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Investigating A Plane Crash In The Smoky Mountains In North Carolina, Forensic Anthropologist Temperance Brennan Discovers In A Most Disturbing Way That The Evidence Doesn T Add Up Tripping Over A Coyote Chewed Leg At The Crash Scene, She Performs A Little Mental Arithmetic And Realizes That This Victim Wasn T On The Plane Once Again, Brennan S High Tech DMORT Snaps Into Action Faster Than You Can Say Disaster Mortuary Operational Response Team The Author Of Death Du Jour Serves Up Another Exquisite Meal

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    Reichs has two stories going on One a plane crash, the second murders by a secret club I found the scientific information most interesting, particularly the section about the stages of decomposition I got a kick out of the Chow dog named Boyd It provided some humor in an otherwise dark topic.The book is well written The characters are interesting I enjoy books that weave scientific or historical information into the story I you enjoy a murder mystery or scientific information of forensics you will enjoy this book.I read this as a hard back book It has 363 pages It was published in 2001 by Scribner Publishing.

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    Well I guess she s okay if you like blood and murder and DUH READ THIS ENTIRE SERIES YO

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    This was not one of her better books got really bored with this one

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    Probably my favorite book so far and it has gotten me in the mood to watch season one of BONES Fatal Voyage was so good Well, a lot better than the previous ones I just feel like things were falling better into place Plus, the twists and turns were so entertaining Okay, so in this book you have two murder investigations going on A plane crash and tons of mysterious murders by a secret club Both were intriguing enough, however, I cringed so hard when she was talking about the bodies state and when cannibalism was mentioned YUCK Then again, I am back to re watching season one of Bones and I was so happy She mentioned Montreal in the first episode and I HAVE NO IDEA HOW I MISSED THIS My mind is blown and I have a feeling I m going to like the rest of this series.Other than all of that, Temperance really needs to get into fighting back or getting better at standing up for herself Her character in the show can definitely take care of the bad guys all on her own so I m just twiddling my thumbs for that to happen now Overall, I loved the book and I can t wait to dive into the next audio tomorrow

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    My husband is a fan of the television show Bones and I inevitably end up watching the series with him I occasionally roll my eyes at the unlikely social ineptitude and maturity level of these scientists but it s fun to watch Oddly, my least favorite character is Temperance Brennan, while my favorite is Boothe Go figure Back in November, with the prospect of a ten hour road trip to Texas looming over me, I dashed to the library in the lobby of my employer s building and was reduced to borrowing crime mystery audio books The pickings were very slim i.e nonexistent for fantasy or science fiction Since I sort of liked the show Bones and my husband would be in the car with me to Texas, I selected three of Reichs Temperance Brennan novels We listened to two of the five CDs on the way south, but didn t bother after that I finally dug out the CDs this weekend and forced myself to finish the other three CDs while baking bread, making cookies and crocheting activities that preclude me from a traditional reading environment Neither my husband nor I cared for the narrator Her repertoire of Southern accents seemed limited to one, which became annoying quickly The mystery seemed to center around a plane crash in or near the Smokey Mountains but quickly degraded to something sinister I won t give away the twist, but I had my suspicions early on and was confirmed, unfortunately, in the nature of the crime.

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    Eh The story was interesting, but I had trouble really getting into it Everything started out with such promise the opening few chapters drew me in quick unfortunately, as the pages turned, I grew less and less interested Partially, I guess, because I didn t really understand Dr Tempe Brennan, the main character, and partially because Kathy Reich s writing style was too clipped and analytical for my tastes.Everything s told from the first person Tempe s point of view, but she s such a distant character the reader is kept at arm s length for the entire emotional story Reich tells you exactly how Tempe s feeling, but doesn t give you the details as to why The result I don t feel like I know the character When Tempe s set up, I don t feel bad for her when she s crying, it doesn t affect me when she s scared for her life, I feel indifferent toward her safety I have a hard time investing myself in a story when I have nothing invested in its characters, and Tempe and I just didn t click.I find Tempe s line of work morbidly fascinating anyone who has the stomach to find and identify dead bodies is superhuman, in my opinion but again Reich s writing style quickly killed my interest Many of the explanatory sections read like science lectures, and the dialogue that was meant to explain things to readers in layman s terms seemed too forced On the other hand, any dialogue that didn t include scientific info was rushed, clipped, and filled with smart ass remarks I like a quippy conversation as much as the next reader, but at some point it just becomes overkill.A friend recommended I try out Kathy Reichs, and I might give the author another try maybe it was just this particular book that didn t suit my tastes.

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    This series just keeps getting better and better Reichs truly knows how to write a novel that keeps you trapped and glued to each page Tempe is a very down to earth character that is relentless at finding out what happened You literally feel all her emotions No matter how bad things seem, no matter how much it looks like anyone would give up, Tempe clamps down as hard as a pitbull s jaws and doesn t let go And even though no one can figure out how Tempe gets herself into these situations , she always, always, manages to find out what s going on and getting herself out of it Too bad she s a character she s someone I d like to aspire to become She s smart, funny, loyal to her family, her friends, her co workers, almost to a fault, and unbelievably tenacious I adore her I was glad to see Ryan was back, I got truly pissed at those who tried to keep her at bay and bash her down all the little and big things are tied together perfectly at the end, and another breathtaking climax I couldn t ask for a better novel

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    I have read other books by Kathy Reichs and enjoyed them This one, however, I did not It has two main flaws 1 the plot is just too complicated Too many names and tiny details to remember After awhile, I didn t care 2 Time after time the running dialogue of single sentences spoken between two characters is written in such a way that you can t tell who is saying what I actually had to go back several times and count him, her, him, her, etc before I could tell which character was speaking Sheesh

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    Long before the Bones television series became a long running hit show, Kathy Reichs had been writing about her fascinating forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan I really enjoyed this fourth novel in a series that later this year has its twentieth instalment one of the books being a short story collection.For those who aren t as familiar with both the book world that Reichs created and the TV world inspired by her books, it s worth noting the two worlds are very different in many ways for me, I prefer the book series while still enjoying the TV show, and the book Tempe character is interesting but I can understand how different people will have different preferences, eg especially if they re big fans of the actors, or characters that are in the show that aren t in the books.FATAL VOYAGE begins with a mess of bodies in the wilderness, the wreckage of a plane crash where forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan is on scene, using her skills to help with the horrifying task of trying to help identify some of the victims It s a nightmare scene for all involved.Reichs writing flows well, she draws us in to the situation and the life of her characters, which then become complicated when remains are found that aren t from the plane crash Brennan s own life is in danger, and she has to juggle the heartbreaking job of identifying the plane crash victims while dealing with various other personal and professional challenges There s a lot going on in FATAL VOYAGE, multiple threads which might bother some crime readers who prefer things straightforward or simple, but I enjoyed this aspect and felt Reichs wove things together well.Brennan s job as a forensic anthropologist splitting her time between duties in North Carolina and Quebec mirroring Reichs own resume offers opportunities to take readers into all sorts of situations and worlds over the course of the series In FATAL VOYAGE brings the reality of plane crashes and all the things that are involved with dealing with them to stark life She doesn t pull any punches, giving readers insights beyond what s gleaned from headlines and news stories It s macabre at times, but handled well and you feel you re learning some fascinating things while intrigued by the mystery.As I mentioned above, the Temperance Brennan of the books is much different to the one portrayed by Emily Deschanel in the TV series The characters share a name and occupation, but that s about it Book Tempe is older, a divorced recovering alcoholic who has an adult daughter, is far less socially awkward, and lives and works in North Carolina Family is important to her her sister, niece, daughter, and ex husband all feature regularly throughout the series She has an on off relationship with Detective Andrew Ryan, and has a tendency to act like a teenager sometimes, even if she s a middle aged woman who s at the very top of her profession, nationally and beyond She s incredibly smart in some ways, but a little naive or prideful at other times, causing herself some grief.In other words, she s a very human and quite relatable character.If you enjoy forensic thrillers, then I think you d like FATAL VOYAGE Reichs is a good writer who took the baton from Patricia Cornwell s groundbreaking Dr Kay Scarpetta series, and ran with it Temperance Brennan books world is a fascinating, at times frustrating, character whose viewpoint we follow in first person, taking us behind the scenes into intriguing, sometimes horrifying, worlds all done with some sense of humour and humanity that helps keep the morbidity at bay.

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    A brilliantly written book and a great addition to the Temperance Brennan series I thoroughly enjoyed this book and highly recommend it.