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    It was one of those nights in Hollywood, the kind that made gossip columnists and newspapermen and the announcers on newsreels say, It was one of those nights in Hollywood The glamour and magic of old Hollywood may be gone, but Rachel Shukert s captured the spirit of the era so perfectly, it s almost as if the Golden Age of film lives on in the pages of Starstruck My favorite historical fictions are those that feel like magic even though the plot of course calls for no real magic, simply because everything about the subject period, the mood, the atmosphere, the whole works, comes alive as the pages fly by, and Starstruck is definitely such a book Pure moviemaking magic.Ok, I have to confess, I m kind of a film buff Names like Olivia de Havilland, Katherine Hepburn, and of course Clark Gable mean something to me, but even if theirs create the setting, Starstruck goes much deeper than just a few famous name drops Sure, at its core it s about three girls trying to make it big, get their names in lights, and the plot when you think about it isn t so much different than Lauren Conrad s book of the same name which I have read, don t ask , but unlike every other book about girls, fame, and Hollywood, only this Starstruck gives the meaningful insight into a bygone era that qualifies as so much And Margaret Frobisher er Margo Sterling is the best kind of tour guide, because if you want to capture the glamour, tell a story about the movies, well you need a character that reflects the kind of excitement and enthusiasm and energy that s at the heart of the Hollywood mythos, and hers is an attitude that s absolutely infectious Whether she s excitedly pouring over the pages of the newest issue of Picture Palace, experiencing firsthand the wonder of Olympus Studios that day of her first audition, or even slowly piecing together the dark side behind the fame, I felt like I was there at every moment, and that s how historical fiction succeeds.More than that, Rachel Shukert sure knows how to cast a fully immersive spell It s not just getting the setting right, making sure the characters are in character, or shoving the anachronisms under the doormat, but it s like this book lives and breathes 1930s Hollywood I could approach the effect from many different angles, whether it s the excitement, the name checking of period cars and designers, perfectly capturing not just the inner workings of a 1930s movie studio, but the atmosphere and tone as well, or even getting the politics of the day just right with characters who are clever reflections of the effects of the then rising Nazism and communism on the movies, but even for those who haven t watched hours of documentaries on the subject, it s easy to appreciate that Starstruck is a book that gets Hollywood s Golden Age And it s the little things, Margaret s father s rant, director Raoul Kurtzman s story, that line about the Karps and Goldwyns and the other power players of the movie business not being allowed into the Pasadena Country Club, that really sell it For a classic movie buff, experiencing all of that is the fun.If there is a problem, it s that yeah the plot is still about three would be starlets trying to make it big in Hollywood It s overdone, and Starstruck still follows the same basic pattern of a girl swept up by the glamour before she s exposed to the dark side beneath the glamour while her not quite friends and sometimes rivals deal with their own problems, their stories intersecting at various points Still, a few things do set Starstruck above the field Margo s story, even if overdone, works because hers alone is an exploration of a time most of us can only see in black and white although she desperately needs a better best friend And while Starstruck is about Margo, and Gabby, and Amanda, the specter of Margo s missing predecessor Diana Chesterfield looms over everything, and it works as a reminder that, even as Margo climbs towards fame, something bigger, something from the nasty underbelly of Hollywood, is lurking in the background, waiting for that one slip up.It s easy to dismiss Starstruck as just another in a long line of entries starring a trio of would be Hollywood starlets It would also be a mistake Starstruck is really a celebration of Hollywood s Golden Age, and as a fan, I m a fan.

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    3.5 starsWas this book on the verge of trashy Yes Did I enjoy every minute of it Yes.Starstruck follows three young starlets trying to make it in the Golden Age of Hollywood the innocent Margo Sterling, who s always dreamed of being in the movies and can t wait to make it out of Pasadena Gabby Preston, who s a veteran of the vaudeville circuit at sixteen and caught between the studio and her mother and Amanda Farraday, whose stunning looks hide a dark past that she hopes to erase forever This book perfectly captures the aura of 30 s Hollywood, from the clothing to the stars to the control that the studio exercises over it s stars lives It conveys both the glamour, as Margo is discovered reading a magazine in Schwab s Drugstore, and the dark side, as stars are forced to hide their unseemly secrets and Gabby is put on an endless regimen of pills to help her lose weight The reader is always aware of the thin line that these stars walk and the sense of suspense that it creates, as the author slowly reveals the secrets of the studio, makes Starstruck a page turner The plot is fast moving and full of surprises, some truly surprising.Margo, Gabby, and Amanda are all intriguing protagonists You always want them to succeed, but they re far from perfect, propelled by both their own flaws and the pressures of the studio system Having three different main characters also allows the author to present a broader range of the starlet experience, and to investigate different kinds of narrative arcs and love stories The supporting characters are also intriguing, if a little less developed Finally, Starstruck may have some scandalous plot elements but it s also surprisingly and pleasantly progressive for a book like this There s an examination of the kinds of roles women were restricted in during the 30 s, a reminder of the conservative isolationists politics that were influential at the time huzzah for historical accuracy , and a gay character Overall, a series opener that manages to deliver a satisfying story while still making readers eager for the sequel Recommended for readers of historical fiction and lovers of Old Hollywood glamour.

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    Margaret going to a finishing school in Pasadena in the 1930s and is obsessed with the Hollywood stars Hanging out at Schwab s, she comes to the attention of a person at Olympus Pictures, and he invites her to come for a screen test This doesn t go over well with her family, and when she is offered a contract, they tell her to never darken their door again Since the glamorous Diana Chesterfield has gone missing, Olympus needs a new starlet for their historical epic, and Margaret is it She is obsessed with fellow actor Dane, even though the studio sets her up with Jimmy, much to the dismay of her Judy Garland esque friend Gabby Many of the starlets in Hollywood have dark secrets, and Margaret soon finds that the glitter of Hollywood is not always what it seems Strengths Anyone interested in the golden age of Hollywood will find the behind the scenes dealings in this interesting Styles, types of actors, studio policy all of this aligns with what I know of this era.Weaknesses More of a YA book due to content, which includes a madame, homosexuality, and abortion It s all done delicately and would be okay for high school, but there s so much that I will pass for middle school I can t say I have any students interested in classic films, s the pity.

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    I really liked this Definitely the kind of Hollywood book I ve been looking for And a 30 s one FUN I liked that it didn t shy away from the negative aspects of Hollywood, especially the ones in the 30 s, though I kind of wanted a little idealism, too Which might ve been solved if there were a conclusive ending I can t tell if the loose ends are left for a potential sequel or if I m just demanding too much I mean, I don t need everything resolved, but I needed than this book gave me.Edit Okay, looks like a sequel is on the way I think I still wanted from this ending, though Just a little bit .

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    A wonderful, swell historical book set in pre ww2 is not overwhelmingly unpredictable, but at the same time not cheesy nor very predictable the characters are interesting, the setting great, and some plot twist you do not see coming At least I did not.Higly recomended.

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    This book is of a 2.5 5 for me I was entertained in some parts of this book, but I found most of the story boring It would make a great movie though.

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    Two second recap As the first book in the start of a three part series, Starstruck is everything a historical fiction YA reader could want in a book It s well written, romantic and brings the glamour of the golden age of Hollywood to life Full review I grew up on a steady diet of films from the golden age of Hollywood e.g Audrey Hepburn s My Fairy Lady Jimmy Stewart s Mr Smith Goes to Washington, and Bergman Bogart s Casablanca These films taught me about romance, took me to far off places, and helped me dream big So when I learned that Rachel Shukert had written a YA book about the time period, I knew that this was something I had to read immediately Because really awesome starlets the glamour of the old studios YA win win, am I right I m thrilled to say that after reading Starstruck, it s everything that a fan of the era and a fan of YA could want in a book What worked The characterizations As the primary protagonist, Margaret later to be reborn as Margo is no wilting flower Yes, she s lived a very sheltered life in Pasadena, something Shukert illustrates very well with small details e.g Margaret s housekeeper Margaret s nervousness when faced with the opposite sex but she s also no wilting flower At one point, Margaret has to make an incredibly difficult decision involving her future hopes and aspirations She makes that decision without batting an eye It s a testament to Shukert s writing and characterization that the reader is instantly able to understand why Margaret s made the difficult choice The multi perspectives Shukert makes the extremely clever decision of telling the book through three young women at very different points of their Hollywood career By diving the story between Margaret Margo , Gabby and Amanda, Shukert keeps the narrative moving and avoids a common pitfall for seeking stardom stories like these exclusively focusing on the newcomer young ingenue, which almost always results in the audience actively hating her Smash on NBC, I m looking at you Also, considering Shukert writes Smash recaps for Daily Vulture, I m guessing this is something she actively kept in mind when writing The plotting Shukert does an excellent job in developing Margaretevolution from innocent schoolgirl to the new Hollywood It Girl, in a logical, believable way She provides enough detail and explanation for why Margaret is able to ascend so quickly, and at no point, does it feel unbelievable or larger than life As part of the plotting the mystery There s an ongoing mystery in the book, and it keeps the reader guessing until the very end The eventual reveal is very heartbreaking, and completely not what I expected On that note, Shukert also incorporates some of the downsides of living a life in the Hollywood spotlight in a thoughtful, respectful manner In the hands of another writer, some of the plotlines incorporated could have easily veered into melodrama Smash, still looking at you In Shukert s hands, these plotlines make you reflec, and honestly, leave you actually sort of saddened at the price that some people must and are willing to pay for fame What didn t work Things to considerHonestly, nothing Even my usual critique that a multiple perspective storyline can often take away from overall character development e.g Breathe, doesn t apply here The only thing I d want Shukert to explore , is Olive Moore s interest in Margaret It seemed a little out of left field, but I m guessing there s going to be to come in the sequels Final verdict Starstruck lives up to its title it s a glamorous, sparkling addition to historical YA books I would recommend the book for slightly older YA readers, simply due to the content in the book However, if you re dealing with a very mature young adult, than by all means go for it.

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    For those attracted to the glamour and lights of Hollywood, this will be a perfect read for you We first meet Margaret, who becomes Margo later on, as she sits in a diner near the flashy streets of Hollywood We soon learn that she is about to be discovered by one of Hollywood s biggest names, Larry Julius Margaret s story turns into a story about three girls who are all trying to make names for themselves while pushing and shoving their way through the Hollywood lights, camera, and definitely a whole lot of action When the famous Diana Chesterfield turns up missing everyone starts questioning their positions and who they can really trust I will be very honest when I say that this book started off a little slow to me I have always been intrigued with Hollywood and all the publicity, stars, and mysterious stories that surround it however, when I first started reading I was getting a little tired of the background information and wanted to cut right to the chase Things did pick up drastically once we find all three girls in the center of the action Margo s life was rather mundane at home and I was tired of reading about her life as a schoolgirl But when she got to Hollywood and was thrown in the lion s den, the plot certainly became a lot interesting and the story took some amazing twists and turns Two things in this book were done really well One was a character Amanda Farraday was my absolute favorite character and I loved rebellious personality and the fact that she came from a horrible background, but rose above it She was written with this fire and spark that none of the other characters had and I absolutely loved it Secondly, I loved the mystery behind the missing Diana Chesterfield I kept relating her story to Marilyn Monroe, in a way, because that is just how I have always viewed Hollywood in the early and middle 1900 s Her missing character had me on edge and it was one of the driving aspects that made me get through this novel so quickly A HUGE thank you to the publishers at Delacorte Books for Young Readers for providing me with a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review

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    I absolutely enjoyed reading Rachel Shukert s debut YA novel Starstruck Set in the 1930s, Rachel Shukert sweeps you away into the glamorous world of Old Hollywood, where dazzling lights flash and future film stars are born seemingly overnight I hadn t heard too much about Starstruck beforehand, but once I read the plot description, I was immediately captivated and just had to know .The lives of Margaret Frobisher, Gabby Preston, and Amanda Farraday are about to intertwine as they chase their dreams and learn that fame always comes with a price Margaret had a privileged upbringing, but she wants a very different future than the one her strict parents have always expected her to have She doesn t want a life of country clubs nor settling down to marry a rich man and carrying out the duties of a wife No, what she wants is freedom and independence, a chance to be in the movies she has loved ever since she was a little girl.Gabby has been performing acts for years to support her mother and herself, and still feels the pressure to always work harder She s a well trained singer and dancer, but her youthful looks have typecasted her into roles which have stopped her from becoming a leading lady Amanda is determined to forget her past and be than just the girl with a sultry body that attracts the eyes of men whenever she walks into a room.Not all that glitters is gold in Old Hollywood though, and at the heart of Starstruck is Margaret s growing curiosity in the mysterious disappearance of Diana Chesterfield, a famous starlet everyone at Olympus Studios only speaks about in whispers What makes it all the complicated are Margaret s growing feelings for Dane Forrest, her new co star who was rumoured to be dating Diana before she suddenly vanished.If you love reading historical fiction novels with a tantalizing combination of glamour, secrets and mystery, then I would absolutely recommend Rachel Shukert s Starstruck I have a feeling Starstruck will be underrated by many readers, so I sure hope the novel gets some love and attention because it definitely deserves it

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    INSIDE RACHEL CLOVER I use that headline because for me Rachel Shukert s novel the first of a trilogy, which is very good news compares to one of my favorite books of all time, which is INSIDE DAISY CLOVER, by Gavin Lambert Ms Shukert tells the story of three very different girlsin Hollywood in the 30 s, all of them starstruck not only by Hollywood itself but by a fantasized dream of themselves Shukert knowsher way around the tangled freeways of the show business novel and her sense of period, and evident love of Hollywood, areeverywhere , but she also keeps just enough distance from the page turning goings on of her girls so we can see this is a largerstory about identity, a timeless one about how a young woman struggles to become herself and about the obstacles the world throws in her way.STARSTRUCK is categorized as a YA, which is both just right and also doesn t do it justice this could and should become one of those Young Adult novels That Adults Read, Too I look forward to the next book in the series, which I haven t said since the RABBIT books.