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There is an overall beauty and genuine feel to Leiyatel s Embrace and the enjoyment of its reading is not one that should be rushed The imagery, pace and voice reminds me of tales by authors like Jack Whyte and his Arthurian legend novels, and Ken Follett s many historical novels As it is with those author s works, C.S Johnson s novel should be savoured and the exquisite writing appreciated.The words evocative The detail breathtaking The writing melodic There were a few parts I found myself reading than once because of its poetic brilliance or just because it simply resonated with me on some level As an example, this quote particularly resonated on a spiritual level His memories had begun to flood back, to fill his mind to bursting, their sharp detail just too exquisite He saw, before him, his whole long life play out, unbidden and unbridled Whilst he was sitting there, in wonder, an immeasurably ancient self suddenly strode, confidently, into his being, reached down and took his pliant hand It gently pulled him to his feet, embraced his heart and there whispered into his ears the many truths he d lost Before him, his own face smiled, leant forward and then gently kissed him on the lips There, through that simple act, limitless vigour then passed into his heart, made him open his eyes to Leiyatel Yet, resonating on an entirely different kind of of level, this quote had me seriously laughing out loud It s an odd effect watching an extremely irate man try to vent his spleen in a low and subdued voice, trying to impart venom and acid without advantage of a full range of tone and volume Breadgrinder wasn t built for such constrictions, so his face was gradually turning puce and his frame becoming fixed and rigid, within his frustrated indignation The characterization is brilliant with each one developed thoroughly making it impossible not to invest in their plights and struggles to understand what s happening to their beloved Dica and what it means to their future The action rises and falls nicely, however, it s the breathtaking imagery and stirring poetry that I found most enjoyable Bottom line is this novel is golden and one best enjoyed when you aren t in a hurry to start and finish.Happy Reading Johnson s rich book pulls one into what can be just a beautifully crafted fantasy, or can be a glimpse into a dystopian future the verdict remains resolutely with the reader It is unusual to be left with such a freedom of interpretation, in a story with so many both wide and minutely detailed elements to its tapestry The detail is at times exquisite The backdrop does on occasion get a touch overdone for my individual liking, as it threatens to over delay the flow of the story In the weave of the adventure we get elementals from the works of many great authors The influences that particularly struck me were T.H White, Tolkien, Mervyn Peake, and Lewis Carroll To these writers great literary waves Johnson adds his own intricate currents He draws strongly from northern English landscapes and the vernacular of its people, past and present We sense the grand architectures of long inheritance, from mediaeval castles, to cobbled shambles, to the bleak modern concrete of industrialisation At one moment we see a Camelot, then the harsh grandeur of what might be a modern power station still standing in a technologically less advanced future We feel the weather of Britain, whilst in the distance beyond Grey Mountains we hear that there lays a wide desert Whether these arid lands are the result of pollution, or of climate, is left to our own thoughts This is not a book that explodes at you, one for instant gratification It does require effort on the part of the reader, but it is worth it The biggest rewards from Johnson s book are the wonderful vistas he paints These are wide landscapes and small views, which are probably easiest to conjure for those familiar with northern England, but this is certainly not a requirement We are not, after all on a documental journey with Wainwright, but rather with Johnson as our guide through his particular fantasy The end is a satisfactory pause That is all I feel it can be, because despite the books length there is still so much left to explore I think this is a book that would feed the mind anew with a second reading, and one day I will make sure I find the time It does not conclude with a fashionable hiatus of activity, Johnson is anything but a writer of fashion This is a book of craft, of experiment, of exacting inspection, of the interested traveller for whom there is no determination to arrive On this guided tour we eventually run out of steam, but never for a moment run short of interesting invention. Alternate Cover Edition For BVBDWAn Epic Mystery Set Within The Exquisitely Realised Created World Realm Of Dica At Its Heart Is A Story Spanning The Millennia From Ancient Myth And Legend To The Realm S Turbulent Present All Seen Through The Intimate Vision Of Its Idiosyncratic Characters These Are Folk Who Ll Become As Real To You As Friends Or Family, And Whose Revealing And Somehow Contemporary Story Will Stay With You For EverThis Is The Kind Of Fantasy You Might Have Expected To Have Come From The Pen Of Mervyn Peake, Peopled With Fully Fleshed Out Characters Reminiscent Of Those So Joyously Created By Terry Pratchett The Story At Times, Though, May Seem To Owe To CS Lewis As It Weaves Its Way Through A Rich, Deep And Multi Threaded Tapestry Of A Plot That Would Have Pleased The Science Fiction Master Olaf Stapledon And Of Course, There S One Character Who Mustn T Be Overlooked, And That S Dica Itself So Real, Immediate And All Embracing That You Could Be Forgiven For Thinking It Had Sprung From JRR Tolkien S Own HandDon T Be Misled, Though, For This Series Is Entirely Clive S Johnson The Author, The Poet, The Artist Unique, Inventive, Idiosyncratic And Thought Provoking, This Series Will Push You Away From The Shores Of The Everyday And Into A Delightful Voyage Of Discovery You Will Find Wonder, Surprise, Dry Humour And Some Gritty Truths As You Re Inexorably Drawn Into The Pure Joy Of Such A Rich, Poetic And Deep Tale, So Well And Beautifully ToldAt The End Of A Long, Slow Decline, The Huge Castle Realm Of Dica Seems To Be Drawing Close To Its Final Days, But Few Of Its Remaining Inhabitants Are Aware Of This Even When Stirred Into Some Ineffectual Action By The Arrival Of An Unexpected Army Amassed Before Its Gates The True Meaning Of What S Really Happening Only Comes Slowly, And Only To A Small Group Of Oddly Assorted Characters Follow Their Journey As They Travel The Realm S Vast And Convoluted Ways, As They Eventually Unearth A Complex And Strange Past, And Much About ThemselvesThis Is The First Book Of The Dica Series, A Leisurely Introduction To Much Of The Weird And Wonderful That Marks This Out As A Unique Created World Story This Is, However, A World Wrought With Mystery, A World Of The Unexpected, A World Of Vast Vistas And Intimate Observations It S Also A Compelling Tale, One That Builds To A Most Unexpected And Thought Provoking Conclusion At Times Lyrical, The Rich Prose Will Steadily Draw You Into A Totally Fresh Yet Seemingly Familiar Place And Time, One That Will Stay With You Forever A Breath of Fresh Fantasy and Mystery I just finished Clive S Johnson s first novel entitled Leiyatel s Embrace Touted as a speculative fiction mystery, Leiyatel s Embrace certainly held all of these elements From the beginning the author uses language forged together from past, present and future and encompassing than one dialect to draw the reader into a new world of what could be and glimpses of what has come before Mystery and intrigue threaten around every corner and yet the characters take us leisurely from element to element allowing one to catch their breath before the next reveal.Rich characters and detailed descriptions of each location pull you deep into the realm of Dica Dica is a castle realm of immensity now fallen into decay and disarray Conflict soon arrives at the gates in the form of a mysterious army We then follow a ragtag collection of characters led by the ancient Lord Nephril on a quest to find not only the origin and identity of the army, but the cause for the decline of Dica and Leiyatel the living green stone tree.I was impressed with the authors ability to envision beautifully flowing landscapes and weave them deftly into the story line with each step taken by the characters I felt myself moving through this world of wonder The author uses characters who begin as reclusive individuals, and pulls them out of their comfort zones into a broader and populated world Through this device we the reader discover their world through fresh and almost child like eyes.Having discovered that not everything or everyone is who or what they seem at first, Mr Johnson sets the stage for the next adventure The soon to be released Of Weft and Weave Book Two will be highly anticipated by anyone who has read this first masterpiece.Review by Brian Randleas I loved this book The prose of the author is evocative, the landscapes and characters are vividly described.It s not a book you can read in a rush from start to end, if you are looking for something like that don t start this book, but believe me, if you start and pursue the read you will be greatly rewarded Everything will fall into place.Definitely a book I will read again to look for something I might have missed Now I m looking forward to read the sequel Of Weft and WeaveThanks Clive S Johnson for writing this book This fine first novel in Clive S Johnson s Dica series hooked me on the first page If you like poetic writing with a keen eye for detail, this book is for you If you like well drawn, fully developed characters, this book is for you If you like sharp dialogue and immersing yourself in a richly cultivated world, this book is for you Be warned, however, Leiyatel s Embrace is not a quick read In the beginning, Leiyatel s Embrace reminded me very much of Tolkien, due in particular to the opulent setting Mr Johnson has created However, this novel is not high fantasy there are no elves, dwarves, goblins, etc Yet as with Tolkien, Mr Johnson weaves a lyrical story that calls for nothing short of a warm fire and a pint of stout so one can forget about the world for a while and simply read I wonder how much the author intended Leiyatel s Embrace to be allegorical I found myself often contemplating the Eden like realm of Dica with its snake in the grass yet who is the true snake and the curious innocence of many of its inhabitants Do we have paradise lost, or paradise that never was, as there are serious issues beneath the seemingly calm fa ade How society treats our natural resources while maintaining healthy sustainability being but one Of course in Dica the natural resources also have a say in events.Pleasantly, there were a couple of plot twists that I didn t see coming They make perfect sense and add to the marvel of the story, at one point bringing it full circle.I would like to see scenes along the lines of Pettar s rescue of Braygar Mr Johnson proves to be quite adept at ratcheting up tension in adventurous situations Then again, four books follow Leiyatel s Embrace so it remains to be seen if I get my wish Yes, I already have Of Weft and Weave, the next journey through Dica Leiyatel s Embrace is a novel that will linger in your mind long after you ve read the final sentence I highly recommend it. Leiyatel s Embrace is destined to be welcomed into the fold of great literature It is easy to tell right away that Clive Johnson is not only an author but an artist too Each sentence, character and landscape is crafted and painted with such wonderful descriptive and beautiful words This is not a book to be rushed through but you should plan to savor every moment during your travels into Mr Johnson s world Enjoy the intrigue but relish the delightful prose. Leiyatel s Embrace is described as a fantasy novel I must say to begin with that I have never been entirely predisposed to fantasy I have read Lord of the Rings several times and love it I have started The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant The Unbeliever several times but just can t seem to get through even the first book So that my friends is the sum total of my exposure to fantasy discounting of course the little world of my own creation in which I have scrabbled around for the past forty three yearsAnd you know what else I can t remember why I decided to buy Leiyatel s Embrace, which is rather ironic given one of the major themes of the novel.Leiyatel s Embrace is set in an alternate world and is a tale told on several levels There is the thread of the story that begins with an impending invasion of the castle realm of Dica and the response by what is left of the local poplulace to this threat Dica has been in decline for many years and is no longer a Kingdom able to defend itself It s King has lost his mind and his subjects have been either scattered throughout the land or have just dwindled away There are just a few people who have both the knowledge and courage to try and discover what is going on and it is their efforts that occupy the majority of the novel The characters are wonderfully realised, each unique in both their mannerisms and their speech, responding in ways that define their individual characteristics.The story is exceedingly clever There are plot twists galore and twists and turns that will delight and enthrall But for me, the story, wonderful though it is, is only a part of the novel.To craft a novel of this complexity takes an incredible amount of talent particularly when the world in which it occurs is entirely fictional not that you would know it The world is described in absolute detail with precicion when needed, poetic brilliance when necessary and a love for nature at its core Much of the book is taken up following the various characters on their journeys around Dica and I felt I was travelling with each and every one of them seeing what they saw, smelling what they smelled and feeling their awe at the spectacular sites I honestly feel like I ve been to Dica Perhaps I have and have just forgottenSo to the themes I guess this is a very subjective thing as different parts of a novel will resonate for different people depending upon their experiences and reflections For me, there are three main themes man vs nature, monarchy vs republic and finally the process of life itself I will speak only of the last of these themes as touching on the other two may give away too much of the storyline.As I said above, the characters go on a physical journey, many in fact, but that runs parallel with the feeling, the intense feeling, that with every step taken, something is being eroded, lost to time There were some passages that were so poignant on this subject that I had to stop and think about how this all related to myself I have, mainly by neglect, a poor memory Some parts of my life are a complete blank Years run into themselves and I struggle to put even the major events of my life into the correct sequence Like one of the central characters in Leiyetal s Embrace I yearn to recall every detail but somehow things slip away, much like the Kingdom of Dica, much like the passing of time Make no mistake this is not a fantasy story about dwarfs and goblins and monsters and dragons None of these things appear And it s not about big battles and magic and sorcery It s about good people trying to make sense of what is going on around them as their lives ebb away.I may not remember clearly how I came to read Leiyatel s Embrace but having read it, I shan t forget this book for a long, long time. I gave this book 5 stars but I would have gave It s meticulously written I ve never read a book like this one, I ve read historical books about castles and kings, land barons and such, this book is than that The wit and beautiful way this author uses his words is poetry for the eyes The title itself Leiyatel s Embrace is beautiful.Read slowly to take it all in The use of the superb map was brilliant The map helped immensely to journey through this book The characters are described in great detail The author describes the land, castles, what the character clothing is like so you see this clearly in your mind Names were even like poetry, Falmeard and Geran are just a few People are losing land that has been in their families for generations for different reasons Read this wonderful book and find out who, how and why There s lots of twist and turns as the author keeps your mind wondering through out the chapters If you think you know the out come think again This book has to be read by someone who loves slow reads, take your time and take it all in You might need a dictionary as I found it useful Thank you Clive for writing this lovely book You can find it one com This book reminds me of the author I can see Clive in the century this book was written in. A beautiful world that drew me in The writing of this beautiful book is in the tradition of the best fantasy authors, lyrical, poetic, deep I was drawn into the story from the very start Clive S Johnson creates a world that I wanted to return to over and again, eagerly stealing moments from my busy day to immerse myself once There many layers of meaning, and the plot builds step by step, enfolding and engrossing the reader The whole work is a rich and many coloured example of story telling at its best.I don t want to go into a blow by blow account of the plot and characters as the book is too subtle to precis in that way Just read the look inside on and you will have a flavour of what is on offer I loved it Merged review A beautiful world that drew me in The writing of this beautiful book is in the tradition of the best fantasy authors, lyrical, poetic, deep I was drawn into the story from the very start Clive S Johnson creates a world that I wanted to return to over and again, eagerly stealing moments from my busy day to immerse myself once There many layers of meaning, and the plot builds step by step, enfolding and engrossing the reader The whole work is a rich and many coloured example of story tel