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Machines Aren T Supposed To Feel, But This Cyborg Can T Help Falling In LoveAssigned As A Specimen Collector For A Captured Cyborg, Chloe Is Intrigued By The Machine Disguised As A Man Kidnapped During His Daring Escape, He Shows Her That Despite The Chip In His Brain, His Humanity Is Not Completely LostFormerly Known As Unit XGI, Joe Is On A Quest To Discover His Origin While He Doesn T Find The Answers He S Looking For, He Does Discover That Affection Isn T Just For Humans But When It Comes To A Battle Between Logic And Love, Which Side Will The Cybernetic Organism Once A Man Choose Evaluating His Feelings Will Have To Wait Though Because The Military Isn T Done With Joe But Their Threats Against Him Pale In Comparison Before The Shocking Discovery Of Project C, The Revelation Of Which Stuns The Rebel Cyborgs And Ignites A Fury For Vengeance OMG I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED THIS BOOK This book had everything that you are looking for in a story that will keep you glued to the pages suspense, mystery, action, emotional content that will have your heart aching and a gorgeous, hunky hero that will have you wishing you were the one getting his special treatment.Oh where to begin Lets start in the beginning with X109GI or I should say Joe because despite what the military wants people to believe, and for Joe and his comrades to believe about themselves, Joe is then just a robot, then just a cyborg with mechanical parts and computer components, but a living being with feelings and emotions that may have been buried or shut off but not extinguished Upon Joe s awakening he realizes the injustice that is placed upon him and his fellow cyborgs and sets on a course to ensure their survival and continued existence despite the military s attempts in destroying them.Chloe hasn t had an easy life and some of it has been so traumatic that she can t even remember some of it and feels that she is merely existing Finally for the first time in her life she starts to feel alive all the result of being around Joe who has been captured by the military and is being experimented on.However, Joe has other plans as he sets his escape in motion and he takes Chloe with him because she has somehow made him feel alive as well Both Chloe and Joe discover feelings for each other but Joe is unable to understand what he is feeling and why he is feeling them Chloe on the other hand sees Joe for what he truly is a strong, powerful, sexy man who is not only protective of her but wants to show her pleasures that no man has ever been able to do before.What occurs next are some intense, passionate scenes between Joe and Chloe and their realization that what they feel for reach other is beyond their expectations Unfortunately it is not a smooth ride for these two as conspiracy occurs and trust, friendship and loyalty is put to the test and the ending will surprise you.I LOVE this book and this series and I can t wait to read book 2 when it comes out because if this first book is any indication of the series the next book will be just as exciting and stimulating as this one As Eve would say GO METAL 5 Stars 4.5Cyberlicious Stars X109GIwas one of many Cyborgs created by the government They were born human, but are now altered with nanobots allowing them to regenerate and heal Their bone structures are covered in metal and their thinking is overridden by a BCI computer board wired to their brains But that was before their brains started to override their programming Cyborg X109GI renamed himself Joe once he was free of the government.Joe is now a free thinking cyborg and he is has the hots for Chloe She makes him feel things that he has no words to explainHe caught her hand and kissed the palm I love you, little one I might not understand how to romance you, or convince you of this truth, but I feel it It is the most uncomfortable sensation and, at the same time, the most glorious Chloe is a government pawn, used to get samples and hopefully information from Joe She s never met a cyborg before, and knows that she should be afraid But instead, she is turned on by Joe, and can t keep her hands off himAfter the second time he woke her, she commented on his insatiable desire to which he replied, I can go all night long And he did Chloe has been used by the government and is just as much a victim as the cyborgsI will hunt each and every one of those men down and kill them Why He shouted his words, overcome with anger What do you mean why They hurt you So now they must dieThis book is full of action, and fight scenes with deep space travel aboard space ships The love scenes are scorching hot and the plot is well thought out and not predictable as I had excepted I love erotic Sci Fi and this book was Amazing.If you are a fan of Laurann Dohner s cyborgs, then you need to read this book You will enjoy it This was a fun, quick paranormal read I m a sucker for the whole alien Cyborg trope and this one didn t disappoint Already downloading the next one Sigh Where is my cyborg I absolutely adored this story I ve been in a bit of a book slump again lately I ve read a few that I liked, but not LOVED Well, C791 gave me just what I was looking for A gorgeous misunderstood guy, and a heroine who deserves love after having a hard life Usually in erotic romance you don t get much story, but I was delighted to find the characters and setting well developed in this one Eve Langlais is well known for her ability to write hot love scenes and did not disappoint I m excited about this series and look forward to reading about Joe and Chloe s future, as well as the rest of the cyborgs introduced in C791. This story had pretty good potential I love sci fi romance and cyborg stories are some of my favorites of this genre However, I felt that the world building here lacked something Also there were too many sex scenes and not enough story The book was really good when the action was going on There were just large parts where the author said words to the effect they spent long hours talking and she taught him stuff to help him pass as human I would rather have read those scenes instead of the three or four extra sex scenes that were really nothing special The reason was probably that they occurred too soon in the relationship There was no build up of any sort of sexual tension because basically as soon as they got to a private room they were going at it like bunnies Plus the emotional element of the relationship was just as instant So what did that leave me to look forward to The sci fi part of the story Which was good and there was even a really interesting twist There just should have been.Still it seems there will be further stories and I will hope that as in many series, the next stories will become stronger and stronger. This was an average read I rate this 3 Somewhat dull predictable stars.I listened to the Audible version really loved the male narrator Sadly I thought the female narrator had an annoying voice.I was torn between a 2 3 star rating if it was slightly longer I d likely go with the lower rating I m unlikely to continue the series am overjoyed the audible version was free to Romance Package subscribers. C791 was the first book in the Erotic Sci Fi series Cyborgs More Than Machines by Eve Langlais This was my first book by the author.The author set the stage well for the overall story within the first few pages The humans created the Cyborgs then tried to destroy them The war between the humans and the cyborgs will be consistent as the backdrop and foundation for the entire series.For C791, X109G1 aka Joe was a defective cyborg machine Defective in that he also had some human abilities Chloe was a military student that needed the hours so she agreed to work at the lab with the Cyborg The author wrote from both POV s and fleshed out their initial meeting and the song and dance afterwards towards a relationship It was a quick read, so it could have had depth into the characters as well as the battle and strategy scenes However, Sci Fi was not normal genre, so from a newbie perspective, I appreciated the highlights versus the depth Additionally, it had a suspenseful vibe with a few twists, which made it an intriguing and quick read.I also enjoyed the personalities of Sorus and Seth, two other Cyborgs Sorus, the serious, I hate all humans Cyborg is up next in F814 and has promise to be explosive. I was having a craving for some books with Cyborg trope and this is a series that I haven t read before.I have to admit that this book is exactly what I needed Not a very complicated story The action is straightforward until a major twist happens in the middle of the book which explains also the book title, i.e we find out what number C791 means.The book starts describing a Cyborg revolution that happened when it was decided that all the Cyborgs were no longer useful and they needed to be exterminated A few years later, Chloe is a scientist that is assigned to select samples from a captured Cyborg Joe is part human, part machine and does not cooperate easily with all this probing and testing He plans to escape and to take this cute little human with him.Although it does not lack of action, the book felt like an introduction in the world of Cyborgs I am looking forward to continuing the series and learning about their world.