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    Since discovering Lord Peter in college, I ve resisted the urge to race through all of his mysteries There are only eleven, and I prefer to read them slowly, one every year or so, so they can last as long as possible Knowing that I only have four left makes me sad, but this collection was a nice antidote with twenty one stories, it felt like at least three or four novels worth of mysteries.Obviously they aren t all great The Vindictive Story of the Footsteps That Ran is sort of a letdown at the end, and The Abominable History of the Man With the Copper Fingers , while suspenseful and creepy, has a pretty obvious solution that I saw from a mile away But most of the stories are delightful The Fascinating Problem of Uncle Meleager s Will rests on the characters having to solve a crossword puzzle, and The Learned Adventure of the Dragon s Head features Lord Peter solving a mystery with his nephew, and it s just as adorable and charming as it sounds Also, in case you haven t guessed, all of the mysteries have delightfully old school melodramatic titles, which I am always a fan of And my absolute favorite of the bunch was, of course, Talboys, which involves the entire Wimsey Vane family and I want someone to make a TV series where Peter, Harriet, and their sons travel the country and solve mysteries granted, this story does feature scenes where the Wimseys are super rude to a female houseguest, but since she s the 1930 s equivalent of an anti vaccer hippie mom, their disdain is earned Also there s a mystery that opens with the birth of Peter and Harriet s first child, which I will proceed to quote almost in its entirety because that s how well it demonstrates why I love these two Good lord said his lordship Did I do that All evidence points that way, replied his wife Then I can only say I never knew so convincing a body of evidence produce such an inadequate result The nurse appeared to take this reflection personally She said in a tone of rebuke He s a beautiful boy H m, said Peter He adjusted his eyeglass carefully Well, you re the expert witness Hand him over The nurse did so with a dubious air She was relieved to see that this disconcerting parent handled the child competently as, in a man who was an experienced uncle, was not, after all, so very surprising Lord Peter sat down gingerly on the edge of the bed Do you feel it s up to standard he inquired with some anxiety Of course, your workmanship s always sound but you never know with these collaborative efforts I think it ll do, said Harriet drowsily Good He turned abruptly to the nurse All right we ll keep it Take it and put it away, and tell em to invoice it to me It s a very interesting addition to you, Harriet but it would have been a hell of a rotten substitute The book also features an afterword by John Curran, who outlines Sayers life, and it s pretty cool she had a baby out of wedlock and successfully kept it a secret He also goes through the trajectory of the Lord Peter novels, including the Harriet Vane romance Sayers introduced Harriet Vane in Strong Poison 1930 and allowed her and Wimsey to embark on a three book courtship culminating in marriage in Busman s Honeymoon 1937 This is the longest and, some would argue, the most wearisome and embarrassing courtship in the annals of detective fiction record scratch Excuse you No one argues that, Curran NO ONE If any detective courtship deserves to be called embarrassing and wearisome, it s Stephen Moffat s take on Sherlock s relationship with Irene Adler yeah, I went there fight me, Sherlock fangirls Don t step to me on the subject of Harriet and Peter Detective fiction purists contend that this type of romantic relationship between detective and suspect has no place in a detective story, Curran writes Other sleuths have managed to meet, court, marry, and produce children without any of the soul searching in which Peter and Harriet indulged You best get out your dueling pistols and choose a second, Curran, because them s fightin words I honestly considered taking off a star for the pure dickishness of the afterword, but then I remembered that it s not Sayers fault.

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    Just fun.

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    In the world of Lord Peter, murder is jolly good fun Dorothy Sayer wrote fun and interesting mysteries using the character of Lord Peter to hook her readers, and this reviewer feel right into the trap.The reader immediately identifies with Lord Peter, we all want to be incredibly wealthy with personal man servants waiting on our needs and responsive to our every whim The character is heroic, devil may care, handsome and eccentric Who wouldn t want to be him Beyond the hero of these mysteries is an excellent writer who can create intriguing mysteries that for the reader become page turners This series of mystery s becomes a little less interesting when our perfect man falls in love with another interesting character Harriet Vane, less interesting because we want him to be unencumbered with marriage and children in order to fulfill the readers fantasies.This particular compilation of stories is a bed side book that can sit for a while and than can immediately bring the reader right back into the thick of it For this reviewer, this genre is an escape from the real world and a chance to live in a fantasy world, another murder Oh,jolly good fun

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    I had read the first three Lord Peter novels and fallen in love, not only with the writing and wit Dorothy Sayers has an incredible vocabulary, rarely seen elsewhere, her Oxford education in languages shows in all sorts of glory which grew with each new book, but also with the depiction of life and crime solving in 1920 s England, and of course, the goofy and lovably brilliant Lord Peter.This book was sitting on my daughter s bookshelf, and, having borrowed it I was than delighted to realize it included the complete stories in Lord Peter Views the Body book four in the series these are the first twelve stories in this edition.and The story Talboys, being recently discovered, written in 1942, appears in this volume in print for the first time, for example.I am not normally a fan of short stories, and while a few of them I could have skipped, I was surprised by how much I hated to lay this volume down As I said, I do enjoy the novels quite a bit , but this little gem is a very worthwhile read, and not just for those who enjoy the series The names of the stories are incredible in themselves from The Picatorial Farce of the Stolen Stomach to The Entertaining Episode of the Article in Question and The Undignified Melodrama of the Bone of Contention Of course, while some stories are far interesting than others I particularly enjoyed The Bibulous Business of a Matter of Taste I highly recommend this for the die hard Wimsey fan as well as anyone who loves to read the English language used in such masterful and playful ways.

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    Sayers is a master of the crime genre, and these stories are absolutely wonderful examples of her sharp brain and talent for storytelling Some of their attitudes are a little dated now, but the plots still shine 12 Please note this review is meant as a recommendation only Please do not use it in any marketing material, online or in print, without asking permission from me first Thank you

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    Well, I guess I know what series I m launching myself headlong into now Truly dare I say it deuced good stuff.

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    Short stories that get straight to the point I like it.

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    Read The Unprincipled Practical Joker for October s Suspense Challenge for my first Dorothy Sayer Will be reading for November s Thanksgiving titles Challenge.Letter A Absolutely ElsewhereLetter I In the Teeth of the EvidenceLetter N Necklace of Pearls , a Christmas read completed for the Christmas Spirit Readathon 2016

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    I read this for an on line book group called Reading Wimsey over on LiveJournal I ve read a lot of rubbish this summer, and it was such a blissful relief to sink back into Sayers s easy, elegant prose Sayers s short stories are very different from her novels she really seizes the opportunity to explore different points of view, outrageously improbable situational constructions, her various personal fascinations wine, printed ephemera, crosswords, etc I bought my copy of this book in 1987 and I appear to have managed to struggle successfully through one entire corner of the crossword My own marginal annotation of several years later says, How the bloody hell did I even get this far ALTHOUGH, I am now able to supply the word QUAGGA to Bunter s final query, as my children and I are very familiar with a stuffed example of said animal in the Royal Museum in Edinburgh There are certain tiny details that I just adore about Sayers s writing The way the little pool of crimson fire like a miniature sunset, mentioned so casually in a short story in 1928, turns up again nearly ten years later on Harriet Vane s finger in Busman s Honeymoon The way Peter is convinced that the Death Coach can t be real because his horse doesn t shy at it but she DOES shy at Dead Man s Post it s a given that the supernatural does exist, it just doesn t exist in relation to Burdock And what a looooong and rambling story that is There s a MAP There s the implication that Peter is in the country as a convalscent I think she s so good at background My favorite story is the last in this collection, Talboys, which I appreciate so much now that I have children and houseguests and a career than I did as a happy go lucky 22 year old grad student You may, by taking your husband into your own room and accommodating the two elder boys in his dressing room, squeeze in an extra person who, like Miss Quirk, has been wished upon you but it is scarcely possible to run after her all day to see that she is not getting into mischief This is particularly the case if you are a novelist by profession, and if, over, your idea of a hppy holiday is to dispose as completely and briskly as possible of children, book, servants, and visitor, so as to snatch all the available moments for playing the fool with a congenial, but admittedly distracting, husband I also find that I am mind melding Harriet Vane with Anne Morrow Lindbergh in this story, which amuses me, since AML has replaced HV as my role model over the last ten years most of my role models have been fictional.

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    This massive collection of Sayers complete output of Wimsey short stories is well worth the investment of money and time All the stories are strongly plotted and superbly crafted, with many of her usual characters but each has an edge to them and a sharply succinct quality that makes the reading fly along Includes my all time favorite Sayers story, The adventurous exploit of the cave of Ali Baba , and several others are quite stunning, especially the superbly paced The unsolved puzzle of the man with no face The abominable history of the man with copper fingers a tale told by a man in a club, after dinner, one of her bestThe fantastic horror of the cat in the bag sleight of hand, mistaken identities, gory doingsThe unprincipled affair of the practical joker refined blackmail leads to cheating at cards, and vice versaThe undignified melodrama of the bone of contention lovely lost will story, wrapped in village myths and clichesThe vindictive story of the footsteps that ran love can certainly be murderThe bibulous business of a matter of taste winetasting with a vengence, a mite precious , but funThe piscatorial farce of the stolen stomach an odd old man, some diamonds, and a very peculiar bequestThe unsolved puzzle of the man with no face splendidly twisted tale of murder for an unusual reason, a zinger at the endThe adventurous exploit of the cave of Ali Baba Wimsey as a regular guy burglar, one of the best storiesnote on checking my notes I find there should be 21 stories listed here, and I need to reread several ofthem and add them to the above list.