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Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereFirst Class courier pilot Theo Waitley was already known as a nexus of violence and then she inherited the precarious captaincy of a mysterious self aware ship designed to serve a long dead trader Now she has a trade route to run for Clan Korval while she convinces the near mythic ghost ship Bechimo and herself that she wants to commit herself as the human side to their immensely powerful symbiosis While her former lover battles a nano virus that's eating him alive she's challenged to rescue hundreds of stranded pilots and crewmen from an explosive situation in near orbit around a suddenly hostile planet Lovers enemies an ex roomie and a jealous spaceship are all in peril as Theo wields power that no one in the universe is sure of especially her

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    For Liaden fans Dragon Ship is essential For newcomers it will probably be confusing The last two books fit together Ghost Ship and Dragon Ship resulting in transformation Bechimo the lonely timid ancient ship yearning for captain and crew becomes a dragon Of sorts Simultaneously a suppressed young dragon learns to accept her fiercer self Some unexpected sexual stuff goes on too not to my taste and not a good fit in the plot Dragon Ship is a direct seuel to Ghost Ship Theo Waitley #3 In my view Ghost Ship is better fleshed out in terms of plot and contains Korval scenes with Val Con Miri and Pat Rin on Surebleak Another seuel to Ghost Ship is Necessity's Child uite good my review NC takes place nearly concurrent to GS Dragon Ship is okay and sometimes much than okay but in general it felt like a bunch of isolated battle scenes Most of the battles lacked depth and detail Rather than one solid storyline carefully plotted with details we get multiple forays involving the evil Department of the Interior which might be the Galactic Trade Commission One of the battles felt uite tangible Bechimo's response to a threat from Donihue's Docent was clever detailed believable suspenseful and absorbing Well played However I didn't worry much about the battle action for Theo Sue is lucky beyond belief The empathic norbears while cute enough didn't add anything solid to the plot I didn't bond with Theo but Clarence was cool Sadly Nelirikk gets no lines None Not enough of Tree either Only a few brief scenes on Surebleak with Korval Uncle finally became textured in this book Far too many pages devoted to Kamele Theo's mother worrying thinking searching for Jen Sar With the exception of the final scene all the sections with Kamele were thoroughly boring to me Too much head hopping with scenes constantly skittering from one place to another Some scene breaks are only a few paragraphs in length Grrr Daav's plight was interesting to me However concerning Daav's fate once again we are left on a cliff Given his potential outcome and given other surprises herein I'd say the authors are positioning chess pieces for some big battle It will be a long wait given the upcoming release is set in the past Centuries ago SighBIG spoilers plot scenes and comments view spoilerIn the preuel Ghost Ship Pilot Theo Waitley boarded her sentient AI ship Bechimo while fleeing her captors She strives to save her lover Scout pilot Win Ton yo'Vala who is dying of DoI created biowarfare that causes cell destruction He needs Bechemo's DNA files and premiere autodoc facility She goes to planet Surebleak to warn Korval that her Tree Dragon pin was stolen prolly by the DoI and Shan asks her to explore a potential trade loop To please her father Daav she asks Clarence retired Juntavas boss on Liad to serve as second pilot so off they go That's the backstoryIn Dragon Ship Theo and Clarence respond to a pilots in peril distress call managing to save hundreds of stranded pilots crew and passengers from a hostile planet Phew Soon after she goes on to rescue her ship and crew from another hostile situation Phew uickly another hostile situation occurs out at the ship graveyard It's Bechimo versus Donihue's Docent and the odds aren't goodBut wait Behold A new player enters the game pilot Theo Waitley becomes Captain Waitley And what is she able to do now?Meanwhile back on Surebleak Val Con and Miri tend their baby daughter and wait for DOI news from the Scouts Simultaneously Theo's mother Scholar Kamele Waitley goes off world searching for her lover Daav who apparently misses his academic identity — who knows why? I found all these sections boring I didn't want Kamele in the plot at all However she finally made her way to Surebleak where she awaits the return of Daav and Theo so we will see of her Sigh Just another character spread too thin with distracting head hopping POVsDaav and his lifemate had to leave Surebleak to shut down an ancient security pod put in place by Korval and Uncle centuries ago The pod is dangerous and set to blow up the entire neighborhood Daav is attacked by DOI goons and left hanging by a thread vulnerable near death Or rebirth? No conclusionit's a cliffhanger this plot thread was interesting and fairly well developed Val Con worries that Daav was subverted by the DoIAcross the series Theo the sleaze is intimate with him with her and — yup with it — artificial intelligence — while outwitting the malevolent ubiuitous Department Kinky weird section where B Joyita and pilot Theo bond as she becomes Bechimo's Captain What will this new position afford Korval? That is the million dollar uestion I didn't care for the implied sex between Theo and Kira while Win Ton Theo's lover was lying in Bechimo's rejuvenation chamber deathly ill Theo lost points with me Seemed out of character too I just didn't like her attitude about Win Ton at all She blames him repeatedly for impulsivity in boarding Bechimo and she has seemingly given up on him No interest in him since he's now physically and mentally not uite right Lovely Bechimo is portrayed as fairly immature lack of experience but well intentioned I felt some interest in and sympathy for him but he's artificial intelligence so Another cliffhanger at the end Theo responds to a distress call out in Teapot Space from Sprial Dance the courier ship piloted by owner Cantra yos'Phelium with Jela serving as first mate and baby Tree as crew about 1400 yeas ago Theo decides to place Spiral Dance in Bechimo's hold if she is cleared of potential threat This plot line is very intriguing hide spoiler

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    355; 4 stars; BDragon Ship is clearly part of the Theo Waitley storyline that Lee and Miller have been developing but I think a reader would be hard pressed to enjoy it if they didn't have the context of the whole Liaden Universe series I enjoyed this book and highly recommend it as I do the whole series with reservations due to the context issue It was fun to see Hevelin and the other Norbears again and I enjoyed seeing the characters of Clarence and Theo working together as well a the re introduction of some characters from Theo's school days I'm glad the authors included a thread of the story for Kamele and have developed her character I found it pretty hard to warm up to her in the early Waitley books One last character who showed his face was Win Ton Thankfully the DOI didn't manage to kill him I particularly enjoyed Bechimo's journey to self dom and the parts of his ancient history that he was musing upon However I found some parts of the book a bit confusing and these musings were part of it I've read everything in this series except for The Tomorrow Log and Low Port and I still feel a bit baffled by some of the references to the Builders the old Tech Uncle and how they tie into the pre crystallization universe we encountered in the Crystal SoldierCrystal Dragon duology What am I missing?I have enjoyed each mini story arc that the authors have worked on I sincerely hope in their new contract Sharon mentioned last week on the blog that they will weave the tapestry together a bit so the connections are clear And just because I'm in a demanding kind of mood I'll say I want Edger and I want of the damned Tree

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    I like visiting this universe but this felt a littledisjointed and unfinished I'll definitely read the next one but I hope it's got a little plot to it and a little resolution I'm getting tired of authors dragging things out for thousands of pages And that's not a dig at these authors in particular they aren't the only ones doing it Sure I get it they think this is what their readers want to spend as much time as possible visiting old friends butnot this reader This reader thinks they need to write the best book possible even if that means the story is finished when the book ends

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    I read this awesome book in one continuous session 42916 re read Again read in one session it is that good 2018 re read still just as good and with Norbears

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    First of all yeah Korval This story had some wins and some lossesThere was a fairly big dose here of the Korval is ships Korval has the luck Korval breeds for pilots don't cross Korval mystic so yeah for that I love to see secondary characters responding to the sight of Tree and Dragon There were scenes with Val Con and Miri my favorite couple The scenes were true to previous tone and character developmentTheo seemed to be finally coming into her own She was making good solid decisions about her ship and not seeming to be just reacting to what happens to her Daav's story seems to be developing well I don't mind Uncle although he muddies the plot with the DOIThing which were problematic included some scenes that didn't seem to lead anywhere or that could have been shortened Kamela's scenes for example I get that we were being led up to the scene where she notices she's being followed but they weren't very interesting in and of themselves Although I enjoyed Kamela's storyline I was really only interested in seeing her get to Surebleak and interact with the Delm of Korval Although I would have been happy to see the actual scenes of her negotiating her way to Surebleak after the incident rather that the slightly drippy before scenesThere were several scenes where the ship Bechimo was thinking and even I as well versed in the Liaden verse as I am wondered what the heck was going on and what it had to do with anything? Bechimo was okay and I didn't 100 percent mind that he made up a character to be the comm man but I could have done without his own creation becoming sentient on its own I'm stretching my willing suspension enough with the shipWhat I miss is the scintillating dialog of the earlier novels in the series the way that Val Con and Shan can turn a phrase Also lacking was a sense of things happening at a super speed that drove the series at a frenetic pace from Agent of Change through to I Dare Here not that much actually happened that was important Theo went from planet to planet and didn't accomplish muchI expected Win Ton to play a bigger role Maybe I'm spoiled from all the lovely romances in the previous books But I really expected Theo and Win Ton to get together and work as a team as all the other characters have in their books Here Theo seems to have hooked up with Kara which I'm not at all interested in Why couldn't they have just been good friends? Sorry hetero woman who likes to read hetero romance here and I'm not going to apologize for that And Win Ton lost that cool sort of brash edge he had in the first two Theo books Here he just seems like a beta loserSo all in all I enjoyed it but I probably won't be rereading it every 6 months like I do Agent of Change through I Dare There seems to be plenty of story left to tell and you can sign me up for every further volume I can't ever imagine not anxiously awaiting any new Liaden novel even if some of the magic seems to be gone

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    This is another Theo and Bechimo focused book if you can't see it from the cover already ^^ We do get a few lovely scenes with Kamele and Miri and Val Con AND uite a few viewpoint scenes from Uncle's and Bechimo's memory perspective which is fascinating if you're a longtime reader of the Liaden universeAs Rolanni said on her LJ this is a Between book A lot of things that need to happen to keep Clan Korval in business happen and we get a lot of stuff like shakedown work on Bechimo new members of the crew Bechimo or rather Laughing Cat working for the Tree and Dragon acuire their own emphatic bear alien ^^One of the new crew members is the Theo's old flame who has to deal with the conseuences of his own impulsive behaviour after his body is finally viable again Another is an old friend and lover's of Theo's and it is a bit strange how calmly they accept never meeting the communications officer until the episode in the safe space I was wondering if they were aware about Bechimo's oddities at allThe end twist was no cliffhanger but a very much wtf moment for me as the reader of the Crystal Dragon duology considering who lives on Surebleak now and what was found in that ship supposedly belonging to CantraLet me sum it up if you enjoyed Theo's previous storyline you will enjoy this book if you only like Val Con Shan Pat Rin and Daav etc you will not be very happy with this particular novel

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    Warning this review contains spoilers for Ghost Ship the previous book in this seriesThe main focus of this latest entry in the long running Liaden Universe series is young Theo WaitleyAs seen in Ghost Ship Theo is now the Pilot in Charge of the good ship 'Bechimo' Bechimo is a piece of Old Tech run by a very powerful and self aware AI With Win Ton safely tucked in Bechimo's super duper healing unit Theo accepts a contract for exploring a trade route for KorvalWith only one other person Clarence O'Berin as crew the ship sets off to fulfill its contractTheo needs all of her diplomacy skills and her forceful personality to manage the ship as Bechimo certainly has a mind of its own The first part of the book is rather leisurely lots of day to day ship business as Theo and Bechimo develop their relationship Things start heating up when Theo makes her first stop and by the middle of the book we are in full out fast action mode leading up to a very dramatic finaleRunning parallel to Theo's story we have Kamele's adventures as she travels from Delgado to Surebleak with the hope of 'freeing' Jen Sar Kiladi her long time lover and Theo's father from the cruel clutches of Korval Boy is she in for a surpriseLong time readers will note that several threads in the larger story arc are left dangling Daav and the Uncle the continuing efforts of the Department of the Interior to destroy Korval are just two of the stories that while touched on are left unfinished at the end of this bookAlso to be noted the next book Necessity's Child is NOT the seuel to Dragon Ship but rather focuses on other characters and actions So we fans will have to wait to have our uestions answeredAnother note the cover art shows a pivotal scene near the end of the book and gets it right Hooray for artists who actually read the bookFor readers new to the Liaden Universe the authors have several books that they consider entry points The first book featuring Theo Fledgling is one of these Other entry points are Crystal Soldier Local Custom Agent of Change If you want to read the series in publication order start with Agent of Change

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    This felt like a bridging book in the Liaden series the various dangling plot threads left open at the end of the book meant the ending felt vaguely unsatisfying Also there was a bit too much politics and backstory for me and I found the story slightly hard going at times Having said that as a Liaden fan it's always nice to revisit the universe and Theo very much comes into her own in this book

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    The only problem is that now I want the NEXT book and this one isn't even out yet

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    More like 25 ratingVery mixed feelings about Dragon Ship I dare say that I am in the majority of Sharon and Steve’s fans who LOVED Agent of Change Conflict of Honors Carpe Diem Plan B and I Dare and because of the compelling primary characters and the unfolding DOI plot in these previous novels continue to wait eagerly some 12 years later for every little tidbit in succeeding novels that moves this original plot along I like Theo but without these earlier novels I would not have read any of the Theo novels Theo’s story is a mediocre coming of age story that should have been written in 2 books at most not 4 Theo’s Mom is the boring product of a “safe” George Orwellian Animal Farm world where she thinks being able to see a sunset and drink a good cup of coffee is the height of pleasure Theo’s dad Jen Sar who turns out was Daav in a former life is eually boring in this reincarnation and when you figure out that he abandoned his son and Liaden clan for 25 years to live in boring bureaucracy you are totally underwhelmed and slightly disgusted as this was just a waste of an previously interesting character Now in Dragon Ship the story becomes very fragmented with the most interesting sub plot the space ship Bechimo coming of age We do get to see many of the best characters from the earlier books briefly but overall they are described in a boring bland manner doing boring bland things Even the DOI comes across as boringly predictable Then there is Kamele slowly traveling her boring way toward clan Korval thinking to find her boring house father Jen Sar and take him back to her boring petty safe planet From considering Kamele story filler I am now beginning to actively dislike her stupidity Why is she still a part of this story? Will she be used to preach puritanical anti violence anti social pulp to ValCon and Miri? I am sorry to say this but I think I am finally done with buying any books in the Liaden Universe I may look for them at the library or scan them at my local BN to see if the future books get back to the clan KorvalDOI war in progress or if they continue to waste space for boring characters like Kamele and Kara I hate to say it but if Daav reappears in the future I hope the authors save the readers irritation and let him take Kamele and go back to their boring small life and out of this story