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She Thought Herself A Robot, Defective And Unique Among Her Kind, Until He Taught Her How To Live AgainF Exists To Serve The Humans Until They Decide To Terminate Her An Instinct For Survival Makes Her Fight, But When She Achieves Freedom, She Discovers She Cannot Throw Off The Chains Of Habit Everything Changes When Another Flesh Covered Droid Arrives, A Cyborg He Calls Himself, Who Teaches Her She Is Than A MachineSolus Hates Humanity, And Even Though He Was Born As A Flawed Human, He Strives To Eradicate All Traces Of It From His Persona Until He Meets F Meeting And Touching Her Releases Something In Him Has Him Yearning For Things He Doesn T Understand Makes Him Long For AffectionBefore He Can Learn To Love Though, He Must First Tackle The Task Of Reminding F That She Is Than The Sum Of Her Mechanical Parts But Of Course, When Dealing With An Illogical Thing Like Emotions, There Is No Sure Plan For Success

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    I enjoyed the story of Cyborgs Solus and F814, too Solus hates humans When he discovers F814 at a abandoned planet at an abandoned mine, he realises straight away that she is cyborg Now he needs to convince her that she is much than just a machine.F814 thinks that she is a droid She has suffered a lot in the hands of humans When she found the opportunity, she killed everyone at the mine where she was serving as a worker and as a sex slave She has also killed all the humans who came to the planet and disturb her peace.When some strangers appear that are much stronger than her and explain that they are cyborgs and she is a cyborg like them, she simply cannot believe them So, they just grab her.I loved the fact that this series features female cyborgs This is something that you don t find easily in scifi romance I have read plenty of books with male cyborgs, but this is the first series that I read with female ones I am hooked

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    Psssst I have a secret I LOVE Eve Langlais Okay, so not a huge secret I m pretty sure I ve pointed out that little tidbit a few times I just can t help it Her books make me laugh hysterically, make me cry I don t usually do tears , and last, but certainly not least, they are hot Everything I ever wanted in erotic romance is a sure thing when it comes to Ms Langlais F814 hit the mark.The book synopsis is pretty spot on so, I don t feel the need to spoil any of the goodies for you Just know that you re in for one heck of an emotional ride with this one F814 s life hasn t been too great understatement And until Solus meets F814 he s an emotionless automaton bent on nothing than revenge Together they learn what it means to feel and embrace their human sides F814 was wonderful GO METAL

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    Solus isn t a human lover let s just say so when he finds F814 he is intrigued but also notices she is a cyborg and female cyborgs are not supposed to be F814 thinks she is a droid but she dreams of a different life As time passes she suffers a lot at the hands of the humans who are working her like a robot When the opportunity comes she does kill her captives But is stuck on this planet and when Solus comes to it with his group she doesn t understand them or why they think she is something she isn t It s an interesting book and I really enjoyed her learning who and what she is The action in this book was a lot better than the first and that is saying something because the first book really set up the world and it was pretty great I want The narration was great as well.

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    4 StarsI m really enjoying this series A short, quick, steamy fun read with bits of humor, this is the perfect story for when you feel like starting something new but don t have the time to get caught up in a longer saga.

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    Review originally posted at this sequel to the cyborg series, it starts off with F814 She is a droid working in a mining camp She is different from all the other droids in that she has this humanoid type body that can t take all of the abuse that the other droids can She works hard to hide that she has any feelings, that is until she hears that she is set for termination That doesn t go over very well and let s just say that the humans are the ones that are terminated She lives alone for several months, while humans keep coming to try to take the mining asteroid back, to no avail.Solus, Seth, Aramus, and Einstein are sent on a mission to get much needed supplies for the cyborg home base by Joe from C791 , the cyborg leader They stop on what they think is an abandoned mining asteroid only to find a female cyborg mining the ore She doesn t take lightly having these guys show up She also doesn t believe that she is the same thing as they are She also doesn t believe that she has sister cyborgs.Solus is a cyborg who despises humans way that the majority of the cyborgs He prides himself on his logic and lack of feelings He was also the one who gave Joe the most grief in book one when Joe fell in love So you can imagine how it goes over when he starts to have feelings for this new female He got very possessive over F814 for the longest time It is quite the struggle for him, both to internally come to terms with these feelings Then he had to figure out how to share those feelings with this woman who is just as confused as he is.F814 has no memory of her life before the mining camp She doesn t ever remember being human She doesn t remember ever being any kind of cyborg before the camp All she has ever known is the abuse given to her by the humans that ran the camp They treated her like a sexbot and a robot slave She didn t have adequate food, water or warmth, just enough to get by It takes a while before they even figure out that her name is Fiona.Like the previous book in the series This book was a lot of fun and quick read I have to say it again Who knew that cyborgs could be so much fun and so sexy I should ve read this series so long ago Well, I m getting caught up now and I m loving it I highly recommend this series if you are looking for something fun to read I do recommend starting at the series, because the world building is really set in that book and continues to build in this book.

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    F814 is a female robot who exists to serve her human owners on a mining asteroid Though treated worse than any other droid she consistently works harder and longer hours without fail so it s unclear why an order to terminate her is issued The mining foreman decides to use F814 s body one last time before carrying out his orders Little does he realize that F814 is really a cyborg who has slowly evolved into having independent thought processes and doesn t agree with the termination directive.Solus and his crew have been sent out to salvage resources for their planet Thinking to check out an abandoned mining site they encounter a lone inhabitant who claims to be a droid though it s apparent she is one of the missing female cyborgs they ve been searching for Their plans to rescue her and bring her back to their home planet is made difficult when they detect a strong Earth military force closing in and one stubborn female cyborg who refuses to leave Solus would leave her to her fate if it wasn t for his body s response to her that defies logic I haven t been a fan of cyborg sci fi but with series like this one I am slowly seeing the light Loved the ongoing series plot and the individual romance between the two main characters They have chemistry as they discover that emotions aren t all bad and females are so very very frustrating to understand, even cyborgs After a crash course in courting though they still fail to understand women in general which is so fun to experience as the reader Additionally, the author has definitely set the stage for future installments that I m happy are already out so I don t have to wait I don t know if I m excited about Seth, Einstein, or Amamus meeting their fate Oh, who am I kidding ARAMUS, you re going down and I can t wait heheAdult content Yup it s in here and definitely compliments the characters relationship and story line Though not too indepth or graphic I still enjoyed the scenes as F814 begins to understand that sex can be pleasurable and mutually satisfying I am a little surprised that any oral skills weren t featured but maybe that s just me Overall I enjoyed this installment with only a few minor personal issues Looking forward to plowing through the other three available series for of cyborg action OK again, kidding Aramus you re next lol.

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    Yes these are the droids I m looking for Liked it less than the first one but still good

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    3 StarsThe cyborgs found out in the first book, C791, that there were 13 females created Only 12 are left Solus and a select group of cyborgs were sent out to find them In this story F814 was sent to a mining company on an astroid where she s working as a mining slave and is used by the one in charge as a sex bot After too many lashes with electricity her last reboot has started to make her self aware Like what happened with Joe with the EMP in C791, she s aware she s than just a droid.

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    F814 is a great continuation to a great sci fi series I love the characters and the lives they have lived and are striving to continue Joe hero C791 has sent his cyborg brothers on a mission to find some much needed resources for survival The added benefit to the assignment is that they have stumbled upon one of Chloe s cyborg sisters The problem is that the guys must convince her that she is indeed a cyborg and not a defective worker droid, and that to survive she needs to come with them.F814 Fiona knows that she is defective She has discovered that she no longer has to take the commands of the humans who abuse her This allows for her to survive the humans attempted termination of her She discovers that survival alone is completely uncharted territory and does not know exactly what to do, other than protect what she has made a home from humans, soldiers, and pirates.Solus immediately recognizes Fiona for what she is, a cyborg female Convincing her of this on her terms is very amusing She has been harmed by others too often for her to trust, yet that is exactly what he is asking of her Solus has a strong dislike for all things human He sees emotions as a human weakness When he begins having feelings and emotions this book really grabs your attention How can one love and have a happily ever after without emotions Solus and Fiona make a great couple to read They are both experiencing emotions that they never thought they would have The new sentiments make their reactions to each other difficult to express at times While they both know exactly what they want and what they want from each other they have a difficult time getting the point across clearly.Seth and Aramus bring the humor that Eve s books are known for to the table As this series continues readers learn a little about each of the cyborgs that have small roles, who will hopefully get their own books soon I like Seth He is the most human of the group and he gets himself in the craziest situations because of it I also can t wait to read the female that is going to knock Aramus into another world He is so stringent This is a great read that I recommend to paranormal romance fans who may want to venture into the future, a future where scientific advancements and experimentation on humans have given the world cyborgs.

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    The female cyborg F814 has no idea about her own history, thinking she s a mining droid with flaws since she s on a mining site out in no where space Threatened with termination, she takes her destiny in her own hands, and takes out anyone trying to hurt her Solus is assigned to take his team to raid a mining site, take all things worth taking and search for information Little did he know that he d meet the one who ll make him question himself and maybe start feeling Great, quick read, smutty fluff and Alpha males who grumble and growl.