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DNF 90%It wasn t bad, honestly Sometimes it was almost a good book and I laughed But then other times I hated it The MC constantly demanded that she would never visit this guy again and says that she always keeps her word, but then she sees him again And again Even after he hurts her and is a dick The side characters were fun, but too many people died and then it turned out that they were in critical condition but could live And one character the main male character was a real dick and liar and just really stupid sometimes So yeah. She Is An Elegant Princess Displaced From Her Home He Is A Rough Sea Captain With A Heart Of Gold To Escape The War In Her Underwater Kingdom, The Noble Daughter Of A Murdered King Must Flee To Alaska Doing All She Can To Keep Her Younger Sisters Safe, Aazuria Tries To Assimilate And Work Among The Americans, With Her Feisty Red Haired Bodyguard At Her Side This Refuge Holds Pleasant Surprises, For The Princess Meets A Somber Gentleman In A Dark Corner Who Promises To Show Her His World Trevain Murphy Is A Successful Crab Fisherman Who Has Spent His Life Building An Empire Above The Sea, But Knows Nothing Of The Greater Empire Beneath The Surface When A Graceful Dancer Captures His Attention, He Becomes Fascinated With Her Old Fashioned Speech And Unique Mannerisms Learning That Her Father Has Recently Died, He Cannot Resist Extending His Kindness In Offering To Guide And Protect Her As It Becomes Clear That The Dark Haired Woman Is Much Than She Seems, Trevain Is Unprepared To Uncover The Staggering Secrets Behind Her Innocent Facade Neither The Captain Nor The Princess Can Imagine That Their Lives Will Become Forcibly Entwined As A Common Enemy Threatens Both Of Their Worlds After reading three English books in a row Regency Georgian , I decided a fantasy would be a good choice So what s laced with fantasy than a mermaid tale I thought it was a YA novel, when I got it, but beware it s NOT for young people Having saidThis book would ve been a better read if it were written by a different author This writer must be an awful person, because regardless of how much research into mythology she did, her voice kept bubbling up like cess that stank She d write in the imperious tone of a 600 year old mermaid princess, and then make the craggy ex fisherman butler of our hero the sea captain say yummy in the next breath What is that The stripper dance was written tastefully, but because of the trashy dialogue and ill worded conversations surrounding it, you still walk away feeling like the book tainted you It wasn t a nice feeling It was like riding a teeter totter, and getting jarred every time you hit the ground.The book is about the captain of a sea vessel in Alaska, who fishes for king crab and has amassed quite a good deal of wealth from it He goes with his crew to a bar the day after his first crew casualty, so that they could all mourn into their drinks , and sees the mermaid dance ballet and strip He doesn t know what she is for most of the book, regardless of her honesty he blows her completely off And yet she immediately recognizes that because he s a quiet brooder that he s different and deeper than any other man Shoddy writing, that, because what follows proves that he isn t he spends the entire book having temper tantrums, treating people to a healthy helping of attitude and neglect, and not one thing he says ever sets him apart as different from the rest of society.Our mermaid, while 600 years old, looks to be about 18, so it s a major adjustment to put Selena Gomez together in a love story with Harrison Ford or whichever comparison you d like to make Most of what Nadia wrote was very graceful and fluid where the Princess is concerned, but every once in a while, this crass and distasteful stuff would bubble up, again, tainting even that The author, showing through I wish she wouldn t.Then you have this undersea battle, which puts itself on hold intermittently throughout the book so that our heroine can spend time on land, convalesce for a month or two in Sea Captain s home, etc It was just poorly, poorly written and executed.Oh, and there are no mermaid tails these mermaids are just people who breathe underwater and only age when exposed to air The writer alludes once to them having webbing between their toes and fingers, even on land and yet no humans ever seem to notice this difference Or any difference It was very badly executed Worse is the undersea battle, which apparently takes place as if water were air, the way that bullets and kicks and punches all were completely unaffected by water.The story idea had potential But it s author wrote it with a shallow and rather infected pen and you walk away feeling like you ve contracted a VD and lost several IQ points, mingling with its characters So skip this one. Nadia Scrieva has created a whole new world just below our world, i.e an underwater kingdom, which is beautiful as well as equally deadly Hats off to the author, for her bewildering imagination powers and also, how bravely and smartly she represented her imagination to us readers, which makes it hard for us to not believe In fact, it seems before giving life to this fantasy underwater kingdom, the author has sincerely done all her research and has also shared those details with us, as result the plot becomes believable and real for usDrowning Mermaids by Nadia Scrieva is the first book in the Sacred Breath series, which is highly compelling and intriguing from the very first pages, with some promising actions to look out for Firstly, a huge thanks to Nadia Scrieva for sending me over all four of her books in the Sacred Breath series, I can t thank her enough Captain Trevain, is a 50 something man, who has never lost a crew in his life and for his death, he blames himself As a result to drown in his sorrow, he ends up in a strip club, where the most beautiful dancer captures his attention as well as his heart Funny part is that Trevain thinks he is too old for her, but when that beautiful dancer, named Aazuria, tells him that she is actually 603 years old, and she is dancing in order to feed her younger sisters, Trevain took to liking for Aazuria and her sisters and offers his help to protect and save them What he didn t know that Aazuria is a mermaid and belongs from the mystic, underwater kingdom and that her father, who was the king was killed and soon she would become the queen But Trevain soon learns her secret and find himself caught up in a deadly war No details because that will become a spoiler alert By not crossing the spoiler zone, I can tell you this that there are quite a few surprises in store for us, and for that you won t be able to stop turning the pages of the book The author has got a way of her story telling in a very realistic manner, by not delving too many details at a time The mysteries were unfolded very slowly The characters were very well developed and well researched and very compelling, especially Aazuria s character She sounds like a damsel in distress in the beginning, but soon it was revealed that she is actually a hero who has a positive perspective on everything The on off chemistry of Trevain and Aazuria is very appealing and hot The book has got a good pace and all the right elements to make this and exciting and thrilling and will definitely compel you to read the next book in the series With her words, the author will take you in a journey of the unknown and into their mystical fantasy world Aazuria will definitely take your breath away, with all her charm and her good will nature.If you want to lose yourself into the beautiful world of Mermaids and their deadly wars, then do read this fantasy novel for sure. Harry Potter enchanted Wizards, Drowning Mermaids enchanted Mermaids The vivid imagery and sharpness of the characters put you right into the story I finished this book being thankful to live in Florida, because I wanted to take a swim The author has a way of breathing life into the experiences you read about in the story that is utterly invigorating In the way that Rowling ruffled our imagination with the possibility that wizards live among us and maybe we could be a wizard, Nadia has done this with Mermaids The author keeps this majestic story grounded with roots based on fact, you can tell she put her research hat on in writing this story I cannot wait to see where Aazuria s story goes with the groundwork that has been laid in this novel I guess this is not the kind of thing you judge a book on, but it was so refreshing to read a thesaurus of the coolest, prettiest names I will ever come across in my life I could not put this book down or minimize it P Reading it was an adrenaline rush from beginning to end with many twists characteristic of the author s work The delicate relationship of Aazuria and Trevain was beautiful and dramatic To truly appreciate the story and the characters, you really just have to dive in Being up to my eyeballs in painkillers thanks to some extremely painful back problems, I thought I d turn to some brain candy whilst I convalesce Unfortunately, Drowning Mermaids was fit for rotting the brain and I can only assume that the high rating this has garnered on Goodreads must mean that every other reader was on far stronger painkillers than I, with the highest dosage having been taken by the writer just before she started scribbling as most of this book made no freaking sense whatsoever.Aazuria is working as a ballet dancing stripper to finance a mermaid war when she meets Trevain, an extremely wealthy fisherman Taking him up on the offer of moving herself and her sisters into his home they fall in insta love, although their happiness is threatened by the fact that Aazuria is the leader of an underwater nation at war and that Trevain can t help but piss himself laughing every time she alludes to being a mermaid Will their love survive Will I find the book littered with incredibly strange sentences Will I get pissed at the weird strain of sexism on display Will I roll my eyes hard enough for them to fall out of my head every time a doorbell rings demurely Will I become angrily confused by the shoddy world building Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.In this world mermaids don t have tails, which explains how Aazuria can get a job as a stripping ballet dancer Instead, they re human albeit ones that have grown a second set of lungs not gills that can somehow filter oxygen from water where these lungs are housed in their bodies is beyond me, as they don t have extremely large ribcages to accommodate them Their legs, however, become wracked with pain if they spend too much time on land although this only seems to affect Aazuria and someone who later turns out to be a merman and didn t seem to influence the mermaid architects when building their underwater ice palaces in which lots of waterless caverns have been carved out for some reason that made absolutely no sense along with them having carpeted some of these caverns Where did they get the carpets Did they have to strip to pay for them How were they fitted in the ice caves And why The mermaids seem to have some powers but they re crap ones like being slightly intuitive, only aging on land and having your hair and skin change colour when not in the water this is apparently due to tanning, which somehow turns your platinum blonde hair dark and which only affects some mermaids, but not all the twins remained flame haired and fair skinned whether they were underwater or not Despite not having powerful tails, they re still incredibly fast and strong swimmers, easily able to catch up with boats that have set off long before them Which would have been fine, except that meant that I was incredibly bewildered by a bunch of mermaid reinforcements arriving by boat in the middle of an underwater battle a battle in which bullets, kicks, punches, people and throwing knives all move in the same way that they do on land ever tried to punch someone underwater It seems my brother and I did research during family holidays than Scrieva ever did The characters and their love affair were written with the same lack of skill as the world in which they lived Aazuria is apparently a brave and strong ruler of her people, although she constantly abandoned them to seek her own safety on land, and we re constantly told that Trevain is kind, considerate and honourable although what we re shown is a man who s decided that visiting the mother he has installed in a psychiatric hospital is too much bother, who throws temper tantrums when things don t go his own way, insults and belittles the woman he supposedly loves and even goes for her throat when they disagree I spent rather a lot of time hoping that Trevain would get harpooned in the chest by the evil, black clad mermaids that s how we know they re evil that Aazuria was at war with, and that she d be so grief stricken that we d get to see exactly how one would go about drowning a mermaid Instead, after vanquishing her enemies Aazuria got her happy ever after, with Trevain s mermaid genes lucky enabling him to join her in her ice palace good luck to her, I wonder if he ll choke her every time he gets sick of seafood.Honestly, the only good things I took from this book were that reading it was so painful it made my back pale in comparison, and that if I decided to abandon my job and write instead, nothing I could produce even out of my mind on painkillers could be any worse than this Also posted at Randomly Reading and Ranting Drowning MermaidsSacred Breath Book OneBy Nadia ScrievaCaptain Trevain Murphy and his crew are drowning their sorrows in a strip joint after losing one of their own One of the dancers manages to capture his attention she seems to be well trained in ballet and is dancing to beautiful opera music and Trevain cannot take his eyes off of her but Trevain sees her as a young girl, she looks like she is 18, and he is in his fifties and when she tells him that she is six hundred and three he laughs it off Trevain learns that Aazuria is actually stripping to take care of herself and her two young sisters he offers to let them stay in his home, he isn t there most of the time so she will be safe and secure and not have to earn money in such a way, soon after they move in together begins to form between them but Aazuria has a dangerous secret, she is actually a Princess and will soon be Queen of an underwater kingdom and there are those who wish to harm her This was such an interest book, take all you know about mermaids and throw it out the window the only way I can describe how the author explains mermaids is Darwinism, they are humans just advanced and are able to live and survive underwater If that alone is not enough to get you to read this book the author also adds romance, murder, and drama to make this an outstanding read, so much so that I cannot begin to do it justice in a few simple words with everything that happens you will simple have to read it for yourself For More Reviews be sure to visit my blogs at I was impressed with the beautiful fantasy world that the author created, but like an iceberg, there was much to this book than just the enchanting surface I found a message of strength in the way Trevain used his age and his limp as an excuse to limit himself, but after meeting Aazuria he discovers that he can do things that he never imagined, and that he was being really close minded Trevain goes from thinking that the better part of his life is over to believing that life has really just begun, and not just because he has found love, but because he has learned so much He learns that he has made some pretty big mistakes and destroyed his mother s life, and he has trouble coping with this, but he is given a second chance to change everything.There is a lot of humor in this book as well, and I often laughed out loud I love the irony of Trevain constantly thinking he is too old to be with Aazuria because he is 50 and she looks like she is only 18, but then he learns that she is actually 603 years old and he has been the infant in the relationship all along Visola is also a very funny character with her lust for violence.I really like the way that the humor is mixed in with the drama it keeps things light when so much is happening that is really heavy The scene where Aazuria kneels before her dead father in the mausoleum is very moving, and the fight scenes are very exciting.An excellent read Deep under Artic waters lies an ice kingdom carved into a glacier Those who dwell within it possess magnificient biological secrets Captain Trevain Murphy is a successful king crab fisherman who has spent his life building his empire above the sea and knows nothing of the empire beneathe it This book had me from the first page to the last Aazuria and the rest of the mermaids are so well written you can just close your eyes and picture them I love the fact that these mermaids don t have fish tails when in the water, and that Aazuria s appearance changes in hair and color of skin when out of water Trevain is kind and caring and I couldn t help but laugh when he keeps saying that at 50 he is far too old for Aazuria and then again when he finds out that she is in fact 603 years old There are some unexpected surprises that I really enjoyed I think this book has something for everybody and I can t wait to read I have fallen in love with these mermaids I received this book from the author through Goodreads. The premise of the story was fantastic Unfortunately there were a few things that kept me from wanting to read the next book in the series It starts out so slow The hook is not present at the beginning, and by the time I got to the hook I just wanted it to end The only thing that kept me remotely interested was the relationship between the sisters There were quite a few grammatical flaws, which, had I paid money for the book I would have been upset about The third person perspective was often confusing, almost seeming to jump too fast between characters or was not removed far enough for the fast changes in who we are watching I do like the fact that the mermaids are human, no tails, I love that I love the idea of the extra set of lungs I loved the twist and discovery of relations in the story Overall, had it been refined I would have bought every book in the series no matter the price and I would have recommended it to ever book nerd I know.