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This book was a hard read for me at first The first couple of chapters seemed exciting but I truly was having a hard time remembering who was who, and what species they each were Thankfully it got better, or maybe my memory did I don t know whatever it was, I found I couldn t put this book down It took me a week to finish the first 4 chapters reading a chapter at a time Then a day and half to finish the rest of the book after that.This book had many elements similar in other books but at the same time written and done in way that made it fresh and in no way a rip off I do have to add that a certain point in this book felt reminiscent of the feelings you get when watching Will Smith explore New York in I Am Legend movie, not the book I was creeped out wondering what in the world was about to happen I loved it.I would recommend this book to any SciFi fan out there And I give this book a 4.5 It would be a 5 had my brain been able to follow the who and what in the beginning of the book.Can t wait to read the rest of the series. Review forthcoming on received a copy of Burden of Sisyphus, book 1 of The Brink of Distinction in exchange for my review.Vance is the leader of a special ops team in the covert war between the Alliance and the Terrans, and is sent on to a city where communication was lost suddenly, sure there is to the mission than meets the eye, he and his fellow captain, Decker, proceed with caution, until it is too late and pure luck is what is keeping them alive Keryn is the sister of one of Vance s team, and is going against the traditions of her race by training to become a pilot instead of giving in to the voice and becoming a weapon.Link to GoodreadsLink to Link to Clean Teen PublishingOh my goodness, the ending of this book got me good, somehow it really made an emotional impact, far than I had expected it to when I started reading Though in some ways it was a pretty satisfactory ending as well, resolving the main issues but allowing certain, larger, problems to remain in order to be faced in the next book which I m already feeling quite impatient about reading.There was quite a large contrast between the two main stories of this book, you had the covert operations team who were facing the unknown and dangerous situations, and then you have Keryn s story, which is basically about college life though with really cool flying games that make me want to play even though I know I would be rubbish Somehow the contrast worked, though I do believe it will be there less going forward.The characters themselves were all described vividly I could imagine how each of the races looked like from the written word though I did end up a little surprised by the Lithids when I saw the illustration at the back and I didn t actually accidentally turn them human in my head has happened once or twice in the past.All in all, a fantastic sci fi book, well worth getting your teeth into Between The Alien Alliance And The Terran Empire, A Neutral Zone Stretches Between The Galaxies, A Demilitarized Zone That Was Established Years Previous, Following The Great War The Peace Accord Granted A Semblance Of Peace To The Universe The Peace, However, Is A Facade, And It Is The Responsibility Of Michael Vance And His Covert Operations Team To Maintain That IllusionRecently, The Alliance Lost Contact With One Of Their Outposts Near The Neutral Zone Surveillance Scans Show An Abandoned City And No Signs Of Life The Alliance Does What It Always Does Send In The Best But An Unexpected Betrayal Leaves Vance And His Team Stranded Worse, The City That Was Supposed To Be Dead Is Quite Alive And The Monsters That Now Roam Its Streets Are Slaughtering His Team, One At A Time Most the time I don t know where to start my reviews but this time I ve got it I will start by saying this novel was not my typical genre I m mostly a paranormal romance, suspense romance and YA reader I ve been trying to expand my mind and read outside of my norm and this book was definitely outside of my norm.And it was so good I ve read a few shorts my the author and I find his style engaging, his attention to detail is pretty amazing, and is something I find I lack in my own writing He is blaringly descriptive yet I didn t find myself skimming because of it It truly added to a fantastic read.Vance is the leader of this amazing special ops team of super cool creatures I won t lie Eza was by far my favorite, though each added something unique and wonderful to the story.As much as I loved the characters and found them amusing at times, there is no question that this book while imaginative is a bit violent and gruesome at times And it is so very obvious that a man wrote it that s not a bad thing As the team sets on this covert mission into a city where the inhabitants have disappeared, you can almost feel the devastation as it s described to you super creepy at time and definitely made me feel like I was in a devastated post apocalyptic post war city.Messenger has a brilliant way of filling you with false hope in this book lol So be ready to be shocked and at times devastated by what you read I m often accused of being sensitive yes I cry at commercial featuring abused animals and this book definitely had me crying throughout.So all in all I m so glad I stepped outside of my typical read as I really did enjoy this book The one thing that caught me as a little off was Keryn s character, the chapters devoted to her character felt like a separate novel to me Though it all came together in the end Had I not gotten to know her character as well as I did I m not sure I would have had the emotional reaction to the ending of this book that I did. Burden of Sisyphus, the first book in the Brink of Distinction series, is a science fiction book which details the conflict between the Terran Empire and the Alliance For 150 years, there s been a truce, with neither side encroaching on the Demilitarized Zone This first book sets up the main storyline of the conflict, with two parallel plotlines of the story The first details Vance s team, which is made up of the varying races of the Alliance, which includes Lithids, Wyndgaarts, Avalons, and Uligarts and the mission they were assigned to undertake The second details Karyn She is a young Wyndgaart who decides to follow her own path instead of going through the Rite of Initiation, a ceremony where she would have joined the warrior caste of her race Instead, she decides to attend the Academy on the Avalon homeworld of Arcendor.What I can say is that from the outset, I absolutely loved this book, and I thought it was extremely well written There s plenty of action, suspense, humor, and basically everything I love about science fiction in general While it is fast paced, I found it was easy to follow what was going on Having read the first book, I know that I really want to read the second and third books as well, to see how everything turns out Something else I really enjoyed about this book is how well the characters are fleshed out, and that includes even minor characters that I grew to care about especially the members of Vance s team.I highly recommend this book to any fans of science fiction. If you re even remotely interested in military based sci fi, this book is for you If you re a hardened sci fi vet, or new to the scene, this book is for you From the very beginning it throws you into a visceral scene that demands attention and just doesn t let up Burden of Sisyphus carries the reader through the inner workings of faraway worlds, deep into the dynamics of ship based combat, and blisters across the pages like waves of excitement The adrenaline that rushes through several of the characters is evident, and very often reflects back on the reader it certainly did in my case.There are two plotlines that parallel quite well I was doing my best to ascertain an area that I, personally, would have shifted differently for effect and I didn t find anything We have some similarities, this author and I There were a few editorial changes that I would have made, but nothing critical That being said, this gem of a story packs such a powerful punch that I find myself hard pressed to think of another in the genre that stands above it Yeah, it s that good.From the concept of the The Voice to the training grounds of the Academy, the unique elements that permeate are rich and alluring I found myself wanting to dig deeper than what was ultimately offered I suppose that s a good thing as I have a few books in the series to read.Overall, I ve given this book a legitimate five stars because of strength of story It s a frequently overlooked aspect, in the copy and paste world of modern storytelling There s so much good to chew on here, I suggest you give er a look see. Burden of Sisyphus is the first in Author Jon Messenger s Sci Fi Action series Brink of Distinction.Before truly giving my opinion on this book, I have to give a bit of background I read this book a while back, but never got to reviewing it due to personal issues at the time After a while I just plain forgot Which makes me ashamed, because I m usually very good with leaving reviews for books I enjoyed But after the re release of the entire series I figured I d leave my review I went and reacquainted myself, hence why I didn t leave my review immediately, and now I m able to leave my honest review for everyone In Burden of Sisyphus Author Jon Messenger creates a whole galaxy of uniqueness I m often saying the authors I m reading about creates a unique world, but Jon ups the ante by writing a story that soars across the universe He blends in military style action with creatures of his own creation such as Lithids, Wyndgaarts, Avalons, and Uligarts The imagination put into this story is unbelievable, and I salute Mr Messenger for his talent in the science fiction genre An illusion of peace between the Terrans and the Alliance of alien races has existed for the last 150 years All the while, the two forces fight covert battles along the neutral zone between their respective regions of space It appears that the illusion is about to be stripped away as battle looms.This is an enjoyable and somewhat different take on the clashes between galaxy spanning civilizations, being told completely from the alien point of view I have to qualify alien here since the Alliance includes a number of human worlds that decided to side with the Alliance when the Terran forces launch their assault This entire first book in the series relates the intertwined stories of aliens and the humans, referred to as Pilgrims to differentiate them from the Terran humans, within the Alliance The aliens and Pilgrims are closely integrated, and the author presents them all as human it s easy to relate to and like the alien characters, although doing so feels vaguely traitorous since the real humans of the Terran Federation are understandably seen as the bad guys by the Alliance. Burden of Sisyphus by Jon Messenger is a highly challenging and deeply reaching story of a delicate peace threatened to be shattered by the forceful demands of others This story is nothing short of truly amazing and highly original in the unique perspective that it offers Emotionally raw yet fiercely gripping, Messenger takes us on an epic adventure that explores brutally honest subjects like personal identity and potential, the depths of the fabric of life, and what real freedom and oppression really is.I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this is not your typical story of war and conflict It completely surpassed the standard clich , and I was immediately sucked into the storyline without hesitation Being challenged and taken out of my comfort zone is something that I greatly enjoy in the books that I read, and this one undoubtedly and delightfully delivered What touched me the most was how real and palpable the emotions were portrayed that surged throughout the pages Most of all, I enjoyed the team mentality and genuine camaraderie that was displayed and encouraged After all, we don t live our lives on an island all by ourselves We have to learn to work with and appreciate each other not just for how we can benefit from others but how we can also help them out.I grew up listening to G rated versions of stories from the Vietnam War, and as a result I have come to greatly admire those who have taken up the call to stand in my place to protect and fight for me and my country A deeply seated love and admiration has grown throughout the years as I have learned about the strenuous challenges and heart breaking hardships that our soldiers have to endure I know I am not strong enough to face what they go through, and that makes my respect for them that much stronger and resolute I thank them from the bottom of my heart for their unwavering dedication in their service, the depth of their love for our country, and their amazing strength of spirit You are never forgotten and forever loved.Jon Messenger delivers a captivating and hard to forget narrative that sci fi fans will not want to miss I honestly love finding authors whose stories are as wonderfully surprising and excruciatingly real as this one is It serves as such an exquisite reminder of why I love to read books Trust me when I say that you do not want to miss out on the creative talent of this author Be sure to check out his other books like Wind Warrior and Flame Caller. It takes a lot of work to be an Indie Author these days.Even with that hard work, and a generous application of patience, it can still take a long time to be discovered and build a following People simply don t know which books to choose amid the million or so available out there And, that s a shame, because there are good Indie writers who should be discovered by readers Jon Messenger is one of them.Jon and I both have short stories that were published in Paranormal Anthology With a Twist We don t know each other very well, but I enjoyed his story TRUTH OR DARE my favorite of that book , and decided I would give one of his full length novels a try.Perpetually busy with work, family, and life it took me a few months but I finally found some time and read Burden of Sisyphus.The first 2 3 chapters were decent I liked the ideas, but the setting and some of the character interactions didn t appeal to me Sort of like eating strawberry ice cream when I m a vanilla guy Maybe because it had a very minor YA feel to it I m not sure I kept reading though, and soon enough, I found I had really gotten into the story and the majority of the characters Sure, there are battles and some military centric scenes, but they aren t overbearing They work perfectly for the story, much as some battles in Star Wars work perfectly for it, but I wouldn t think of Star Wars as primarily a military movie it s just a great story.The characters are great they re real and quirky and imperfect.The plot is good, the pace is good, and there are some surprises in store for the reader It gets better and better through the book.As others have said, if you like the Sci Fi and military blend, this is the book for you But I don t think that does this book justice, because I think it has the potential for mass appeal it s got a little bit of everything greed, honor, friendship, coming of age, and a little romance Burden is a really good book, a good story, worthy of acclaim I look forward to reading the next in the series