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Dear Reader,You Have Undoubtedly Picked Up This Book By Mistake, So Please Put It Down Nobody In Their Right Mind Would Read This Particular Book About The Lives Of Violet, Klaus, And Sunny Baudelaire On Purpose, Because Each Dismal Moment Of Their Stay In The Village Of VFD Has Been Faithfully And Dreadfully Recorded In These Pages I Can Think Of No Single Reason Why Anyone Would Want To Open A Book Containing Such Unpleasant Matters As Migrating Crows, An Angry Mob, A Newspaper Headline, The Arrest Of Innocent People, The Deluxe Cell, And Some Very Strange Hats It Is My Solemn And Sacred Occupation To Research Each Detail Of The Baudelaire Children S Lives And Write Them All Down, But You May Prefer To Do Some Other Solemn And Sacred Thing, Such As Reading Another Book InsteadWith All Due Respect, Lemony Snicket It was nice to dive back into this series after taking a little break from it This book is definitely one of the stranger ones in the series in my eyes Something about a village adopting children and the crows mixed together was incredibly creepy But that doesn t mean I enjoyed this book any less, in fact I think it made me enjoy it As the series goes on, the books really become intricate and mature and I find that s particularly prominent in this one After finishing up The Ersatz Elevator, we couldn t wait to start this installment with hopes that the Baudelaires would find a way to locate and save their friends the Quagmire triplets The book begins with the Baudelaires once again in Mr Poe s incompetent hands as he attempts to find them a new and safe home This time, he s exhausted all options and finds it extremely difficult locating a place for them The children are informed that they ll be living at V.F.D, a.k.a The Village of Fowl Devotees, where there are rules for pretty much everything under the sun This particular town believes in the aphorism, It takes a village to raise a child which is the entire basis for taking the children in One of the women in the Council of Elders spoke up We are now discussing the guardianship of the Baudelaire orphans Under the new government program, the entire town of V.F.D will act as guardian over these three children because it takes a village to raise a child Are there any questions What the Baudelaires don t know yet, is that the town of V.F.D is incredibly disturbing and full of crows, but they still have hope that the Quagmire triplets are there Unfortunately, the children have been put in the hands of an entire village of idiots and all they can do is search for clues to find their friends once and for allNow, Baudelaires, I m sure you are very concerned about this Olaf fellow, but as your guardian, the town will protect you That is why we have recently made up a new rule, Rule 19,833 It clearly states that no villains are allowed within the city limits This book was quite slow for the first half, but then we ended up flying through the second half because it s fairly action packed The story itself wasn t as comical, but there are additional characters which was nice There s also an interesting mystery to it and it s fairly unpredictable.Even though the series is quite formulaic, the kids always end up enjoying these The author manages to instill hope in the reader with every book, but unfortunately, something always goes wrong and Count Olaf prevails This book is a little darker, ends a little bit differently, and we have no idea what predicament the children will be in next with the way this one ended.4 You can also read this Still working on my series reread as the Netflix S2 episodes come out I don t think this is my favourite book but it s also one I love the aesthetic of the most If that counts as, um, a legitimate comment Shhh let me live But the Baudelaire s end up in jail and there are crows everywhere and Hector s self sustaining hot air balloon Although I can t actually imagine never coming down Because there s only so many times you can reread a book, c mon Hector, don t you want new releases Also Hector is a frustrating guardian, but I also feel really bad for him He s socially anxious poor guy.Notable things so I reread the first 6 books obsessively as a kid because I had them on audiobut not this one so I remembered NOTHING and it was a nice flit down memory lane SUNNY LEARNED TO WALK AND KLAUS TURNED 13 brb my babies are growing up and I have emotions how is it even possible for these children to be so unlucky why should they have to do chores for the whole village who is educating these children how will they go to uni one day also 10 10 for the fact that Hector ACTUALLY FEEDS THEM because I think they ate salmon in book 6 and that s it they will not grow if they do not eat obviously the biggest drawback of reread childhood favourite books when you re in your 20s is that now you wish to protect the children instead of wanting them to continue their adventures the village is vile because crows carry disease the fact the Baudelaire s are always still polite even when everyone is horrible proves they are 100 x better people than me I didn t like this one as much The kids are sent to a vile village to live It was filled with weirdos and crows And of course Count Olaf, I m beginning to think he has a tracking device on them And the mystery of the Quagmire Triplets grows