some creative handling of a bully made the story sound My personal dislike stemmed from all the bugs and related, but I ll be recommending it to some of my reluctant readers.

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    Not too bad for a book I found in a school library, combining bug facts with a story about how brothers should stick up for each other, and how even bullies often are hurting underneath the surface.

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    Personal Reaction I thought this book was a fun and humorous book that had a great point that it tries to get across to the reader The main conflict within the book is about bullying which is something that nearly all students experience in their lives at some time or another This makes the story and character easier for the reader to relate to The author also did a great job at adding humor throughout the story which made it a quick and entertaining read The most memorable moment in the book for me was when Teddy s uncle ate the cockroach thinking it was a mushroom The author made the reaction of the family and especially the uncle made me laugh The ending of the book also portrayed why some bullies act the way they do and how issues within families can lead to the way some bullies behave Purpose This would be a great read aloud for 3rd through 4th grade classrooms Realistic fiction books are very helpful books for children in helping them develop and assist them in seeing how the real world is The books are so realistic to the point where they could be true and also allows the reader to visualize the situation or plot of the story without much backstory to read about This would be a great unit for an english class on national bullying prevention day to the plot of the story itself The story portrays a bully who is the antagonist who threatens two victims throughout the story The idea of bullying in the story gives the readers knowledge on how to prevent bullying, talking thinking skills, and why some people behave the way they do One literary element that contributes to the book significantly is the setting of the story The setting, China Town in Las Angelas, is an integral setting due to the fact that it is critical if one is to understand the entire story The setting in this story clarifies the conflict because with any other setting, the story would not be nearly as entertaining as it is For example, the bug store that the boys go to to learn about their pet cockroach would most likely not exist in any other setting The author also used great imagery and comparisons to describe the setting which helped the reader visualize what was happening as the story unraveled This is especially true during the part where Arnie is explaining his fear for cockroaches The author was able to instill the same fear by explaining his living conditions with cockroaches through the use of setting.

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    This story is about a family that likes bugs It started with the grandfather who collected all types of bugs starting when he was a boy, bugs like crickets, snails, spiders, grasshoppers, ants He would gross out his family and got a reputation as the bug man with his friends Well, I guess the grandfather passed on to his grandson named Bobby the excitement for bugs So, now in this day, Bobby moved from bringing bugs home in jars then having ant farms to hiding them in people s rooms or shoes or bookbags to scare them Of course, everybody is fed up with him and the trouble he causes What do they do This is the interesting part Bobby has a sister, Philemena, a brother, Teddy, and cousin Roderick, who plan to get him back and teach him that his jokes are harmful and not funny They get cockroaches and they multiply and multiply While they are growing an army of cockroaches, they learn about them and it gets kind of interesting They see why Bobby and even grandpa could have a passion for bugs, but it s the being a pest about it that they want Bobby to stop Well, they plan a day when they bug Bobby with cockroaches, a few at a time and and all through the day In the morning a few cockroaches are put on his pillow and they make loud noise to wake Bobby so he can see them Then cockroaches in his cereal bowl, in his bookbag, pencil bag and on and on til the end of the day when Bobby was really upset.The family came together with insect hobby And Bobby learned his lesson It was a fun story that reminded me of the way I bugged my family when I was younger It was OK that I played on the piano but we had the 8 to 8 rule not before 8am or after 8pm I got up early before everybody else and would do what I wanted to do to have fun because I would be bored My lesson wasn t gross like Bobby s, but it worked.

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    Personal reaction Although I felt like this book moved along a little fast, I still found myself enjoying every minute of it There is something very special about the bond between the two brother s in this book that is heart warming and easy to relate to The brothers find a way to overcome every obstacle they face, and they always do it together That is one reason why I loved the book so much Purpose use in the classroom I think that this book would be used best in a read aloud setting because of the fast moving plot and the way that the book can be read with enthusiasm The brothers are being hunted by a bully they refer to as Arnie Zilla throughout the whole book, which makes the suspense level enough to keep the students wanting The best way to use this book would be in an english class where the teacher was introducing elements such as plot, setting, theme, etc The setting takes place in China Town, SanFransisco, which the children will find interesting You could have the children learn about how setting impacts a story by asking them questions such as Why are there tourists in this area They will then understand that these are actual Chinese students living in America In a geography class this book could be read to compare and contrast Chinese and American Culture The students can discuss how the story may have been different if the characters actually lived in China instead of America Other comments I enjoyed the diversity of the book and how the author uses universal issues such as bullying and family acceptance to make the book relatable to a diverse audience.

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    Laurence Yep tells a nice brother to brother story about two siblings growing up in Chinatown with two very different takes on life Older brother, Teddy s attitudes fall in line with that of his parents Younger brother, Bobby is openminded and idealistic Where Teddy like his parents are afraid of cockroaches, Bobby sees them as a part of the natural order He keeps one as a pet Teddy doesn t agree with Bobby s taste in pets until it becomes an effective deterrent to the neighborhood bully I had never thought much of Laurence Yep His stories of West Coast Chinese didn t appeal to me when I was in my teens and twenties Back then I wanted grit, something like my experiences growing up in New York s Chinatown However, as a parent wanting to read fiction with prominent Chinese characters in the story, I have a newfound admiration for Laurence s books.

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    Cockroach Cooties is a well written story about brothers Teddy and Bobby, two kids from Chinatown who have a big problem The school bully has the brothers in his sight and isn t going to let them off easy When the boys discover Arnie, the bully, has a fear of cockroaches, they decide to keep one as a pet It works only for a short time and they are forced to find another way to protect themselves Younger brother Bobby, who s usually the one needing the most help, comes to the rescue with a plan Cockroach Cooties is a charming book and an easy read It may be classified as a children s book, but I believe adults can see the strength of the story too.

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    Chinese brothers Arnie and Bobby face some difficulties understanding American terminology in school Especially, when face with a bully the brothers stick together to defend themselves From name calling to even extreme measures are taking place to stop the bully One day the brothers decide to scare the bully just as he tried to scare them but this time they brought in a cockroach This book raises awareness to assimilation and bullying and is a vital learning experience for children to explore.

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    I thought this book was great and I really think my future students will really enjoy it It mainly deals with bullying and I love that because that is something every child faces at one point or another in some form I think it will be great for students to read so they know some effects of bullying But as serious as this topic is I really enjoyed how the author added humor Truly a great book.

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    Personal Reaction I thought this book was a quirky quick read I finished it in one day and enjoyed it Use in the classroom This book could be tied into a lesson on bullying or family because it deals with 2 brothers trying to escape from a bully 3 4th grade classroom Other I really liked this book because it seemed like a realistic fun story that could happen to 2 brothers in elementary school.