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The writing is not to my taste Another reviewer here called it boring, and I m sorry to say that I had the same reaction I didn t read Wyrmhole, and I found this one, plus the next two in the series, in the used bookstore So, I thought I d give it a shot as a nice, continuous storyline for a few days I understand what the author was doing, but it just didn t work for me. Two Years After The Events Of Wyrmhole, Jack Is A Professional PI On A Case To Track Down A Missing Artifact A Tablet Made Of A Metal That Cannot Be Identified But When The Woman He S Working For Disappears And His Lead Suspect Turns Up Dead, Jack S Investigation Will Lead Him Into The Clutches Of A Shadowy Political Organization That Knows The Secret Of The Tablet Jack is a psychic detective with a female computer genius as a teenage ward named Billie He is hired to find an artifact, but something is off about this entire case I did not dislike this book, but I never got into it This book probably took me over 6 months to read because I kept putting it down I was never hooked into the story I wanted to find out what happened only because I had started it and I hate leaving a book unfinished The characters also never appealed to me, but the relationship between Billie and Jack was an interesting mix of parent child and partner partner non romantic but maybe later in the series Or would that be weird. One word dreamy 2 in the series finds Jack and Bilie in a new town A woman calls Jack about finding a man who has taken something from her, but she is not what she seems.Better than 1, the plot is good, and there is a lot of hand wringing by Jack re what to do about Billie, who s now almost 14. I really like this book, it was sci fi with a bit of mystery Now I m not good with making reviews, but all I can say is that it s really exciting and full of detail. After reading the first book and living Jack s first case, I felt a little disappointed about the lack of action and intrigue in this second one I liked the writing, but felt something profound was missing. Private investigator Jack Stein has set up shop in the town of Yorkstone It s a town on the move, literally it really is a moving town , and it s a programmable town For instance, one change the furniture in a room just by telling your computer Jack s appointment book is empty, until Bridget Farrell walks into Jack s office She is a very beautiful woman who knows how to use her beauty She asks Jack s help in finding a metallic tablet inscribed with ornate symbols.Farrell had a colleague competitor in the field of obtaining rare objects, a man named Talbot Unfortunately, he got too close to the business end of an energy weapon, and is now very dead The Yorkstone police are now very interested A rich industrialist named Landeman is also interested in the tablet.Jack is a psychic investigator he works from hunches or feelings gained from objects, other people or dreams He meets Talbot in his dreams and is told to go to a planet called Mandala A major archaeological dig is underway, uncovering what was a major city In his dreams, Jack sees the city as it was a millennia ago But he is no closer to discovering the answers to his growing list of questions.Back in Yorkstone, Billie, Jack s teenage ward and an expert information finder, learns that the object is made of a metal unknown to science, and probably came from Mandala It could be an object of great power, or the key to some advanced civilization Jack begins to piece it all together a potentially huge object like this would be worth a lot of money to some people.This works really well as a mystery story and a science fiction story It s just weird enough, and it also has echoes of famous tales like The Maltese Falcon Either way, it s worth reading.