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Containing The Bull And The Spear , The Oak And The Ram And The Sword And The Stallion , This Is One Of The Millennium Uniform Editions Of Moorcock S Work, Omnibus Volumes With Revised Texts And New Introductions Each Volume Is Full Of Adventure As The Characters Wrestle With Fate

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    In my opinion this is the best of Moorcock s prodigious run during the 1960 s and 970 s Corum does not receive as much attention as Elric it s probably true that he is a little bland, but as such he is much less angst ridden than the albino and is of a conventional hero as a result As he is the straight man here he is able to make recurrent characters such as Gaynor and Jhary seem vibrant than in other works The rivalry with Gaynor is particularly noteworthy here and it and the story ends on a bittersweet note that manages to be both poignant and abrupt.His adventures have that hastily written quality that most of Moorcock s heroic fantasy work from this period but I find that only adds to the enjoyment here The infusion of Celtic fantasy elements make it feel distinct from the earlier Corum books, and the rest of the Eternal Champion cycle.It s probably worth noting that Corum s story gets a post script of sorts in the second Hawkmoon trilogy The Chronicles of Castle Brass so it is well worth reading that series after this one.This edition collects the three parts of the Corum trilogy Usually I would recommend the individual contemporary editions for their superb covers the Quartet variants of these Corum books are good example but the cover to this joint edition is particularly memorable so would be my edition of choice The recent Moorcock reprints are much blander in comparison so while they are touted as the authoritative versions I d be hard pressed to replace my versions with them.

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    I used to hate Michael Moorcock, but Corum really does something for me.