Audible Tigers at Twilight (Magic Tree House, #19) Author Mary Pope Osborne –

Personal ResponseI read the book Tigers at Twilight and I thought it was a really good book I liked how she wrote a series of books and they all connect to one another.PlotIn the beginning of this book Jack and Annie got sent to a forest in India When they got there they met two monkeys who helped guide their adventure throughout the forest They went through many obstacles two of them are being how they came across a huge snake, and the next how they almost got eaten by a tiger Tigers in the book were getting poached and Jack and Annie helped rescue one from a trap Another main piece of this book was meeting the blind man who gave them a flower.CharacterizationThe main characters are Jack and Annie Jack was the smart one who always carried around a backpack with a book in it to help them throughout their adventures Annie was the outgoing one who liked to have fun wherever they go.SettingThe setting of this book was in a forest in India The time of this book was during the day of the course of one day since they never spent the night The setting of this book was important because it showed travel from their hometown all the way to India Also the time of this book was important because it showed all the events during the day.Thematic ConnectionThe thematic connection of this book was to go for the adventure and have fun I got this from the story by how no matter what Annie was just having fun even when she played in the water when a hippo is in it.RecommendationsI would recommend this book to any age person from elementary through high school I would also recommend this book to any race or gender Lastly this book would be good for a teacher to read to her students I would refer this book to all these types of people because it was a story written in children s literature, and basically everyone can read if from the ages listed up. Carli 6 yrs old I noticed that Teddy was really an amazing dog One thing I pictured was the hermit man I wonder why the man was blind My favorite part was that Jack and Annie saved the tiger.Ashley 35 years old I noticed that the jungle was really loud One thing I pictured was the rhino about to charge I wonder if the tiger has tried to eat the hermit My favorite part was when they fell asleep on the elephant. Although I ve kept the Magic Tree House series on my classroom bookshelf for years, this is my first attempt at actually reading one myself I can see why these books are so appealing for children and I bet that my own children will love hearing about the adventures of Jack and Annie in the very near future One reason these books appeal to young children is that they are chapter books Young readers love to see themselves as readers of chapter books Yet, even though these are chapter books, they are also short enough to keep a reader s interest Next, Jack and Annie go on some sort of adventure, and there is a lot of action and some tense moments Another appealing feature of these books is that they combine a fictional story with actual facts about the topic In this book, Jack and Annie travel to an Indian Jungle The reader learns facts about tigers, rhinos, monkeys and pythons These books would be great to use in book clubs Since the series is formula fiction, these books would be great for using when practicing identifying story elements the characters will always be the same, but the setting, problem, and solution change each time In addition, I noticed that there was a lot of repetition in these books which is perfect for young readers For example, in one chapter of this book, the words, slowly, silently were repeated about four times For teachers who are curious about additional ways to use these books in the classroom, there is a magic treehouse website which lists many ideas for using the books, including, STEM activities, and an idea for a book report bag. This installment of the Magic Treehouse series brings Jack and Annie to the rainforest of India where they meet friendly elephants and monkeys and a tiger who is not quite so friendly.The story also takes a philosophical turn as the kids learn a bit of wisdom from a Hindu hermit that they meet The thematic elements of the story came together nicely in the end, and there was a sense of wonder that stayed with Jack and Annie as they returned home There is also a lot of interesting wildlife featured in this story, and some lessons to be learned about wildlife conservation.This is part of the story arc featuring Teddy the dog who is under a spell, with Jack and Annie on a quest to receive four special gifts to break the enchantment This is the third in the four part arc, although it stands alone just fine. Jack And Annie Are Ready For Their Next Fantasy Adventure In The Bestselling Middle Grade Series The Magic Tree House Tigers In Trouble That S What Jack And Annie Find When The Magic Tree House Whisks Them And Teddy, The Enchanted Dog, To A Forest In India The Rare Tigers Are Being Trapped By Greedy Poachers Can Jack And Annie Find A Way To Help Or Will A Fierce Tiger Eat Them Instead Visit The Magic Tree House Website MagicTreeHouse Carli s review I noticed that the hermit knows ka and koh and the other animals One thing I pictured was the hermit I wonder why the hermit was blind My favorite part was when Teddy saved Jack and Annie from the tiger. rating 3.5Adventure and imagination mixed with factual information.I haven t read any of these books with a child, but I can see why kids like them They should probably be read in order This is 19 I ve also read 25, which I liked better. The 19th book in the Magic Tree House series Jack and Annie journey to India in search of a gift to free a little dog from a magical spell A fun and exciting adventure story for young readers. I didn t like this book because I don t like tigers I liked this book because I liked the part when Jack Annie got the third gift a flower for Teddy. Personal Response I enjoyed readingTigers at TwilightIt was a quick and easy read I liked how I could picture everything that I read I also liked how the author included pictures that went along with the story.Plot Summary InTigers at Twilight , Jack and Annie went on an adventure to India They had to find a gift from the first far away During the adventure, Jack and Annie were faced with difficult times They had to get away from a tiger and also a python that was in a tree with them They were able to get away from the tiger by an elephant The rode on the elephant away from the tiger Throughout the book, Jack and Annie heard all of the noises of the forest At the end of the book, they met a blind man who gave them the gift from the far away forest and they were able to return home Characterization Jack was an eight year old boy who went on adventures with his seven year old sister Annie Jack and Annie discovered a magic tree house in the woods by their house When Jack and Annie wanted to go somewhere, all they had to do was point at a picture and say they wanted to go there In this book, Jack and Annie traveled back to India They both faced the same situations and had different ideas to get through them Annie was outgoing and willing to do different tasks to get away from the problems they were faced with Jack did not know what to do to get away most of the time Annie was also able to understand things than Jack was, which helped them get away from the tiger and the snake.SettingTigers at Twilighttook place in Frog Creek, Pennsylvania amd also in India, where they went on their adventure The time period would be in the present because it starts in their time It also took place in the past because they go back to find the gifts in order to break a curse on a small dog Thematic Connection The theme forTigers at Twilightwould be chaos and order because during the book Jack and Annie faced trouble in the forest, but they found a way to get through it Recommendation I recommend this book to anyone looking for a quick read I also recommend it to anyone in elementary school or middle school I think younger children would love reading this book because of the scenes that take place I also think guys would like this book because of the tiger and snake that are involved throughout the book.