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While Maya suffers through morning sickness and Bernard paints the nursery a chocolate brown Snooky becomes involved in a romance and mischiefYou're pregnant aren't you? Maya Woodruff's peripatetic brother Snooky calling collect from the French Antilles makes this psychic diagnosis and instantly flies to Connecticut to offer a stuffed platypus good cheer and gourmet cooking for the last seven months of his sister's ordeal Her devoted grumpy bear of a husband Bernard suffering his own labor pains from trying to deliver his latest children's book is torn between his habitual hatred of all guests and his happy deliverance from the kitchen His co au beer was not well received The misery of Maya's pregnancy which makes the gestation of Rosemary's Baby look like a piece of cake is compounded when her old friend Weezy becomes the target of an anonymous hate campaign by phone and mail But Snooky takes charge with his usual endearing insouciance not neglecting to fall madly in love along the way It's great fun to have Bernard and Snooky seen before in Friends Till the End enlivening the sleuthing scene—this one without a homicide—again

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    As mentioned in my progress review I picked this book up at the thrift store so I hadn't read any of its predecessors but it did not seem to matter particularly I generally liked this book and thought it fairly realistic I liked that the author developed the characters so thoroughly even if that meant not introducing the mystery until about halfway through the book The characters were all charming and likable but too the point that they did not seem particularly human or realistic Although Dank writes beautifully the plot is not particularly riveting This is not exactly an issue though Because Dank writes the way she does she keeps the reader interested even if most situations seems trivial But the thing is they are not trivial Each situation is critical to character development and helps the reader to develop a personal connection with each of the characters I also appreciated her uoting of François de La Rochefoucauld which I liked so much that I went to my local book store and bought MaximsNow to point out the largest flaw the subtitle of the bookWhile this may seem a trivial flaw it truly irked me The subtitle of the book is A Bernand and Snooky Illustrated Mystery First of all Bernard and Snooky do not even particularly care for each other They do not work together to solve this mystery Additionally Bernard and Snooky did no to help solve the mystery than Maya and Weezy even if they did end up contributing information Secondly this book is hardly illustrated One picture at the beginning of each chapter does not constitute naming the book an illustrated mystery The pictures did not really add to the story or it's meaning they were just sort of there Lastly this book was not really a mystery If anything it was a soft mystery Something not so wonderful happened and they stumbled upon the answer with critical thinking The problem was not a particularly complicated one either Even so I ended up liking this book because it was not much of a mystery and I enjoy life stories than I enjoy mysteries I did not read the subtitle until much laterIn short this was an interesting book that should not have so interesting been with a bad subtitle I applaud Dank on turning such an everyday mystery into one than worth reading

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    Bernard and Maya are about to have a baby but Snooky is concerned with Maya's friend artist Weezie who is being persecuted by an unknown enemy Snooky finds himself falling in love with Weezie and suspecting the members of her art class But Bernard once he can transfer his focus from the baby can put together the pieces

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    Listed as a mystery but not at all intense