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Het Tweede Deel Met Psychoanalytica Frieda Klein Die Tegen Wil En Dank Wordt Meegesleurd In De Afschuwelijke Wereld Van Misdaad En Moord In Een Vervallen Huis In Het Oosten Van Londen Wordt Het Opgezwollen, Door Vliegen Bedekte Lijk Van Een Man Aangetroffen, Rechtop In Een Leunstoel Het Huis Is Van Michelle Doyce, Een Kwetsbare Vrouw Met Ernstige Psychische Problemen Onderzoek Toont Aan Dat De Man Pas Na Zijn Dood Naar Het Huis Is Overgebracht De Enige Informant Is Michelle, Maar Haar Uitspraken Stellen De Recherche Voor Raadsels Inspecteur Karlsson Roept Frieda Klein Te Hulp, En Weer Raakt Zij Verstrikt In De Duistere Kanten Van Het Leven Zij Komt Erachter Dat Het Slachtoffer Geen Onschuldige Was, Maar Een Gewiekste Zwendelaar Die Profiteerde Van De Angsten En Noden Van Anderen Wanneer Frieda Meer Te Weten Komt Over Diens Verledens En Ook Zijn Slachtoffers Leert Kennen, Blijkt Ze In Groot Gevaar Te Verkeren En Meer Vijanden Te Hebben Dan Ze Dacht Met Dinsdag Is Voorbij Wordt De Reeks Vervolgd Die Begon Met Blauwe Maandag Het Is Een Prachtig Strak Gecomponeerde Thriller Met Grote Psychologische Diepgang, Waarin Meer Onthuld Wordt Van Het Raadselachtige Innerlijk Leven Frieda Klein Zij Spant Zich In Om Vaste Grond Onder De Voeten Te Krijgen In Een Onbekende Wereld Van Misdaad En Angst

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    I totally devoured this I happened upon this series last year when I was doing a reading challenge and needed a book with a day of the week in it The main character is a psychotherapist, Frida, who inadvertently becomes embroiled in a missing persons and murder investigation In this second outing, I was fascinated by Frida as a character She is aloof, very private but also caring We learn she is cut off from her family but now why It is her astute observations that keep the case open and help to solve it I am fascinated by the psychotherapeutic process but also feel the situation in this book, where Frida becomes a freelance consultant to the police, with permission to almost take on the role of a detective with initiative, was stretching reality a bit Also, she supervises a young psychotherapist who admits to being flaky and letting his clients down At one point she encourages him to take on a particularly vulnerable client again an unlikely practise Nevertheless, I enjoyed this book so much that I can t give it any less than a full 5 stars.If you like psychological stories, this series could be for you Recommended.

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    4 5This novel by the husband wife writing team Nicci French is the second in the seven novel Frieda Klein mystery novel series I had read the first, Blue Monday, a few months back and knew then I would eventually get back to reading the rest of the books Klein is a psychiatrist, who works as a psychotherapist, in contemporary London While she gets along well with all sorts of people, she is very much a loner, loving night walks and time alone in her tiny and cozy house From time to time the police, especially in the person of Deputy Chief Inspector Mal Karlsson, call on her to enlighten them about the motivations and thought processes of their unusual characters Yet Klein is not an ordinary police advisor she remains very much her own person, going further than is needed when she feels that is necessary to get at the truth and refusing to go along with scenarios that she feels do not represent the truth of what she sees Her insistence on her own independence keeps her, in this novel at least, from becoming an official representative of the department The I get to know her, the better I like her, even though I sometimes disagree with what she does or says.Because this is a mystery, I won t go into any sort of plot details The book opens with a social worker visiting Michelle Doyce, a client, and finding Doyce feeding tea and buns to a dead man, who is decomposing on her sofa Clearly, Doyce is not in her right mind, and the body is not carrying any identification So the book begins by sending Doyce to the hospital and trying to identify the body And as you can imagine, the book is quite dark We are not dealing with the human race at is best here for much of the time Yet the story is quite a page turner with new characters and ideas arriving one immediately after the other Sometimes I can guess where things are going many other times I am totally surprised Once I got started on this book, I just had to keep reading.As this is a second book in a series, I will say that while it could stand alone, I think the reader who has already read the first novel will find him or herself to be an even involved reader Quite a few characters in the first book are back, especially the police and Frieda s colleagues, friends, and family Even some of the ideas from the plot of the first novel recur I am so glad I am reading these books in order I liked this one even than the first, in part because I already know so many of the characters As I am heading to the library today, I will be taking out Frieda Klein mysteries by Nicci French, assuming I can get them in order.

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    The London Stone behind its Victorian grill Cannon Street.Description In Tuesday s Gone, a London social worker makes a routine home visit only to discover her client serving afternoon tea to a naked, decomposing corpse With no clues as to the dead man s identity, Chief Inspector Karlsson again calls upon Frieda for help She discovers that the body belongs to Robert Poole, con man extraordinaire But Frieda can t shake the feeling that the past isn t done with her yet Did someone kill Poole to embroil her in the investigation And if so, is Frieda herself the next victim A masterpiece of paranoia, Tuesday s Gone draws readers inexorably into a fractured and faithless world as it brilliantly confirms Frieda Klein as a quintessential heroine for our times.Strapline The mind is a dangerous place to hideOpening Maggie Brennan half walked, half ran along Deptford Church Street.She was talking on the phone and reading a file and looking for the address in the A Z.In some ways this series mildly reminds me of the Bryant and May series by Christopher Fowler, what with the odd snippets of forgotten London and all.This book takes off a year and a month after the end of Blue Monday and the storyline is a continuance so it would be preferable to read them in order to gain the nuances Love this series and wish 3 was on my TBR shelves right now The Capgras delusion is a disorder in which a person holds a delusion that a friend, spouse, parent, or other close family member or pet has been replaced by an identical looking impostor wiki sourced From east to west these are the Black Ditch and the Walbrook, 3 rivers rising on Hampstead Heath the Fleet, Tyburn and Westbourne 4 Blue Monday Frieda Klein, 1 4 Tuesday s Gone Frieda Klein, 2 3 Killing Me Softly4 Beneath the SkinOH Land of the LivingTR The Memory Game3 Catch Me When I FallTR Safe House3 Complicit

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    Events in this volume follow pretty much immediately after those of Blue Monday There s a brief recap to refresh your memory if you re reading them a year apart as they were published, and again in the next one, but I d strongly recommend gobbling them all up back to back.Freida Klein is a complicated character She s amazingly private, but not cold, and other people appreciate her kindness, sensitivity, and good advice In her orbit there s a sister in law and teenaged niece, her mentor, the clinic s manager, a former patient, the friends with the cafe she relies on so heavily for all her meals, the therapist she is mentoring, the Ukrainian builder, the lover who left her for a job in the US, and now various people from Scotland Yard.She has a strong network, but she s not in the habit of asking others for help And now, after the successes and failures of the case she helped on, she s having a bad time coping And then there s another case centered on a woman with profound mental issues.As mysteries I quite like these books They re not exploitative of their victims and the bad guys are never one dimensional Through Klein the reader is given a deeply empathetic look at the lives of people who ve been overlooked, neglected, forgotten The format of the series means that the reader keeps abreast of events after the police are finished detecting there s both emotional and legal ramifications to follow up on.There is also a very sad tone to the books Klein is an insomniac, prone to walking the streets of London when her mind is restless, but it s not a hopelessness in the face of the horrible things humanity does to itself Even where it isn t possible to save everyone, or prevent violence, it is possible to help people, and Klein doesn t stop trying Despite the book s long cold winter, there will be better, warmer, times ahead.Library copy

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    Tuesday s Gone by Nicci French is a 2012 Penguin Group publication Monday s like jumping into ice cold water, but you get a shock of excitement On Tuesday you re still in the water but the shock has worn off and you re just cold This second book in the Frieda Klein series finds the psychologist involved in a disturbing case centered around a mentally ill woman who had been keeping a dead man in her residence When it becomes clear the man was murdered, Frieda officially becomes a consultant with the police and soon finds herself involved with clever con game, while at the same time, she slowly begins to realize that the last case she worked is far from resolved and now that she s discovered the truth, she is most likely in danger I had a little trouble getting into the first book of this series, but since I already had the second book checked out from my library, I decided to keep going with it I m glad I did, because I enjoyed this one better, and found the writing to be a lot fluid The story is slow moving at times and often it feels as though nothing is really happening, but Frieda s personality really begins to take shape, and her relationships with her friends and family were fleshed out , giving the reader better idea of what makes Frieda tick The murder case is a little complex, very puzzling, and I have to admit, I was I pretty surprised by the outcome I was also relieved when Frieda finally got clued in about a troubling thread the first book left hanging and can see how that story will continue to weave itself into further installments That being said, I highly recommend reading this series in order I am hoping Frieda will find a way to continue on with her consulting position, and will finally find the proof she needs to put a murderer away before she becomes his next victim So, overall, I feel like this series could grow on me as we go along, so, Waiting on Wednesday is queued up and ready to go Should be interesting.

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    I actually enjoyed this book a great deal than Blue Monday, the first in the series I think that was because the storyline in this one appealed to me and also the main characters were established and you knew what to expect and how they d act There was also development of Frieda s character in this book and I liked that additional information on her background as it made her actions and feeling make sense.I thought the pacing of this book was excellent and there was never a dull moment As stated previously, the story was gripping and I was keen to see how it would all play out.One word of caution this book heavily references Blue Monday, so you do need to read that one first in order to know what is going on in parts of this story.Giving my feelings about the second book in the series, I will certainly be eager to read on and learn what will happen to Frieda in book three.I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

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