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When Buddy Stebbins stumbles onto the thirteenth floor of a shabby old building he finds himself suddenly transported aboard a leaking pirate ship in a howling storm—three hundred years in the past Cast adrift with Captain John Crack stone Buddy washes up in New England where his plucky ancestor Abigail is caught up in the witchcraft mania In an adventure filled with ghosts witches pirates and razzle dazzle treasure Buddy might be able to save his wayward ancestors But will he find his way back to the thirteenth floor—and home?

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    Several interesting bits of early New England history are woven into the story The “ghost story” subtitle is a bit misleading in my opinion But it’s a uick adventure that will appeal to many kids

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    Pre reading books for the granddaughters so I can leave them reviews of books I believe they will enjoy Not one that I would choose for them but I wouldn't discourage them from reading it if they wish to choose it for themselves

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    Revisited a book I liked very much as a kid loved all Fleischman's books and found it has held up well Good characters humor and lots of action

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    Buddy Stebbins lives alone with his 23 year old lawyer sister Liz after their parents are killed in a small plane crash In an outlandish attempt to acuire money in order to pay back their father's debts Liz and Buddy follow directions that are left on their answering machine by a mysterious ancestor and inadvertently stumble back in time to the year 1692 Buddy is transported to a pirate ship captained by another of their ancestors John CrackstoneLiz and Buddy are entangled in a story that has everything orphans time travel witchcraft pirate ships magic and even ghosts And yet even with all that hubbub woven throughout this story it somehow fails to deliver So much was sueezed into this chapter book it felt as though all the parts were spread a little thin Not that this was a terrible book I just had a hard time feeling attached to the characters or invested in the action and I found myself comparing this book to others that were not so lacking If you want a good book about orphans check out The Thief Lord If you'd like to read a fabulous kids' book about time travel try A Wrinkle in Time If it's witchcraft or magic you're looking for any of the Harry Potter books will do nicely Or Ella Enchanted if you're looking for something a little dreamier And of course ship drama can be found in The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle which was the book that came to mind most often while reading The 13th FloorA note to Mr Fleischman Maybe a little less pirate ship and a little magic next time Or a little less orphans and a little ghosts Either way

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    Two orphans get lost in between floors in a mysterious old building and end up in the midst of a family drama several generations in their own past Dare they save a family member wrongly accused of witchcraft when doing so might irrevocably alter or eliminate their own existence? Anyone who enjoys stories about orphans pirates sailing lore time travel historic fiction and witches will get a kick out of this salty yarn Be warned that my family and I might have accidentally learned something about the Salem Witch trials and the importance of a stable judicial system while we were engrossed in this adventurous tale and you just might too We also have memorized one of the pirate's speeches for our classroom perfect to haul out on National Talk Like a Pirate Day or any other time when we might traipse around town in flouncy shirts with swords on our belts

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    I sort of skirted around this book in middle school; it was always there always looked interesting but I never picked it up Recently I found it in a used bookstore After reading it I wish I'd picked it up earlier It was absolutely a joy to read It centred on Buddy a twelve year old and his lawyer of a sister They're orphans in serious money trouble They get transported back in time and meet some of their family specifically a pirate his wife and a little girl who when grown will marry the pirate's son Even though its called a ghost story the book focuses on the lives of these past characters The little girl is accused of witchcraft and the pirate gets arrested buddy and his sister help both of them eventually helping themselves The book is well written funny exciting and endearing I absolutely suggest it

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    The 13th Floor is not so much a ghost story as it is a story of time travelling adventure Twelve year old Buddy and his sister Liz a grown up lawyer lost their parents to a plane crash and are about to lose their house in order to pay off their father's debts when Buddy acting on an old family legend calls on one of their ancestors the fierce pirate Captain Crackstone A ghostly voice on their answering machine directs Liz and Buddy to the 13th floor of an office building Once they each find their way there they tumble through time to the year 1692 It will take all of their cleverness to get themselves back home again A fantastic historical adventure even if the book's present time feels a little dated now

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    This book was a big disappointment I really liked Fleischman's Jim Ugly so I had high expectations for this one especially since I enjoy time travel stories Instead The 13th Floor was just silly A boy and his adult sister strapped for cash by their parents' deaths receive an answering machine message from a long dead ancestor summoning them back to 1690s Boston via a time portal on the 13th floor of a building So far corny but good But then there's pirates and accused witches and there's too many plots and not enough substance A high ability second grader might enjoy it but not anyone much older For a slightly advanced kid I'd strongly recommend Ted Bell's Nick of Time

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    Ok I bought the book from the library's second hand table simply because of the title My office is on the 13th floor or was until Hurricane Harvey two weeks ago This time traveling story reminded me of Nick of Time a book and not related to the movie of the same name But the witch trial literally had me worrying I blame that on recently finishing The Crucible And the ending had a nice surprise that anchors the story to the present

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    Sid Fleischman writes great books for kids boys that don't want to read This one like Whipping Boy moves fast and smoothly Tells the story Gets the job done And it's fun I guess I'm so used to reading series books that to get through a story in 131 pages is a shock