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The 2012 Book Blogger s Cookbook contains 22 books and recipes which relate to those books The books featured include popular titles such as Divergent, Everneath, Shatter Me, Matched, and Clockwork Angel, just to name a few Each book section includes a bit about the book, why the recipe relates to the book, the actual recipe and a picture of the dish, as well as mini reviews blurbs about the book from bloggers I had a lot of fun reading up on the recipes and the reasons why the recipes were chosen for the book Some of the reasonings are a stretch, of course, but it s still a lot of fun.The book itself is well organized There s a contents page at the front of the book with links to every section There s also three indexes at the back, so you can look up content by book title, author, or recipe I appreciate this organization, and I think everything was laid out very well While I haven t had a chance to test out the recipes yet which, I know, makes it hard to review the book , they all look and sound pretty delicious I like how there s a good mixture of main dishes, desserts, and other types of recipes Out of all the recipes I think I m most excited to try out the rosemary, sea salt, and creme fraiche crossaints, which are connected with Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini.If you love books and you love cooking there s not really a better way to combine them than to check out the Book Blogger s Cookbook. The purpose of this cookbook is to flawlessly combine fantastic must read books, delicious can t wait to try recipes, and some enthusiastic opinions that taunt the reader to delve deeper Personally, the only thing I like better than reading is eating, and to see all these recipes that compliment my favorite books is sheer perfection The book choices I really like that almost all of the teen books that were chosen are familiar titles to me The fact that many are books that I have read and loved really makes me anticipate all the other books listed evenThough I am less familiar with the middle grade and adult books mentioned, I can still make the recipes even if the books don t turn out to be my thing The recipes I LOVE all the recipes that are presented in this cookbook Seriously, I want to eat them all RIGHT NOW I am pleasantly surprised to find that this cookbook containsthan one different type of dish It doesn t just have frou frou deserts or only appetizers No This cookbook has a variety of different delectables ranging from ribs, to cakes, to bubble tea The other thing I like about the 2012 Book Blogger Cookbook is the layout and presentation of each section which is especially helpful for the books I have already read The recipes aren t just randomly thrown together For each recipe book combination there is an explaination as to why they fit together This really makes them seem that muchenticing.The bloggers Having direct quotes from bloggers for each individual book is honestly a really good idea It really helps bridge the gap between author and reviewer, as well as provides some great new authors and bloggers that I can stalk Overall I really like this book as a whole, and I think all of the different parts are very well thought out and executed making this entire book shine This cookbook was truly a pleasure to read, and I cannot wait to try out one or two or three of the recipes The Cover I m a little disappointed that the cover of the 2012 Book Blogger Cookbook leanstowards a cookbook type cover rather than a fantasy whimsical type cover But, it certainly does fit the book, and the cover goes beautifully with book one, the 2011 Book Blogger Cookbook.I give this book 5 out of 5 hearts Very Highly Recommended This Genuinely Unique And Creative Cookbook Delivers Delicious Recipe Ideas Inspired By Some Of The Hottest Novels Released In Recent Years To Create A Mouthwatering Feast For The Eyes And The Mouth BookBub Great Books, Bloggers, And Recipes Meet In This Second Volume Of A Fresh And Unique Cookbook That Helps You Experience Books, Not Just Read Them Books Were Selected From The Author S Book Review Blog And Paired With Delectable Recipes Like Caramel Crack From Shatter Me, By Tahereh Mafi, Everliving Soup From Brodi Ashton S Everneath, And Jagged Ham From Elana Johnson S Possession Mouthwatering Photos Complement Every Recipe TheBook Blogger S Cookbook Includes A Foreword By David Farland, Award Winning, New York Times Bestselling Author, And Showcases Than One Hundred Reviews With Links To Book Review Blogs And Author Websites TheBook Blogger S Cookbook Includes A Foreword By Amanda Hocking, Author Of The USA Today Bestselling Trylle Trilogy A Surprisingly Large Number Of Recipes From This Collection Caught My Attention Even Better Each One I Tried Out Turned Out Great I Definitely Recommend Downloading This Unusual Collection You Ll Get Access To Recipes Worthy Of Repeat Usage And Might Even Find Some Interesting New Reads If You Re Lucky Heidi Sue Roth, Midwest Book Review The Book Blogger S Cookbook Is A Beautiful Blend Of A Cookbook About Books It S Worth Reading Straight Through If Only To Find New Books To Add To Your To Read Shelf Lisa Mangum, Author Of Award Winning The Hourglass Door Series The Book Blogger S Cookbook Is Than A Mere Cookbook It Contains Review Bits Of Bloggers Stating What They Loved About The Featured Books The Blogger Testaments Make You Want To Read The Novels And The Photos Make Your Mouth Water Perfect Combination Stella From Ex Libris Book Reviews The Book Blogger S Cookbook Has The Best Combination Of Two Of My Favorite Things Food And Books Overall, It S Sort Of A Dream Book For Readers Who Love Cooking Elani At La Femme Readers Book Reviews If You Love Young Adult Books, You Ll Love The Cookbook Whether You Re A Food Lover, An Avid Reader Or A Book Blogger, There S Something For You In TheBook Blogger S Cookbook No doubt you are here reading this post on this blog because you love books just as much orthan I do There is nothing like a literary adventure to escape your own world, find a new love, fear for your life or solve an unsolvable murder mystery Sometimes these adventures seep out into other aspects of an avid readers life For instance, you will hear about authors that have composed a lovely play list to go along with their novel I too have found myself thinking of Shiver s Sam and Grace when I hear Trains Hey, Soul Sister or of Rose and Demitri s forbidden love when the soulful rendition of Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley sooths my mind Author Christy Dorrity takes us one step further in The Book Bloggers Cookbook by adding another one of the human bodies amazing senses to her love of books By creating and sharing recipes that easily accompany some of her favorite books, Christy has written the second edition of The Book Bloggers Cookbook The evolution of recipes merging with literary loves only seems natural After all, every time I make Venison Chili I think of Katniss and Gale, or Apple Pie reminding me of The Dark Divine and even Chocolate Frogs taking me back to Hogwarts on the Hogwarts Express Yes, even food ties me to my favorite books and now that you think about it, you may be realizing it does the same for you Not only does The Book Bloggers Cookbook have delicious recipes all 22 of the recipes are paired with the description and cover of the inspiring book For example, the recipe that I know will be a family favorite at every summer picnic, reunion and camping trip is Root beer Cookies Inspiration for this recipe comes from Shannon Hale s Austenland, a book I have not yet read, but have discovered I will enjoy because of this great Cookbook I recommend The Book Bloggers Cookbook for any book blogger or cook out there especially those of you that have a passion for the Young Adult genre In addition to excellent book recommendations and recipes you will find quotes from many of today s popular book blogger s The Book Bloggers Cookbook recieves a five skully review from My Life With Books by combing two things I all love and must have to survive good books and food FOR THE ROOT BEER COOKIE RECIPE CHECK OUT THE REVIEW ON MY BLOG. THE 2012 BOOK BLOGGER S COOKBOOK by Christy Dorrity is such a neat idea If you follow me on twitter, you know my love for baking, so a cookbook that combines my two favourite things reading and food is definitely a good thing.Christy has combined twenty two young adult middle grade books with recipes suited for each story Each recipe consists of a picture of the book cover, synopsis, explanation for the chosen recipe, photo of the finished product and then the recipe itself ingredients and instructions , and blurbs from book bloggers about the book The recipes range from meat main dishes, to sweets, breads and even a drink I will definitely be trying out some of the desserts like the Beignet Chess Squares associated with Gypsy Knights by Rhett and Lafe Metz and the Wind Whirled Ice Cream Cake associated with Carrier of the Mark by Leigh Fallon Unfortunately, no matter how good the meat main dishes look, I won t be trying them since almost all of them contain a pork product, which I don t eat I may be able to substitute chicken or beef, though, and still have them work out However, if you re less picky than I am and do eat pork, these recipes sound and look really yummy While a cookbook on its own would strike my interest, I really enjoy that the recipes are attached to books Not only do you get some great food ideas, but new book ideas as well There are a few books found in THE 2012 BOOK BLOGGER S COOKBOOK that I have yet to read and they have definitely caught my attention The blurbs from bloggers really help to get an idea of the books being showcased Now if only I could get this in hardcopy so I can take it into my kitchen and start baking I ve been craving ice cream, so ice cream cake sounds good right about now Originally posted at Escape Through the Pages with a 3.5 out of 5 rating. I loved Christy Dorrity s first 2011 Book Blogger Cookbook and as a passionate baker I was very much looking forward to this second volume of Christy s bookish recipes.I will confess that my favourite part, the I m impatiently turning the pages to get there part are Christy s introductions explanations on how and why such book inspired that recipe and why she thinks they fit together Sometimes the reason is a cover, a setting, a character or even a meal featured in the novel, but every time I am excited to discover this special link pairing the treat with the story.Once again the cookbook has plenty of easy and quick recipes that don t require hours of slaving away in the kitchen and can be whipped up in no time But Christy takes it up a notch by including somecomplex and challenging recipes for seasoned cooks which require some experience or at least effort and time on the baker s end.I m sure I would have enjoyed the recipes and their connection to the books if I had read these novels, but as I mostly read adult titles I wasn t familiar with the featured books there were 2 adult titles and the rest were YA or children s books my request for the 2013 Blogger Cookbook please includeadult titles, don t leave us out I find it applaudable how besides the big shot, popular and famous titles like Divergent, Matched and Starcrossed Christy Dorrity also highlights some lesser known and indie titles as well.Verdict Once again I was blown away by the creative and delicious recipes I loved the fantasy names Christy Dorrity gave to each one of them, they were memorable and evocative The 2012 Book Blogger s Cookbook is a wonderful and mouth watering compilation of bookish recipes ranging from simple whip up treats tocomplex and time consuming concoctions, a must try for any book lover Content 7 10Cover 10 10 Once again it has a very professional and eye catching cover, and I love how both the reading and the delicious treats are included on it Seriously whatcould you ask for The 2012 Book Bloggers Cookbook jam packs two of my favorite things food and books Its perfection I appositely adored the recipes in this book and of course couldn t get enough of all the books I love the fact that in this cookbook each recipe goes along with a must read book I really enjoyed the matching of each recipe to each book and the titles of the recipes fitting each one perfectly In this years cookbook Christy has chosen 22 amazing books to pair up with a recipe Ones that just reading the ingredients had my mouth watering I m going to be making Everling soup tomorrow night for dinner and I m so excited about it I ll make sure to post pics right here on the blog for you all to see how it turns out I can t wait to try each and everyone of these great recipes out for myself I was so excited when this amazing author came to me and asked me to be part of the tour for her cookbook and so extremely excited to see the couple words I sent her about Everneath actually in the book All the pictures look so good in this book and the recipes look pretty simple to me I like that about a great cookbook, if its simple I love it I love the explanations about how each book fits each recipe and how the books inspired each one I also really loved how Christy fit the amazing top selling YA books and mixed in some of the less known ones as well Anyone that loves books and food, this is the perfect fit for you Checking this book out is a definite must read I ve had the honor of reviewing this book for a second year and it s as good as before.I love how there are recipes to go with each book, not necessarily from the book like there in many cozy mysteries The recipes tie in to the location of the book or a place that is visited in the book.Plus I always find new books to be added to my TBR list Here I a few I plan to add this year I ll be adding Gypsy Knights by Rhett and Lafe Metz it doesn t hurt that the recipe that goes with it sounds wonderful Beignet Chess Squares I ll be Adding Back When You Were Easier to love by Emily Wing Smith this looks like a nice contemporary YA Janitors by Tyler Whitesides looks like a fun book that takes place at school where the janitors have a secret Courting Miss Lancaster by Sarah M Eden sounds like a wonderful period piece and a very English recipe of Chocolate Violet Creams to go with it.My only regret is that this doesn t come in print format for the recipes that I would love to try Carmel Crack and Rosemary, Sea Salt and Cr me Fraiche Croissants I m not ready to take my iPad into the kitchen yet.Thank you once again for coming up with a wonderful recipe for books and food combined Looking forward to next year s addition alreadyI highly recommend that you check it out onyou will be able to find last year s edition also Happy reading and cooking always a great combination. I actually sat down and read it, but then again, I like reading cookbooks anyway I got some great ideas for some books to read and well as some recipes to try Thanks Christy Want Book Reviews and Matching Recipes I wasn t sure what to expect with this freebie, but was pleasantly surprised to find book reviews and then recipes Such a fun book.