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The main value of this book is the many paragraphs on Theory and Practice of Machining Bread Outlining the pitfalls and pratfalls always makes me feel confident doing something scary I certainly didn t make all 300 recipes, but this book got me into the kitchen and really enjoying that 4 garage sale bread machine I had sitting around Why on earth is the recipe for Cinnamon Rolls listed under the novelty name Morning Sticky Buns though No one in the history of time has every called them that, and it took me far too long to find the recipe. After a year and a half, my copy of this book is spattered, speckled, and ragged That should tell you how often I use this book I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys bread I have tried a large variety of the recipes in this book I have made everything from baguettes to cinnamon swirl bread My kids often beg for chocolate challah I have tried these recipes with two different bread machines and the recipes have all turned out to be incredibly delicious I no longer have a need to buy expensive loafs from bakeries, because I can create something equally exquisite in my own kitchen with minimal effort Perfect The phrase bread lover in the title should have given me a clue as to what I would find between the covers of this book This is not necessarily the book you give to someone who just bought their first bread machine Not that you won t learn a lot about using a bread machine from this book it is chock full of knowledge Unfortunately, it is that abundance of information that makes this book overwhelming for the beginner There are recipes for all kinds of holiday breads, ethnic breads, sourdough breads, and egg breads There are recipes for pizzas, flatbreads, croissants, and cinnamon rolls There are even suggestions for ways to use leftover bits of bread.I originally planned to give this book only two stars because I wanted something simple If the title of a recipe has than three words, it is too fancy for me I would never consider making anything beyond the Daily Breads chapter It is only one fifth of the book, but it could keep me busy for weeks with its recipes for staples like hot dog buns, sandwich bread, and pasta Now I ve given it some thought, I m giving this book three stars It is the equivalent of that jacket your grandma bought you that was slightly too big You may not love it now, but you will grow into it. I purchased this book based on its good reviews as a companion to a new bread machine I have never owned a bread machine before My goal is to make whole wheat bread at home so that I do not have to worry about the additives that most commercial whole wheat breads contain Imagine my dismay when I turn to the whole wheat chapter, and NEARLY EVERY recipe contains bread flour read refined white flour and whole wheat flour Come on, are you serious To me, the point of making whole wheat bread, is to make WHOLE WHEAT bread not half whole wheat bread What a disappointment I will be returning this book and will attempt to make my own recipe conversions from Laurel s Kitchen Bread Book, which doesn t have any refined white flour included in any recipe. Can The Incomparable Taste, Texture, And Aroma Of Handcrafted Bread From A Neighborhood Bakery Be Reproduced In A Bread Machine When Beth Hensperger, One Of America S Most Respected Authorities On Bread, First Set Out To Try, She Had Doubts Then She Spent Hundreds Of Hours Testing All Kinds Of Breads In A Bread Maker, And Her Answer Turned Out To Be A Resounding Yes In This Big And Bountiful Book Full Of Than Recipes, She Reveals All The Simple Secrets For Perfect Bread, Every Time No Matter How You Slice It, Beth S Brilliant Recipes Add Up To A Lifetime Of Fun With Your Bread Machine Recipes Include Whole Wheat BreadGluten Free BreadSourdough BreadNut BreadCheese BreadPizza And FocacciaCoffee Cakes And Sweet RollChocolate Bread I agree 100% with the reviewers who rave about the recipes I ve made several loaves and they have all been wonderful I bake weekly, and this has eclipsed all of my other bread machine books as the go to volume My only complaint is the printing I m 60 and still have great eyesight for close work, but I need my reading glasses for this book While colored type is pretty and often sets a book apart from others, I just can t see the brown on white very well I d have given a black type book as many stars as allowed Normally I can read any print larger than a phone book s without assistance, but not here Other than that, the book is great, and I wish I had purchased it years ago I love this book The author is a bread genius This cookbook taught me how to use my bread machine and gave me lots of recipes to try, and now I bravely experiment with my own variations of the author s loaves The selection of recipes is varied sweet, traditional, cheesy, flat, whole grain it s all in here Couldn t live without this book now that I have it Fabulous and very informative, So many different styles of breads, everything from breads that continue baking in the bread machine to ones that you shape the dough and bake in your oven Many different styles of starters,bigas and sourdoughs I have lots of bread machine books and this is the most thourough Lots of tips and variations too excellent I d give 10 stars if we had it I can report that The Bread Lovers Bread Machine Cookbook contains lots of very good information and so far mostly successful recipes I have found that every recipe needed liquid and that I had to adjust after my bread machine begins kneading I would willingly surrender a fair amount of text to get a wider selection of recipes This is not the only bread book I own it will not be my last nor can I recommend you make this one you re only bread machine book.My major problem with this book has to do with how it is published I am guessing that the intended audience is female and younger A large amount of space and ink has been wasted to make pages pretty The ability to use lots of pale pastels may be a wonderful thing but the result is poor contrast It is needlessly difficult to read this book Given how much white space is on every page larger fonts and a higher degree of contrast would not have sacrificed that much of the page s aesthetic appeal I should not need a magnifying glass to confirm if a measure is 2 3 or 1 8.The recipes are interesting Those I ve made have been quite tasty For all of the text telling the story behind the bread I would ve liked information as to my expectations regarding bread density and moisture content Every loaf I have made from this book has produced edible bread but I never know if my finished product is as good as moist as fluffy or as heavy as to be in accordance with the author Beth Hensberger s intentions.The Bread Lovers Bread Machine Cookbook is a recommended addition to your bread machine book library I do not think you will find it sufficient to be your only bread machine book If your eyesight is still good or you don t mind keeping a magnifier in your kitchen your experience may be better than mine. Unearthed my bread machine from 1999 and, upon finding that it still works thanks, West Bend , I turned to Beth Hensperger to teach me how to make than the loaf of white bread I made 100 times in 1999 Hensperger also penned my favorite indispensable rice pot cookbook, so I trust her implicitly This book is baller, esp, if you want to get into ryes, dark breads, starter bread, and other things you never imagined you could make with your bread machine.