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This was adorable I loved how well the author developed the characters, and only in the span of 55 pages I am curious how the rest of this little series progresses, and perhaps I ll keep on reading Delightful Three 9 year old cousins with dreams of their future, a cookie company right now, and love for Aunt Lucy as only 9 year old can imagine My 8 year old is going to love this There are so many sweet little life lessons in this book. I enjoyed this book because I liked the part when the three cousins made a show I also enjoyed this book because I liked the part when the three cousins made a cookie company. Should be titled 3 white able bodied middle class cousins have a nice summer in a small town Nothing goes wrong ever No character growth, no conflict, nothing to learn. There s a certain sweetness to these books that feels both nostalgic and timeless It has a pure hearted atmosphere full of the wonder and possibility of childhood, celebrating the every day joy possible in a house full of love If that sounds cloying, think along the lines of Anne of Green Gables This series is gentle and warm, perfect for any young reader who has trouble connecting with the loud and at times obnoxious protagonists often pushed in children s lit who are needed in their own way, but sometimes we need a break. I read these all 6 this is just the first to Bea and we enjoyed them As a read aloud they really would be better formated in one big book so that there could be less repetition The books are so short But I can see that might be what they are going for in an early reader chapter book We enjoyed the plot for the most part very sweet and simple The girls are always doing things that Bea wishes she could do make a dollhouse, write a newpaper, organize tea parties The whole plot line about matchmaking Aunt Lucy Michael and planning the wedding didn t strike a chord with Bea but that is just her I remember being totally wedding crazy when I was 8 or 9 so I would have loved it.It was nice that the parents were removed from the scene through a year long ballet tour instead of dying that was a bit easier for Bea to take And I enjoyed that this series really didn t focus on school stuff easier for the homeschoolers among us to relate All and all, sweet stuff. I m not sure about this one It was a little twee, but that s not necessarily a deal breaker It seemed somewhat lacking I was hoping for something to sink the teeth into Little girls need books with substance.I see another reviewer praises the series because the characters tendtowards the sweet quiet than the outspoken spunky That is nice The number of fierce, feisty girl heroines in today s books is unrealistic and downright annoying. What a sweet, little book for young girls I think Cynthia Rylant is becoming a favorite author of mine for elementary aged children This series is all about twin girls and their cousin that are temporarily living with their flowershop owning aunt Very innocent and classically girly. Wholesome stories with beautiful illustrations. Meet The Cobble Street Cousins Lily, Who Wants To Be A Poet Tess, Who Wants To Be A Broadway Star Rosie, Who Wants A Little Cottage With Flowers By The Door Right Now, Though, The Cousins Are Sharing An Attic Bedroom In Their Aunt Lucy S Light Blue House On Cobble Street, And Happily Making Plans For The Summer A Cookie Company Seems The Perfect Way To Make A Little Money, But It Turns Out To Be Much An Opportunity To Meet Some Very Special Neighbors