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The story is set in the same location, on the banks of a tidal Suffolk river, but the action is split between three eras 865, Anglo Saxon England, a time of Viking raiders and warrior kings still choosing between the old Gods and the new Christian faith 1865, where the lord of the manor has a new, cruel, spoiled aristocratic wife who delights in forcing a reluctant young smith into a doomed affair, and the main plot, which takes place in the here and now the old barns and forge are now peopled by wealthy middle class incomers like Zoe, an unhappy wife, dragged from London by her selfish, boat mad husband, who rediscovers her zest for life in the arms of her neighbour Leo, a former smith who has been badly scarred by an accident at his forge.River of Destiny is full of Barbara Eskine s trademark themes ghosts, hauntings and reincarnation It starts out brilliantly and I was instantly gripped, I thought I was in for a treat what a shame it quickly became so annoying and silly.The plot feels badly thought through and dreadfully contrived The characters are caricatures and each one seems to have a convenient skill that emerges when needed, like the Smith who studied Anglo Saxon and can read runes, and the friend who s a great and accurate psychic though why she s needed at all is a bit of a mystery because ghosts, hauntings and evil portents litter the plot like paper cups around a KFC and absolutely everyone can see and sense them at all times of the day and night I do also wonder if Barbara Erskine has ever seen a field buried Saxon sword I doubt it, if she thinks such an artifact can be pulled out of the ground intact, dragged about the countryside for a bit before being pushed back down into the soil I know it s just one bit of nonsense in a book already drowning in silliness and I m probably the only person who rolled their eyes at this particular lack of attention to detail but it was fantastically annoying.More to the point then, is the odd style Everything, even dialogue, is written entirely without contractions I thought you had gone without me I thought you would go there to look for Curlew You are a brave woman Zoe and I don t understand why no one speaks like this, it adds nothing to the reading experience After a very short time it began to make me mad.In short, River of Destiny is an annoying, chic litty, soapish piece of nonsense which is fine, if that s what you re after It wasn t my cup of tea and I wish I could be positive because it started so well and maybe that s my problem with it I was expecting and I was disappointed.I debated giving it one star but in the end, decided on two, because it is compelling, a genuine page turner, it would be a terrific mindless holiday read, and if that is what you re after, well then, come on in, the water s lovely. Disappointing.This book has three time lines AD 865 AD 1855 and Present day It was difficult to find real interest in any of the story lines with some only a page and half before jumping into another era The characters were uninteresting without much depth and eventually I skimmed to the end Not up to par with Ms Erskine s other books which I enjoyed eg Time s Legacy or Lady of Hay both highly recommended. This is my first foray into Barbara Erskine territory and I m delighted to report that I will be back for I am a big fan of dual time frame novels and River of Destiny has not just two but three different time frames one set in the distant past in Anglo Saxon times, one in the recent past in the Victorian era and finally, a contemporary narrative set in Suffolk.Echoes from the past haunt the inhabitants of a group of river side barn conversions in rural Suffolk Dutiful wife, Zoe has followed her husband Ken s dream of leaving the rat race of London and having easier access to his first love, his boat Zoe is not such a keen sailor but she soon becomes preoccupied by the paranormal activity which plagues their new home The tension mounts as we gradually hear the stories of past violence and anguish which will inevitably lead to further disaster in the present these are not friendly ghosts Barbara Erskine sure can spin a yarn and she knows how to hook the reader in the first few paragraphs You feel drawn into the mists of time, back to the Anglo Saxon settlement, torn between Christian and pagan rituals, back to Victorian times where the spoiled lady of the manor is desperate for an heir and a spare and she doesn t care who, when or where As is my wont in multiple time frame novels, I found the contemporary storyline the least engaging but it certainly had an interesting array of personalities from the loud Watts family completed with troubled off spring, the physically damaged yet charismatic Leo to the interfering busy body Rosemary Yes, it s a bit cliched at times but this is definitely an unputdownable read, not so creepy as to keep you awake but you ll probably still be awake in the wee small hours reading anyway I can t wait to catch up with Barbara s other novels. I Really enjoyed this one of Barbara Erskine s and it s one I have no problem recommending There are 3 story lines braided together and all work very well in tandem Barbara Erskine is definitely on form here. How can a book with Anglo Saxon curses and vengeful ghosts go so wrong Once again, Erskine effortlessly delivers a historical, ghostly narrative that had me intrigued until the final pages I have read many of Erskine s novels and very rarely does she write a clanger this novel was brilliant and very much like her other books.The narrative is divided across three timescales present day, Victorian times and Anglo Saxon England It is not difficult to keep track of which time you are reading from and the narrative shifts occur easily and progress the plot forwards in a delightful way Erskine cleverly and only gradually reveals links between all three time periods and it is not until the final pages do all the pieces of the puzzle fall into place This is one of Erskine s many skills as a writer and a theme she often displays in her time shifting narratives.The omnipresent Viking ship and the mystifying fog makes this a perfect wintery read We feel Zoe and Ken s disturbances and like them, cannot quite understand what they symbolise Rosemary s footpath story is chilling and I really could not predict how it would finish The Victorian setting is a murder mystery in itself and I found myself enjoying how Daniel s predicament would close On the other hand, I did not enjoy the Anglo Saxon storyline as much as the rest and found this slowed the pace of the novel However, it wasn t until the end that it really came into its own, as the links were made with present day.With the River Deben and the surrounding farmlands becoming the centre of this story, it was interesting to read how things changed over time The forgery and superstitions surrounding the sword never die as time progresses and even Zoe and her friends are affected by long ago traditions and curses Jade s role is rather chilling and I could not predict how the young girl next door would have her place in the concluding parts of the plot It is these surprises in the narrative that keeps the plot fresh and exciting.You certainly do not need to be a historian to appreciate this novel Erskine clearly knows her stuff and writes in a way that is not too dense and off putting This was an exciting read and I appreciated how Erskine wove three different stories together Another ghostly offering, I look forward to reading of hers in the future. Good holiday read or when you need a break from heavier stuff Three time frames were unusual so that was a plus, and the whole story did stick together in my opinion The Anglo Saxon thread seemed well researched and I found it interesting Some characters were a bit OTT Rosemary and Emily especially , and I found the frequent appearance of the ghost ship a bit much it felt like it turned up nearly every day, and everyone saw it multiple times but overall I enjoyed this book Decent escapist historical fiction An Anglo Saxon Burial Ground That Must Not Be Disturbed A Victorian Tragedy Of Forbidden Love And An Ancient Curse Whose Power Grows Ever Stronger On The Banks Of The River Deben Lies A Set Of Barns Dating Back To The Anglo Saxons, And Within Their Walls Secrets Have Lain Buried For Centuries I love Barbara Erskine books They are a unique blend of the supernatural, history, and mystery and they never fail to give me the chills She has a way of developing a chilling atmosphere in her books with cold mists and ghostly echoes from the past.The novel centers on a modern day couple who have moved to Suffolk to enjoy a leisure way of life by sailing on the River Deben and settling in to a development of restored historical barns It doesn t take long for strange events to start frightening the couple.a ghostly Viking ship that appears in the mists of the river while they re sailingechoes of horses clopping on cobblestones in the night.The contemporary setting is the stage for the two historical stories from the past to unfold The ancient Anglo Saxon tale of a powerful sword and a violent and tragic Victorian tale of forbidden passions came to life and I could not put it down Awesome Why only four stars then I thought way too much time was spent on unnecessary and uninteresting modern day relationships The wow factor in this novel was definitely the historical threads and they made this a great read. In River of Destiny Barbara Erskine has cleverly combined stories from three very different time frames In Anglo Saxon Suffolk, we watch as the sword known as Destiny Maker is forged in a land riddled with mistrust and ancient superstition In nineteenth century Suffolk, local blacksmith Daniel Smith is helpless as Lady Emily Crosby begins her deadly game of sexual dominance In modern day Suffolk Zoe, Ken and Leo are disturbed by events seemingly out of their control and yet as the evil which haunts them threatens to spoil the very fabric of their life, we start to understand the power of ancient magic.Barbara Erskine never disappoints her readers Her ability to weave written magic is present in every word, and the consummate ease with which she threads together all the pieces of the mystery makes for compelling reading.It s a real treat to get new Barbara Erskine novel I know that time will stand still, and I won t be able to do much else but read on to the end of the novel she really is that good