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This is currently a book that remains on my table and Ive been sliding to my friends, family and my colleagues to include in their courses The entire work is like a quiet ocean wave, washing my toes and tingling my entire self One of my favorites is Salvation. The Haunting Music Of Lee Herrick S This Many Miles From Desire Reflects The Quest Of The Poet, An Adoptee, To Understand His Place In The World One Child Found In The World S History Of Found Children Spiritually Yearning, Imagistically Sharp, And Lyrical, Herrick S Poems Are A Journey Of Reward I m not much into reading poetry, but Herrick s background prompted me to read his poems Of course, the ones that resonate most with me are the ones that chronicle his journey as he comes to terms with his identity as a Korean adoptee. Some of the most beautiful poetry I have ever read. I can t say it any other wayI love this book Lee Herrick is one of my favorite poets, anyway, and this book of poems expresses his gentle style of writing so well After the first poem, I knew this was going to take an honoured place on my bookshelf. This is a lovely book Many of the poems focus on Herrick s adoption from Korea at a young age, and he makes these experiences beautifully universal and meaningful The poems invoke a sense of place, and the things we associate with those places foods, music, rituals, bodies of water Herrick finds beauty everywhere, and shows it to us in delicate, graceful verse My copy is dog eared and underlined with poems and lines I want to reread yours will be too So I m biased Lee was the first one to tell me about City Lights in San Francisco, and lo and behold the first time I wander in I find his poetry book, released two or three months prior It was beautiful, I read it in one sitting and I cried He wrote a poem for a poetry and blues recital I helped put together, and that poem is in here sigh