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    This is 70% rant and 30% review Either way, this book is 100% crap.What the hell Seriously, what the hell Earlier this year, I said that Taking Chances was the worst book i ve read this year, but that was before I read this book I just don t even know what to say about this book Basically Mummert took the worst qualities from Christian Grey and Edward Cullen, and combined them all into one batshit character If that wasn t enough, she took everything that was annoying about Bella Cullen and Anastasia Steele, and created Emma.Emma Townsend is basically the most pathetic character i ve ever read about She doesn t stand up for herself, and she does not react appropriately to situations view spoiler A few girls Emma had never talked to before asked her if she d like to smoke weed with them Most people with any kind of common sense would say no But Emma has no common sense, so i m sure you can all guess what she did Long story short, she gets caught by Mr Honnor and he drags her off to his classroom Would you like to know what he did next He pushed her over his desk and started spanking her If I were her, I would have run screaming to the deans office to report him What did Emma do She just stood there and took it Later on they have oral sex and Mr Honor tells her she should taste herself, so he forces his tongue into her mouth At first Emma fights back and tries to push him off, but after a couple of seconds, she just kind of goes oh well, it s happening, so why fight it Really hide spoiler

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    gulp WOW Now I think I understand the meaning of the term anti hero William Honor is the bad boy college professor who commits the cardinal sin of hitting on one of his students But he doesn t just flirt with Emmahe throws it into high gear from day one and goes after her What I mean by that is he really wants this girlwants to possess her, wants to dominate her, wants to fuck her six ways to Sunday Is he losing his mind He can t think straight any She makes him crazy, she makes him horny, she makes him lose control and William never loses control OMG this is a wild ride from beginning to end I thought I should hate William but I m drooling over the guy instead He s the poster boy for the term hot mess , yet something about him is so damn attractive If you re familiar with Travis Maddox from Beautiful Disaster then you have a good idea what William is all aboutbut about 4 times intense Once he seduces Emma it s all over for any man who even looks her way Like Travis, he is totally dysfunctional in a one on one relationship however, while Travis used his fists to communicate his displeasure of any man that looked Abby s way, William s method of dealing with Emma s admirers is ratcheted way the hell up from simply delivering a black eye.So why do I find this troubled man so appealing To begin with, the story is told in first person by William We get to find out first hand what has happened in his troubled past to make him the man he is today In the first book, Honor Student, we get the story from Emma s POVand that gives us zero insight as to where this crazy guy Emma has latched onto is coming from We only know that he is a gorgeous young teacher who is into kinky fuckery and totally messes with Emma s head You wonder WTF is she doing with this guy He s having an affair with a married staff member, his ex wife is blackmailing him, he freaks out when Emma dances with another man and punishes her for it by whipping her with his belt Jeez Emmat h e r a p ythink you might need some But when the story flips and we are inside of William s head, we find out where he s been, who he has become, his self deprecating thoughts and, best of all, how much he cares for Emma and what lengths he will go to protect her He s a user, an abuser and way too out of control If Christian Grey is fifty shades of fucked up then William Honor is sixty Apart from Emma, he places little value on human life including his own He is a train wreck coming and goingand I m crushing on him terribly Honor Thy Teacher is an adrenaline rush from the first page to the last, and is erotic to the core Kudos to Teresa Mummert for gifting us with the most dysfunctional couple in romancelandia and having the writing skills it takes to not only make Emma and William believable but have us rooting for them as well I love the fact that their story is to be continued with Honor and Obey Emma s POV and Honor and Betray William s POV , thereby insuring that William Honor will remain my Kindle fantasy boyfriend for a long time to come William HonorOH YEAH He is definitely my boyfriend

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    This is book two in the Honor Series by Teresa Mummert and what a great sequel it is I couldn t put it down once I started reading it Not only do you have the intense sexual attraction, and sex, between Emma and William, but there is also drama, romance, and mystery When it comes to relationships there are two sides to every story and after reading Emma s in we now get to read Williams s.and man does he have a side and then some that shocked the shit out of me While reading Honor Student, Williams s attitude and actions baffled me to the point where I wasn t sure if I believed the things he was telling Emma But after reading his side of the story, all I can say isHOLY FUCKIN SHIT I soo did not see any of that coming Now there is a downside to reading this book and it s a big one The downside is after you read Honor Thy Teacher you re going to want to read right away to see what happens next but you can tand here s where the downside comes init hasn t been published yet Hopefully it will be out soon If you loved Fifty Shades Of Grey then I really think you re going to like this series Happy Reading

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    5 fuckin stars You should know , this book isn t really perfect , I mean I have the same issues with it that I had with Honour teacher , but just for the fact that the entire book 1 is told from William s POV and is sooo much twisted than Emma s POV this one s most definitely worth the read Before I get on with this review , I have some serious ranting that I need to get off my system Here goes William you are such a cold , distant and manipulative sorta bastard Now I m not telling you that he is the bad guy or that he doesn t love Emma but is just having a good time with her But he hasn t been truthful either Everything Emma knows about him is the truth , but a very carefully edited truth Reading this book was a total shock , like being tasered over and over again William , who kind of looked like a warrior fighting his own demons is suddenly looking like a monster himself I know he really loves Emma , but after reading this book I m kinda having second thoughts on that not really Another character that I forgot to mention about in my review of Honor Teacher was Emma s anut Judy , Emma s so called aunt judy is pretty much into a world of her own and doesn t really care about Emma But in this book we find out , what she s all about and ia also connected to William in some ways Oh god , can this get any messier Maybe it can Definitely waiting to read in this series

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    Umm WHOA OK so for the first half of this book, it was exactly as I thought it would be I kind of got annoyed because William didn t seem to have much depth or life outside of Emma She consumed him There was nothing extra except his internal thoughts to the situations already read in the first book I was expecting a little Well it came That something came and blew me away It was one surprise after another William had me totally snowed in the first book Right along with Emma I can t believe it My main question is, did he love her the first time he said it to her Because I thought he said it to pacify her and keep her from running I think it was after she said it back later that he realized maybe he does love her I think by the end of the book he definitely loves her, but WOW he is twisted I SO did not see all those lies coming I m just blown away I loved it I loved every second of it I was eating it all up, every word that fell from his mouth after learning just who he really was took on all new meaning It also shows just how naive Emma really is too I can see how her brokenness and destructiveness would bring out his protective side He always wants control and she just wants someone to care about her His domineering and controlling ways fills that void in her She fits his personality so perfectly, these characters were written so perfectly for each other But I didn t understand just how perfect until this book I also liked seeing Emma from Williams point of view You get a feel for how sad she is in the first book, but you don t get the whole effect because you don t see her from an outside perspective I LOVED that William could see how self destructive she was just by watching her I loved seeing it from his POV.In the beginning I kept wondering why he was so hard on himself, because he really did not think he was any good for Emma I kept thinking there had to be to the story behind his ex wife, it just didn t seem like enough His opinion of himself seemed too extreme for the explanation But when it all came out, my mouth literally dropped open BRILLIANT Teresa Mummert I just love that I didn t see any of this coming.I don t know whether to like William or hate him Actually, I take that back I started hating him part way through the book, when I realized the feelings he was showing Emma were sort of faked He was such a jerk But towards the end I started believing him and started worrying with him about what will happen when all his secrets come to light He got very possessive of her I loved it every time he thought Mine Mine I was addicted to her To her touch, her smell.He shot Emma a glare and her gaze dropped to her plate I wanted to leap across the table and strangle him. Mine.So when do the next 2 books come out I can t freakin wait Ugh, I should have waited to read these 2 books until the others were already released I hate waiting I just didn t know I was going to be so blown away OH there was one thing that the author left out of this book And I wonder why After the first night she stays at his house, he takes her back to her car and she is hurt and feeling rejected again he says I m just trying to protect you Then she says By hurting me He thinks she means physically and explains that she didn t use her safe word blah blah blah But she says in the first book, I m not talking about then, I m talking about right now or something along those lines But in this book she never says it I don t know if he just supposed to be lost in his own thoughts feeling guilty about putting blame on her for the whole safe word thing or what, but I was really interested in his internal reaction to her words Because up until this point he had not shown very much emotion and in the first book this is one of the first spots where he lets her see his emotions I thought that was kind of a big moment, because he realizes if he has the power to hurt her than that must mean she cares But I guess not FAVORITE QUOTES I love you, William I m not going anywhere No amount of money in the world could compare to this moment right here What about the lies What if the hands I touch you with have also taken the lives of others I pulled her against me and kissed her head If I didn t do everything in my power to stop it, she was going to leave me She just didn t know it yet Emma and Williams thoughts

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    I had the Honor of receiving this book from the author to give her input and a quick proofread Uhh I thought I had William figured out in Honor Studentboy was I wrong I learned what makes the Professor tick in this book, his secrets are definitely revealed now We get to see what makes him crave the power he needs to exist and start a life with Emma I will admit there were a few moments when I sat reading with my mouth gaping wide open, tsk tskdirty secrets Professor This is Williams point of view and it will have you loving him one minute and hating him the next You will want to scream at Emma to run as far away from him as she can but then at the last minute turn around and run into his arms The secrets revealed at the end of the book aredisturbing to say the least and I cannot wait to see what Teresa has in store for Book 3 Honor Obey One little tip for 3 TeresaMORE SEX dammit lol We all crave VERY VIVID GRAPHIC details of what exactly happens on the 3rd floortell us just how dirty this Dom can get.

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    I know this one is only a novella but if you read the first one and liked it you have to read this one, you may think it s only a story told from Williams point of view but it is much there are alot of nasty secrets left to come out and any of them could tear this couple apart Without giving too much away from the first book you quickly work out that Willaim is the anti hero of the story but it is much worse than you could have ever imagined, there is a murder lurking in his past, involvement in a bdsm club which by it s self is not so bad but it is another persons involvement in that club which is going to cause the most grief and then there is also the ex wife which William has convinced Emma is sorted out and they will never see her again but that is not for sure and the way in which he has handled it is bound to come back and bite him There are so many skeletons in Williams closet that I am sure will be revieled in the next book.

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    I had the luxury of reading Honor Thy Teacher as a ARC Where to begin In the first book Honor I feel in love with Emma and William and couldn t wait to read what comes next in their lives Well Honor Thy Teacher made that need intensified ten fold In this story we get to experience the story through Williams POV and boy is it one interesting POV There is so much to William then I ever fathomed His secrets are reveled adding to the twist and turns of the drama that he and Emma still face ahead Then there s the drinking and the intense love he has for Emma that he feels unworthy of All of this made William one crazy hot ass messed up character that I fell in love with This is a must read It will give a whole new meaning and depth to Honor Absolutely perfect read and sooo cant wait till the next book in this series comes out

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    Amazing.just freaking amazing.I loved this book so much from his POV.Teresa Mummert Kudos to you for writing this book and filling in all the gaps on what was happening when William wasn t around Emma It was extremely eyeopening and I was shocked by a lot of his actions that I had no idea were coming It was so great to get into his headhe is a dark, dark man and I hope in the upcoming books he will try to find his way to the light with the help of Emma.Again.what an awesome, amazing way to read book 2.

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    WOW..I loved this version just as much as Emma s POV I liked reading what and how William was feeling and thinking I thought it was great to find out of his backstory Some of the things he did shocked me I am really excited to see what happens in Honor and Obey It will be interesting to see if his past comes out and to see what Emma has to say about it Another great read