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Bookstore Owner Kate Comes Home From Work One Day To Find Her Two Flatmates In Bedtogether Joe A Sensitive Composer Is Mortified Sean An Irrepressible Bad Boy Asks Her To Join In Kate S Been Fantasising About Her Hunky New Housesmates Since They Moved In, But She Was Convinced They Were Both Gay Realising That Pleasure Is A Multi Faceted Thing, She Sets Her Cares Aside And Embarks On A M Nage Trois With The Wild Duo Kate Wants Nothing Than To Keep Both Her Admirers Happy, But Inevitably Things Become Complicated, Especially At Work Kate Has Told Her Colleagues That Joe And Sean Are Gay But The Gossip Begins When She S Caught In A Clinch With One Of Them In Her Lunch Hour To Add To This, One Of Kate S Conservative Suitors Is Showing Interest Again, But She S Hooked On The Different Kind Of Loving That She Enjoys With Her Boys Even Though She Knows It Cannot Last Or Can It

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    My body responded to the flying dildo with a rash like prickle of heat. Menage is entertaining, while not the best erotica out there The characters have personalities and get some development However, the plot alternates between forgetting about characters entirely and trying too hard to wrap things up cutely view spoiler Surprise happy ending wedding anyone hide spoiler

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    Quickshot review since I read this long ago and never marked it down This is a great one handed read The storyline is a little OTT and alot happens between these three It s not a committed triad, but there are insanely hot scenes between them all the same If MMF erotica is your thing, Ms Holly has a talent for it.

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    Start as you mean to go on Kate comes home to find her tenants having sex in her bed One of these handsome young men, Joe, has a crush on her, and the other, Sean, is indulging his sexual fantasy Upon being discovered they immediately invite her to join in, which she gladly does And for the next 100 pages, all three are bonking happily together all around the house and various locations in Philadelphia Hmm, the reader might think Well, if the whole book is just going to be nothing but sex scenes yes, yes, it is it s erotica then I hope the sex scenes are good Well, there s actually a surprising amount of character development, all cleverly tied into the sex Sean s desperately trying to hide his vulnerability by staying in control queue scenes featuring Sean the Dom but Kate is determined to reach his loving soul within queue Kate topping from the bottom and turning Dom herself and of course he can only express himself to her from the safety of make believe queue role play meanwhile Joe is just a sweet boy desperately in love queue the tender scenes And Kate loves them both, or at least, loves Joe and lusts for Sean lots of happy menage scenes The smut itself is not bad look, here s the thing, I actually love the smut in this book All three characters are whole heartedly, willingly, joyfully into each other, which just makes me so happy I so rarely read erotica which is so wholesome There s not a trace of angst in this story No spite, no drama, no selfishness, an alpha but not an asshole That being said, the level of realism bounces up and down like our young heroes ruby red cocks yes, that is how they are described There s a very worthy attention paid to always having safe sex, and the characters all make sure to use condoms before any sexual encounter But then the BDSM scenes show a fair lack of understanding about the importance of informed consent Now we know, as the reader, that everyone involved is loving every second of it and having a great time, so it didn t worry me, but it seemed incongruous.The purple prose delighted me Yes, the descriptions tended to the ridiculous, but that just highlighted for me how much everyone was enjoying every part of each other There were a few moments where the menage didn t quite obey the laws of physics, and I would think, they must be very flexible to get into that arrangement but it didn t happen often enough to ruin the fun.There was a lot of room for improvement in the plotting, which gets somewhat messy towards the end before all being tied up rather rushedly, but I am overlooking any faults in the story due to the wonderful, upbeat mood At the end everybody has a happy ending, which is all I ever wanted for these adorable characters.

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    Emma Holly writes some delicious sex scenes This is one of my early menage stories I ve read I remember thinking, wow this is different than the sex books I ve read This was tastefully done and I enjoyed it Hot

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    I m so torn on this book The sex scenes were some of the hottest I ve ever read SERIOUS panty melting yumminess It s the plot that sort of sinks it The emotional plotline is a complete mess, and most of the time, I had no idea who was feeling what for whom and why in that respect.The development of the characters, except Sean, didn t make any sense to me either Changes just seemed to come out of nowhere, for no reason I never really knew what the hell was going on with Kate, and Joe s sudden rise to fame and thus to a play top was really fake and made me miss the original Joe I mean it was SIX MONTHS, not ten years Oy.So, the plot, emotional throughline, and characterization are only 2 5, imo, but I finally had to decide on 3 5 just based on the sex scenes Did I mention they were hot

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    Hot Puts the triple XXX in exotic sex Not for the faint of heart.

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    2.5 3 starsThis was a decent story I liked Kate, Joe and Sean and I liked their story to a point but there were too many parts of the story that didn t work for me overall Maybe I was so disappointed with this book because I ve previously read Holly s The Billionaire Bad Boys Club and loved it Kate is a successful bookstore owner She was married but things didn t work out due to him cheating on her multiple times and then running off with the 17 year old daughter of one of Kate s friends Kate has her own house and has 2 boarders, Joe and Sean, that are both 23 years old and graduate students They re involved with each other but Kate has secretly been crushing on Joe for a while.Sean is an accounting student and Joe is also a student although I don t remember reading his degree path as well and is taking an interest in drama music Sean is really smart and is going to do well in the business arena Joe is actually a musical child protege but his mother wanted him to have a normal life Now that he s building his career, Joe wants to write musicals Joe and Sean met each other around a year ago and are best friends and involved sexually.When the story begins, Kate is getting home from work She gets to her bedroom and finds Sean and Joe in her bedroom having sex This turns her on as she s been drooling over Joe for a while and Sean is pretty hot as well When Kate doesn t go running, Sean asks if she wants to join themwhich she does It soon becomes apparent that there s a much stronger tie between Joe and Kate who have become friends over the past 6 months they ve been cohabitating than between Sean and Kate Because of the mutual crushing that s been going on between Kate and Joe, Sean figures he s losing Joe but invites Kate in figuring he ll take what time he can get with them both Kate doesn t know if something can work out long term but seems determined to see what can come of things Joe doesn t see a problem with things but doesn t seem to think about the future, at least at first The menage relationship between the three starts off well and goes alright There s some drama here and there but nothing too bad and some unusual sexual encounters as well The main drama comes with the conflict of Joe s future vs staying with Kate and things kind of go to crap and stay stay crappy for a while There is a reunion effort from Joe but I wasn t too thrilled with the way he and Sean played it and so the reunion was kind of a dud for me The story ends with a HEA for Joe and Kate.This was an alright story I liked the characters and the story wasn t bad but there were certain points of the story that were a bit too weird for me or just didn t work for me, especially the reunion at the end as noted above Also, the HEA was sort of inconclusive because Kate and Joe are together but there also seemed like the possibility of adding Sean back in later Overall, the story was alright but just didn t work for me.

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    Holy Hell this book was hot When Kate Winthrop discovers her two male boarders in a romantic tryst in her bedroom, she accepts their offer to join them and thus begins an adventure for all three Kate, a successful bookstore owner, finds herself attracted to the dominating, masterful Sean, who takes liberties with her body, but from whom Kate keeps her heart and soul at a safe distance This books was picked for me in a pick it for me challenge in the Menage Group it was a very good pick The sex scenes are really hot and Holly, as usual, knows how to build the anticipation before every encounter Emma Holly did a great job of telling this story She definitely delivers a great read in this book You are able to bond with the characters and actually understand their points of view I found this book to be well written with good plot and character development I love reading Emma Holly s books they are well written and this one was one of them.

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    well written and even somewhat believable plot wise these characters didn t get together i the middle of saving the world, r running for their lives they were friends and room mates for awhile things had a natural progression to them than most menage books the sex scenes were pretty amazing ok pretty amazing is an understatement they were down right delicious.the story kind of irked me in spots the games sean played seemed just out and out mean at times yes, yes, that is part of his tortured appeal but they were just a little too hurtful watching joe follow suit was pretty heartbreaking as well i get the point of it, i just don t like how it came about this was also one of those times where at the end of the book i was looking for the ending did not make me a happy kitty i needed a little bit follow up i was dying to know how it all ends up no such luck it was well implied, but still.

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    I ve read the first chapter but this book is really not grabbing me This could be a DNF I ll give it another couple of chapters and see how I go I sat down and finished this book today Whilst the first 150 pages has some steamy writing in it, I just couldn t settle into the book Generally, if I m reading erotica, I like it to be short and sweet This was erotica but it was long so it struggled to hold my attention.The last 100 pages then turned into of a romance story that s when I really started to enjoy the book It was still steamy but I could relate better to the characters and feel for them I can see why this book was this length the first 2 3 of the book is really setting the scene for the last third I really liked the resolution and the open ending.The last 100 pages deserve 4 stars, but I really did have to force myself to get to that point, so 3 stars overall.