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Jack And Annie Travel Back In Time To A Desert In The Middle East At The Behest Of Merlin Who Has Given Them A Rhyme To Help On Their Mission There They Meet A Bedouin Tribe And Learn About The Way That They Live From Camel Rides And Oases To Ancient Writings And Dangerous Sandstorms, Here S Another Magic Tree House Filled With All The Mystery, History, Magic, And Old Fashioned Adventure That Kids Love To Read About

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    I read this book with my students and they enjoyed it However, they didn t understand this one very well Most of the Magic Tree House books are easy to follow but this one was difficult Jack and Annie travel back in time to a desert in the Middle East at the behest of Merlin who has given them a rhyme to help on their mission There they meet a Bedouin tribe and learn about the way that they live From camel rides and oases to ancient writings and dangerous sandstorms, here s another Magic Tree House filled with all the mystery, history, magic, and old fashioned adventure that kids love to read about.

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    One word Informative It is really informative That s why I love this I learned about the Place of Wisdom in Iran I believe which is a place full of books and is like a huge library That s not all All of the famous people are there Like, Al Khwarizmi, the father of my favorite, algebra I would love to have the opportunity to talk to such a genius like him I remember one time when one of my classmates asked to my math teacher she obviously hate Math , Teacher, why do we have to study about Algebra Do we have to use it while buying candy in a store And who even invented this I immediately replied, Algebra was invented by Al Khwarizmi and it is important in our lives We won t be studying it if it wasn t You just don t know how important Algebra in our lives So yeah, I m a Math lover, specifically Algebra.

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    The book was about to kids,Jack and Annie that were brother and sister,they went on a mission to help the caliph,king,from Baghdad,in the past I think that the book is one of the best books I ve read so far It is full of surprises and adventure I recommend this book to people who would like to read it because they will enjoy it.

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    I love how they didn t know that mamoon was the caphlin and how they though the servants were teddy and kathaleen

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    This is my first Magic Tree House book, and holy cow these are awesome I m a social studies teacher, and I love that people are creating this historical fiction This book is about non Western history too The author just got a bunch of major credibility with me.I like that the book educates along with entertaining For example, the author mentioned dates and described them because most American kids have no idea what that is Another example would be the explanation of how and what camels eat in the desert It s not just a boring encyclopedia though The author weaves in action as well.I do wish there was some craziness with the magic elements They just seemed to randomly go through time The author totally could ve made it exciting They re freaking go through time Before teaching this book though, you ll have to do some geography lessons and do a crash course on Islam The book does a good job of not making it too complicated for children, but it s too simple for middle school readers This is a perfect fit for a social studies classroom.I read this as an e book from Chicago Public Library s system Because this was mostly text, the e book did not take anything away from the original.

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    Jack and Annie went to the time of the Golden Age in Baghdad They landed in a palm tree near a spring They needed a magic rhyme right at the beginning of their mission They used one to bring help A magic sandstorm came and brought help from people who were going to Baghdad They were surprised and excited when they saw the helpers that got into the sandstorm but then just got blown near the spring They finally knew the name of one of the helpers which was Mamoon They also rode on two camels with Mamoon Bandits came at a later time and only stole a little bit of cinnamon and other spices After the bandits were gone a sandstorm came and Mamoon, Jack, and Annie got separated Soon when they got to Baghdad they finally noticed that Mamoon was the Caliph A Caliph is a leader of Baghdad They also went to a place called the House of Wisdom which was a library They finally used the last magic rhyme they could, which was able to make a magic carpet They got to the Magic Tree House before the moon rose I liked this book because Jack and Annie had a fun time riding the magic carpet reviewed by an 8 year old, typed by his mama

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    It may technically be 34 But, Season of the Sandstorms , recommended to me by my eight year old friend Abby who also got me hooked on the Wardstone Chronicles, see review for Revenge of the Witch , is the first I ve read of Mary Pope Osborne s immensely popular Magic Tree House series With a vast Arabian desert, treasured, priceless writings, an ancient House of Wisdom, a flying carpet, and of course a magic treehouse reminiscent in a sense of Bill and Ted s phone booth, it was quite an adventurous and even educational introduction A very, very, quick read, I wish that Osborne could have slowed down a bit, given Jack and Annie some time to really explore the sights and sounds of Baghdad, perhaps search for clues for their mission Still, this book was great fun and I d love to read another Maybe 35

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    This was a jump for us We are in the middle of the series, but our oldest borrowed this book from her school library, so we jumped ahead It was interesting to see the new tools Annie and Jack had at their disposal We know about Teddy from the 4 book mini series we are reading now, but we haven t read about Kathleen yet, so we are eager to meet her as we continue along the series It was interesting to read about Baghdad, the culture, the markets, the history I m glad our girls were exposed to this early, before they truly have any exposure to recent world events.

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    Mary Pope Osborne described these Merlin Missions as Jack and Annie having fantasy adventures in real places in real times This combination of fantastical elements and beautiful real world settings is amazing I am left wanting to immerse myself in the culture that Osborne describes so easily I have always wished I could take my children to see the world, but reading these books together makes me feel like they aren t missing out on quite as much.

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    This is my first book to read in the series of magic tree house, and I pick it to read about baghdad city during golden age when I find this series is so fun so I think that won t be the last book of it