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Francesca Lia Block has charmed and amazed young audiences with tales of the mystical and ethereal This outstanding story is no different Following the life of Echo an LA baby born to an artistic dad and a mom who's an angel this enthralling story offers than fairy dust and the supernatural It tells the tale of a girl who feels doomed to be less than angelic at least in comparison with her mother Mom's startling beauty and aura enchant all who meet her and Echo can never keep up Desperate to be loved as much and maybe find her own identity she escapes to the boys in her life Ultimately she must rely on herself for the strength to surviveSimple text ands story lines do not appeal to Block who weaves a tale with amazing grace and the flowing energy of a true genius Images of vampires ghosts and fairies fill these pages daring the reader to believe Told from the point of view of Echo and the key players in her life the story imparts a dreamlike quality to Echo's life This a novel layered with pain beauty and triumph all which will appeal to young readers

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    I didn't like this book too much The back of the book made it seem like the book was all about the supernatural and this girl wanting to become a mermaid It was really about a girl who smoked and went to clubs and slept with a million guys