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I didn t even finish it.While the prose was absolutely beautiful, I couldn t stand the glamorization of, well, everything from drug abuse to eating disorders, to feeling fragile and hopeless.I didn t like that all the characters felt that their doom and salvation was in finding a boyfriend girlfriend That to feel whole and human and yourself you need someone to love you desperately.I didn t like how being fragile and soft and breakable is made to sound like it s the prettiest state a girl can be in, how desirable and beautiful you are if the weight of the world seems to be about to crush you.So many people I know love Francesca Lia Block, but for me it s often love or hate I guess I picked the wrong book this time around.I ll try another one, and we ll see. Beautiful writing, but I didn t care as much for the story itself. The book started in confusion and ended in confusion I m not sure what it was about Was it symbolic or meaningful If so the symbolism was completely lost on me Unicorns and vampires exited and entered the book on a whim and I m not sure if this was a realistic fiction about a girl who had serious mental issues or a sci fi or what The book was peppered with sex, drugs, and melodrama and though the writing was beautiful the story line was definitely lacking a lot I loved this book This author has such a way with words It s like your listening to a song rather than reading a book I hope to one day read every little thing out there she has ever written SHe is definately my kind of storyteller.In ECHO, you meet a girl named well ECHO You go through her life and every chapter somehow either revolves around ECHO or is a story that will someday effect her.It s really brilliant the way it is done and the ending actually brought a tear to my eye not because I was sad but it was so clever and beautiful My favorite chapter was Thorn It reminded me of flat stomachs, late nights, leather jackets, and acid trips.My one wonder is why on earth this book is rated YA There are things in this book in my opinion, of course that I m not too sure I would want my teenager daughter to read but then again if I was a 14 15 year old girl, I would probably be carrying these books around as though they were Psalms written just for me I guess it s your call if you want to let your kids read these or not THe only reason I say that is because of the reference to drugs again You re call But still this book was brilliant It makes me want to write original stories It gives me hope It s an inspiration and a lesson I do hope this author is still writing I would love to see how modern society has effected her words.5 stars Great read If you particularly enjoy lyrical prose and magical realism, at some point you must read a book by Francesca Lia Block I am probably in the minority because I would recommend Echo before the far famous Weetzie Bat the book of that name or the entire series, Dangerous Angels, of which Miss Weetzie is the title character Here s why Block is a perfect example of a writer who begins a charmed career with raw talent and a distinctive voice and who eventually ends up trying hard to mimic her own best self, systematically recycling the language and plot elements from her earliest work If you re a music fan, think Stevie Nicks that s basically a perfect parallel Somewhere in the middle of that journey from pure inspiration to contrived commercialization, however, is a sweet spot where there s still a lot of the rawness of youthful anguish and passion, some of the magic of uncontrolled artistry that needs and accepts no editor, and some of the sophisticated and controlled craft of the veteran writer I think Echo sits right in that sweet spot It s a stand alone book that has all the signature elements of Block s fiction a dreamy young female protagonist living a sophisticated LA life who drifts between stark reality and stunning fantasy, blurring the lines on both sides until dreams seem like they re possible to live, for real, every day, and every day seems as though it s ever only a blink away from turning into magic Every once in a while, Block gets a little bit self conscious and precious, but nowhere near as often as she does in her later books, and there s a focus to the storytelling that her earlier books lack.There are than a hundred sentences and passages in this book that I would have been proud to have written It s a glorious, romantic, trippy, sweet, edgy, unique, and special book I ll give you thoughts on Weetzie Bat in another review someday soon, but for now, I would say read this book when you are feeling particularly receptive to magic and awe, and if you only ever read one book by Block, make it this one. Amazing is too small a word for what I feel for this book I love Block s way of writing It is full of passion and music and magic It s like the whole world is a glittery, shiny, wonderful and terrible place Echo is a girl with issues, just like everyone else, but in a unique kind of way She falls in and out of love, meets and looses people and wants to be loved and to be beautiful This novel is about love not just the romantic kind of love, but the accepting and respecting yourself kind of love It is Echo s story but it is also a story about Los Angeles and how to survive in this beautiful and cruel world.I think it is a very inspiring book It s even poetic in a sensual way Block has the talent to describe the things in such a beautiful way, as if she was the fairy of the words I love her style and I recommend her novel to everyone Francesca Lia Block Has Charmed And Amazed Young Audiences With Tales Of The Mystical And Ethereal This Outstanding Story Is No Different Following The Life Of Echo, An LA Baby Born To An Artistic Dad And A Mom Who S An Angel, This Enthralling Story Offers Than Fairy Dust And The Supernatural It Tells The Tale Of A Girl Who Feels Doomed To Be Less Than Angelic, At Least In Comparison With Her Mother Mom S Startling Beauty And Aura Enchant All Who Meet Her, And Echo Can Never Keep Up Desperate To Be Loved As Much, And Maybe Find Her Own Identity, She Escapes To The Boys In Her Life Ultimately, She Must Rely On Herself For The Strength To SurviveSimple Text Ands Story Lines Do Not Appeal To Block, Who Weaves A Tale With Amazing Grace And The Flowing Energy Of A True Genius Images Of Vampires, Ghosts, And Fairies Fill These Pages, Daring The Reader To Believe Told From The Point Of View Of Echo And The Key Players In Her Life, The Story Imparts A Dreamlike Quality To Echo S Life This A Novel Layered With Pain Beauty, And Triumph, All Which Will Appeal To Young Readers I like the Weetzie Bat books and I Was a Teenage Fairy I like the manner in which Block folds faerie into contemporary America, especially southern California As for Echo, I am less certain because the book departs from my memory quickly It is an ambitious book with its shift of perspective and time throughout I think what works less for me is the prose Here it has less of the quirky Valleyisms and cloying description of foods, of flowers, of painting, and so on This novel aspires to the condition of poetry, but the cloying poetry of Swinburne rather than the bracing poetry of some of Block s American fellow writers The plot also crams a lot into a short space We have angels, mermaids, vampires, demons, devils, fairies swirling about our central character In the end, we have a sort of True Blood removed to Los Angeles Los Angeles is the protagonist of this book, as perhaps it is of all Block s books The city of glamour and sin, of celebrity and anonymity, of hopes, dreams, and nightmares Characters try to forge relationships, both familial and social, in an environment that thrives on superficiality Something painful speaks from the pages of Block s work. Sadly I missed the hype on this book The author was very much all over the place The author truly beautifully described everything, however the actual storyline was somewhat hard to follow I think the author had really high hopes but I m not sure she completely pulled it off She would spend long chapters telling the backstory on one character, then jump to a seemingly unrelated character She did this with about 5 characters until you could finally see how they started to know each other However, by this time, you were so confused with who was who that it barely matters In the end, they all somehow tied together, but the characters just were names by then you didn t remember their backstory for it to matter I would read by this author, hopefully with the same writing style but easier to comprehend. This book hits on all of the usual F L Block themes, but is a little less grimy ethereal wonderful than some of her other works At 14 I would have loved this book just as much as Weetzie or Girl Goddess 9 However it doesn t stand up on its own merits to someone a little haha, a lot older with literary experience under her belt.