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The Carolinas, The Citizens Of Fount Royal Believe A Witch Has Cursed Their Town With Inexplicable Tragedies, And They Demand That Beautiful Widow Rachel Howarth Be Tried And Executed For Witchcraft Presiding Over The Trial Is Traveling Magistrate Issac Woodward, Aided By His Astute Young Clerk, Matthew Corbett Believing In Rachel S Innocence, Matthew Will Soon Confront The True Evil At Work In Fount RoyalAfter Hearing Damning Testimony, Magistrate Woodward Sentences The Accused Witch To Death By Burning Desperate To Exonerate The Woman He Has Come To Love, Matthew Begins His Own Investigation Among The Townspeople Piecing Together The Truth, He Has No Choice But To Vanquish A Force Malevolent Than Witchcraft In Order To Save His Beloved Rachel And Free Fount Royal From The Menace Claiming Innocent Lives The interview with the accused witch is intense Wow The author knows how to make a story compelling.mage This book was extremely well written and professional Clearly this is writing in the hands of a master Matthew Corbin, a young scribe, accompanies a magistrate to a settlement in North America that is barely getting on its feet and is dealing with a woman accused of satanism and witchcraft Matthew quickly decides she is innocent, but there may be another witch in town The suspense is great and the characters memorable This is definitely one of the books I will remember for a long time The pacing moves quickly with suspense and tension building to a taut pitch, then slows again There are a few times it seemed the book moved a bit too slowly, but when I got to the end it was evident it was necessary and worth it.The author has a keenly insightful view of human nature and speaks directly to the human heart in this book Each of the characters seems to remind me of someone I know and of situations which are archetypal and timeless.Superstition meets science meets the hands of a horror author with a talent for setting and atmosphere The characterization of the protagonist and the main characters is nearly perfect This book reads like something that was planned and polished long before it saw print Each detail is worked out in symbolic and professional fashion A university class could easily make a study of symbolism the nightbird, for example and human nature exg Rachel, the blacksmith Overall this is a book that I am glad I read If you have interest in historical fiction, murder mysteries, suspense and or quality writing in general, this book is probably for you.Five stars. ALL THE STARS This is is only my second Robert McCammon novel and I have to confess I didn t love Swan Song However I have been known to have a bit of a penchant for the historical fiction detective mash up and thought I d give this a go.Some one should have warned me I would get nothing else done in the 5 days I ve been reading this It was so good I didn t even commit my worst personal reading crime of book hopping well mostly Now I ve read some others reviews I realise the warnings were there all alongThis was a long book Normally when some one notices this it means there were passages in the story that might not have been missed Not here There was not one word here I could have done without I ve ordered the second in the series already I normally read e books but for some reason the Queen of Bedlam is only in paperback When it arrived I was amazed at what a door stopper it was, only then realising how longs Speaks the Nightbird is, so engrossing, absorbing and immersive is the experience.We are treated to a large cast of well drawn characters, including an insane preacher, a rat catcher, a medical quack, pirates We have dark and gritty descriptions, humour, superstition and an absolutely cracking plot.I really can t recommend this one highly enough But make sure you don t have much to do for a few days no urgent work deadlines, no lengthy to do lists, because this book will grab you and won t put you down until the last page. This first rate murder mystery is damned near perfect McCammon conjures an imaginary village that lives and breathes and seethes with a fear of supernatural forces His characters, even the minor players, are richly drawn, complicated souls, many holding secret identities and unusual peccadilloes Bombastic preacher, Exodus Jerusalem, a lecherous holy crusader who seeks to cure witches with his mighty sword and a laying on of hands is a new favorite character for me It is hinted that he may return to plague our protagonist in later volumes, and I m hoping this promises to be true He is a welcome, though frequently infuriating, bit of comic relief.The book was a joy to read and I thoroughly recommend it. The year is 1699 and something wicked is afoot in the town of Fount Royal, a cunning evil with Satan s fingermarks all over it We journey back to the days of witch trials, rat catchers, bloodletting, heated blister cups, and crude colonics Only three books into Robert McCammon s repertoire, I am amazed at his versatility This foray into historical fiction with a dark mystery brewing is fantastic Top 10 shelf material. People who sometimes pay attention to my humble opinions here on Goodreads might guess that Robert McCammon s Matthew Corbett series is possibly my favorite detective series But, sadly it seems like it s still a bit underrated I think it s one of the most consistently enjoyable book series and full of fantastic entertainment.This book is where it all begins, originally conceived as a historical mystery standalone in two parts It takes place in 1699, and introduces one of my favorite book characters, Matthew Corbett, who begins the book as a young clerk traveling with and assisting Magistrate Woodward, who has traveled to the small town of Fount Royal in the Carolina colony and is overseeing the trial of a local young woman accused of witchcraft To everyone, Rachel Howarth s guilt seems pretty cut and dry, but Matthew has doubts and sets out against the magistrate s wishes to save Rachel from execution.As well as being an historical fiction mystery, it s even rewarding as a coming of age story, as it s a pleasure to witness the character not only fall in love for the first time, but also stand up for what he believes is right, and come out from under the shadow of the magistrate Matthew Corbett is a great creation He s smart, dedicated, but also sensitive and has a knack for reading people and situations Unless you have a heart of steel, it s impossible to read this and not want to root for him as he stands up to an entire town for what is right and just And one of the great things in this series are the baddies, and in this novel, fire and brimstone preacher Exodus Jerusalem is a great example Definitely read this series The rest of the books are even better than this one But read the series in order and start with this It has romance, adventure, mystery, as well as history about American colonial life It s a blast 5 Stars Speaks the Nightbird is another near masterpiece from one of today s greatest authors Confessions I normally do not venture into the historical fiction genre.I normally find giant novels tedious and difficult to finish.I do not read much mystery.I do however worship Robert McCammon.That being said, this book is a testament to the writing genius that is McCammon that I not only loved this book, I could not put it down McCammon who normally writes humanized horror novels wrote this historical fiction as the start to a much larger series I have read a great deal of his older horror novels, a few are on my all time favorite books list He is an author that should be read by all readers of any taste.Speaks the Nightbird is a mystery set in the colonial times that is a marvelous piece of fiction It has Amazing world building.Great characters.Matthew is a fantastic lead protagonist.The setting is amazing.The writing puts you in their shoes.The writing makes you feel like you are there.The writing makes it impossible to put down.I loved it.Robert McCammon should be read by everyone.I can t wait to read about Matthew Corbett and I can t wait until you read it too. 9 10Came the time when the two travelers knew night would catch them, and shelter must be found It had been a joyful day for frogs and mudhens For the human breed, however, the low gray clouds and chill rain coiled chains around the soul By the calendar the month of May should by all rights and predictions be charitable if not merry, but this May had entered like a grim lipped miser pinching out candles in church Does anybody else like to read the opening paragraph of a novel and try to make his her mind about what kind of story and what kind of writer we are dealing with I know I still do it, and passages like the one above tell me I am in the hand of a good storyteller, and there is going to be danger and adventure waiting just around the next bend in the road.Ok, so I cheated a little this is not my first novel by Robert McCammon, and I know already what he is capable of I know he should be at least as famous as Stephen King or Dean Koontz, or any of the other writers who are often looked down upon because they write popular horror thrillers It s a crying shame that McCammon is still considered a second tier commercial writer, and this first Matthew Corbett novel is an excellent example of how he can turn a mystery plot into one of the best historical adventures I ve read and one of the most passionate pleas for truth, justice and integrity that echoes well beyond the time frame he has chosen for his story.The year is 1699, seven years after the Salem incident, and the Puritans that colonized the new world are at it again they have a witch to burn in the newly chartered township of Fount Royal, deep in the coastal marshes south of Charles Town The founder and mayor of Fount Royal wants to proceed according to the law of the land, so he invites magistrate Woodward to judge the case, even as his neighbors are other fleeing scared from the town or are clamouring for a quick lynching of the suspect Anybody who tries to speak in defense of the accused woman is considered to be possessed in their turn by the devil or enchanted by the witch The chances of a fair trial are slim to non existent, yet Magistrate Woodward and his clerk Matthew Corbett do their best to uphold the law, despite the grave illnes of the older man and resentment over the inquisitiveness and the stubborness of the younger oneWoodward Of course you have a theory, don t you You have a theory for everything under the sun Matthew If you mean I fervently desire to know the why of things, you re correct The truth is an elusive beast to chase in this isolated place, among people who readily believe in the supernatural and in the reality of the devil And the evidence against Rachel Howarth is overwhelming Witness after witness comes forward to describe her nefarious activities, her sexual dallying in the night with monstrous creatures, her arrogant refusal to bow down and confess her crimes Two murders are directly attributed to her a priest and her own husbandMrs Nettles Aye Had to be Mistress Howarth, y see Had to be someone different someone who was nae welcomed here The fact that she s dark skinned and near a Spaniard it jus had to be her accused of such crimes The troubles of the town are real enough somebody is working intensely to scare the inhabitants and to drive them away, to make the whole frontier project a failure Houses are burning inexplicably in the night, crops are destroyed, rumours spread like wildfire, and now two people have died The exotic beauty and darker skin of Rachel have already provoked the jealousy and envy of the farmers wifes and the covetous stares of their husbands It s always the stranger, the outsider, the person with the slightly different accent or manner that stands out and becomes the target of bigotry and intransigence And in Fount Royal this hatred is out in the open, threatening revolt for any delay in the burning of the witch The only person in Fount Royal who is ready to listen to reason is Matthew Corbett, but even his master and mentor woodward is questioning the young man s interest in Rachel and his refusal to recognize the strength of the witness testimonies How can three different people describe the same visions of the devil in congress with the woman What other possible explanation can be found for the murders and the arson fires, for the turmoil of the town Who will benefit if the colony is abandonedMatthew saw the spring suddenly glow golden with a marvelously beautiful light Around the water, the green tops of the oak trees were cast with the same gilded lumination, and for a moment Matthew realized the power that Fount Royal held over its citizens a place carved from the wild, fenced and tamed, baptized in sweat and tears, made useful by sheer human will and muscle It was a dream and a damnation too, this desiring to control the wilderness, to shape it with axe blade and shovel Many had perished in the building of this town many would die before it was a harbor city But who could deny the temptation and challenge of the land Follow Matthew Corbett in his investigations to find out the answers to these questions McCammon does a splendid job at presenting the elements of the case, at sketching the characters of the town s inhabitants, at swinging the spotlight from one suspect to another, and back to the situation of the witch For such a grim subject, he even finds a way for a humorous touch of two, either involving the use of hemp as a medical palliative or the secret games people play at night in the barns of the town Before I started the book seemed bulky, but the tension, the careful characterization and the twists of the plot make it a real page turner Matthew is a great lead as the early private investigator, and I m glad to know there will be books featuring him The frontier setting is believable and well researched, not only in the buildngs and the climate, but especially in the mentalities and customs of the recently immigrant population that left behind persecution in old Europe, but brought to the new world a heavy baggage of hatred and superstitions.In this context, Matthew Corbett is a man well ahead of his times, a sceptic with a scientific method of searching for the truth, a humanist who sees the faults of his peers, yet remains true to the principles of fairness and integrity that give him strength and peace of mind Everyone goes on, he repeated with a taint of bitter mockery Oh, yes They go on With crippled spirits and broken ideals, they do go on And with the passage of years they forget what crippled and broke them They accept it grandly as they grow older, as if crippling and breaking were a gift from a king Then those same hopeful spirits and large ideals in younger souls are viewed as stupid, and petty and things to be crippled and broken, because everyone does go on Tell me What is the point of life, if truth is not worth standing up for If justice is a hollow shell If beauty and grace are burnt to ashes, and evil rejoices in the flames Shall I weep on that day, and lose my mind, or join the rejoicing and lose my soul Shall I sit in my room Should I go for a long walk, but where might I go so as not to smell the smoke Should I just go on, like everyone else This last credo of our young hero serves also as a sort of explanation for the nightbird from the title It serves a similar purpose as the mockingbird in Harper Lee s masterpiece, and Matthew is cut from the same cloth as Atticus Finch Somebody needs to stand up to the bulies and the bigots and defend the innocents, despite the warnings of the conformists that such an action will bring them sorrow and pain For Matthew in the next novels this will translate in confrontations with evil men, adventures at the edges of civilization, and maybe seductive songs from beautiful enchantresses. My name is Robert McCammon, and I m a writer As Jonathan Janz said after reading THE WOLF S HOUR, I don t write novels I write masterpieces We need to talk, you and I You re preparing to read a book called SPEAKS THE NIGHTBIRD, and we need to get a couple of matters straightened out before you proceed First of all, there ll be no need for other books while you read mine That s right I expect you to be monogamous You don t like that Not ready to make that commitment Forgive my grin I suppose I should explain something You don t have a choice.Yes, that s right Once you begin this tale of mystery and murder, you won t have need of other books This is because you ll be transported to Fount Royal for the next couple of weeks Haven t heard of it Yes, it s a rather surprising place full of sordid dealings and shady characters and excuse me, I ought to allow you to discover the tale for yourself, eh Yes But before you do, there s one thing I should mention.Remember that request for monogamy It s a wish I don t utter lightly I know how many great books there are out there, I know how many wonderful writers Believe me, I wouldn t ask you for exclusivity if not for the following fact I will deliver everything in this book Horror in lurid red gushes Romance in electrifying blue glances Humor in bright orange bursts Sadness in somber gray brushstrokes And if these ingredients aren t enough for you, I ll also provide rollicking adventure, dialogue that crackles, passion that seethes, and injustice that infuriates And when it s all over, you will have known what it s like to exist in another time, in another place And like my protagonist Matthew Corbett, you ll be changed by the experience My name is Robert McCammon, and I m a writer It s time for us to take a journey together It is not enough to love the nightbird s song One must also love the nightbird And one must eventually fall in love with the night itself McCammon is this close to becoming my favourite author of all time This is such a great book, with a very relatable main character What really shines through in this historical fiction story about a magistrate and his assistant giving trial to a witch in 1699 Carolina, is the writer s ability to show what each character wants You feel every question that Corbett asks because he just has to know He asks the questions that we all would ask I even felt for the main protagonist It would be so easy to paint an evil, stock villian but McCammon had me understanding why this character did these certain things, and then made me ache for their weary soul There was no doubt a great Evil had seized upon the town, and had grown in both murky day and blackest night like poisonous mushrooms.There is nothing like a McCammon book His voice just seeps into your head, and you re in it His settings are vivid and memorable the dialogue is realistic and crammed with wit the characters are as real as you or I and the twists and turns will keep you turning the page A superb read, with everything you could wish for in a book IMO But what kind of truth was it, that might be both true and false at the same time