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Jack And Annie Are Ready For Their Next Fantasy Adventure In The Bestselling Middle Grade Series The Magic Tree House It S A Treasure Trove Of Trouble Jack And Annie Are In For A High Seas Adventure When The Magic Tree House Whisks Them Back To The Days Of Deserted Islands, Secret Maps And Ruthless Pirates Will They Discover A Buried Treasure Or Will They Be Forced To Walk The Plank Visit The Magic Tree House Website MagicTreeHouse

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    This is a book about a pirate who want s treasure In the book the pirate looked into Jack s book bag to look for gold and there was nothing in it So the pirate took Jack and Annie because he thought they were hiding gold from him What I liked about this book is when the two kids, Annie and Jack, try to escape from the bad guy s ship They saved themselves instead of being rescued I thought the librarian at the end of the book was cool and looked very pretty, like princess She has a special crown on top of her head that takes her to her magical library and she wears a long pretty dress In the end the pirate opened the treasure box right away and he was surprised and got mad Then Annie and Jack took him to the wrong treasure chest, by accident The only thing in the treasure chest was plain old dust She gave it 5 stars because she remembered so much about it.

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    Pirates Past Noon, was the fourth book in the Magic Treehouse series It was a chapter book written by Mary Pope Osborne It starts off like all of the other books when Jack and Annie went out to the Frog Creek woods and got into the treehouse Since it was raining out, Annie grabbed the book with the beach and wished they could go there When they got there, they are captured by pirates and held hostage until they showed the pirates where the treasure was The pirates thought Jack knew where it was because of the gold medallion around his neck They believed it came from Cap n Kidd s treasure On the way to find the treasure, Jack and Annie escaped back to the treehouse to go home As they got to the treehouse Jack realized that he forgot the book onshore and the pirates were catching up to them Jack hurried back to grab the book and they arrived home safely.The two main characters in the book are Jack and Annie Jack is intelligent of the two and is always looking out for his little sister, Annie Annie is adventurous and is always getting into trouble and or chasing things The two always solve the problems they need to together with great teamwork The book begins in Jack and Annie s house in Frog Creek, Pennsylvania Then, goes off to the treehouse and eventually to the beach The time period takes place in present time, but they go back in time when Annie wishes to go to the beach This happened to be when pirates were around They are on a boat at sea for most of the time and at the end they are back on the beach where the treehouse and treasure are I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a book about the history of pirates and treasure I would also recommend this book to elementary school kids who like this series This book is short and easy to read I rate this a four out of five, because it is interesting than the other Magic Treehouse books.

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    During the ROOB competition I read through a bunch of the earliest Magic Tree House books In Pirates Past Noon Jack and Annie go back in time to learn how to be pirates and to discover the identity of the mysterious M.The earliest books are very short compared the newest ones They are also short on plot The gist here is that the siblings are still trying to learn who owns the tree house and how it works the way it does In the middle of all of this are pirates who are out to get treasure.If this were a later book there would be information about piracy, letters of mark, the different nations involved in the Caribbean and so forth As it stands, the pirates are merely caricatures and a means of putting the children in danger to move the plot.

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    When attempting to try to stop reading for the night Jack said, If you stop here, I m going to have a problem So, I guess this deserves four stars

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    All of a sudden it s all Magic Treehouse all the time in our household The Kiddo came home with two Magic Treehouse books from his school library This series has definitely caught his attention, which is great.Kiddo is six, and in first grade I ve been reading these books out loud to him He borrows the ones that interest him from the library, so we have not been reading the series in order This book is the fourth in the series, and it represents an ending point for the initial ongoing plot In this story, the main characters Jack and Annie meet the owner of the mysterious Magic Treehouse and learn some of its secrets.And there are also pirates Including a real villain Other books we ve read in the series so far either had no clear cut villain, or the villains were nameless menaces This book features Cap n Bones, a pirate eager for gold, and in need of the kids help because he can t read the treasure map he acquired.This book features a lot of action, and some very real peril for the kids It s exciting and fast paced, but I felt like Cap n Bones could have been fleshed out a bit as a character fleshed bones Okay, sorry I ll stop now The pirate adventure also gets cut short a bit due to the need to develop the ongoing meta plot in the final chapters The story ends on something of an infodump, which, as fun and creative as it is and it is both of those things is still a big chunk of explanation rather than, well, swashbuckling adventure.I am glad that the series got to continue from here, and the Kiddo is definitely looking forward to I believe we re scheduled to visit the jungle in the next book in our order, anyway.

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    This is another book that I read to learn Spanish as an adult.This book is at my comprehensible reading level which made it an absolute delight I was able to learn several new words through context as there is ample repetition.The plot was simple with a couple of twist and turns which kept it from being boring, but I doubt that I would enjoy this book much if it was much below my comprehensible reading level.I may read a few of this series, but the plot simplicity makes me hesitant.

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    4.75 5 this might be my favorite one

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    The true story of the Magic Tree House is revealed in this one I think I m good to go with the series now I won t be reading or buying any unless my daughter falls in love with the first 4 and demands them or something My son isn t impressed either but he s already 8 and he s a pretty strong reader.

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    okay this feels a little like cheating to add it to my yearly reading count but i did read it all aloud to a student and it s 80 pages so it might as well count it had a good overall arc who is this mysterious m person who keeps leaving books in the magic tree house and a fun pirate adventure with some genuinely funny lines.

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    Magic Tree House Pirates Past Noon Jack and Annie go back in time to the time when pirates were abundant A parrot was above the tree house watching them When Jack and Annie leave the tree house, Jack forgets his backpack and has to return for it When he runs back for it, he is captured by three pirates the captain and two mates Annie tries to help, but ends up getting captured They accused Jack and Annie of stealing their treasure The mates go to the tree house to investigate and only see a medallion The captain sees it and accuses Jack and Annie of stealing their treasure He has a map that none of them can read Jack fortunately is able to read and says, if you let me go, I will help you The captain agrees to let Jack go, but only until he has the treasure in his hands will he fully be free They go to another island and there is a threat of a bad storm When they get to the island, they all look for the treasure and start digging It starts raining and the two mates left the captain, because the storm was so bad The captain threw the medallion in the hole and Jack went after it The parrot comes back and Jack and Annie chase the parrot to the tree house and return back to Pennsylvania The parrot transforms into a person, Morgan LaFay She tells them that because Annie believes in magic and Jack likes reading they were able to discover the tree house, because no one else could see it They give Morgan the bookmark the one they found in the knight s castle and the medallion Morgan disappears and Jack reaches into his pocket and discovers he has the medallion Annie says Morgan will be back The main characters are Jack and Annie Jack loves to read and Annie has a good imagination and also believes in magic Annie is outgoing, and Jack is reserved and quiet Jack and Annie care about other people, because they remind the captain to be nicer to his mates.The story takes place when pirates were popular The main location is a sea The story also takes place on a tropical island The primary theme for the reader to take away from this story is to be nice to people even if they might be mean to you, because they might learn a lesson about how they treat others For instance, the captain was mean to his mates and when they left he realized he was too hard on them.I would recommend this book to boys and girls who like adventure, history, problem solving, and stories with a lesson because all of these books have these elements in them.